rise of the fenix

okay, i’m back to doing corny titles. 😛

i just bought myself a flashlight.

so what? it’s just a flashlight.

but this is a bit on the pricey side of flashlights.


one night after having dinner along katipunan, i thought of dropping by national bookstore and check out flashlights for emergency purposes. i found this on their shelves and thought, “wow, P500 for a flashlight. that’s a bit expensive.” but it had features like emergency/flashing mode and it even turns itself on when dropped in water.

but having never heard of Life+Gear, i went back to the office and did some researching and found their website. and it was downhill for my money from there. i didn’t just look for their flashlights, i started to Google other flashlights. and then i found a forum that discussed different kinds of ‘everyday carry’ flashlights or EDCs. and then i Googled some more on the different brands, and even on online shopping websites. and then it finally led me (pun not intended) to LEDtogo on facebook.

it was a quick find with their stall number posted on facebook. it’s a cellphone repair shop-cum-stock room so you might just miss it. their products aren’t fully on-display but they are on a shelf on the side.

having decided on getting a Fenix E12 (since my other options weren’t available), i went to their shop and inquired if they had one in stock. the guy, who i assumed to be “bonghernz” based on the receipt/calling card he gave, manning the booth was quite a jovial-looking person but seemed to preoccupied with their card game with his buddies (it was probably a slow day/night for sales and repairs.) he confirmed that they had a couple in-stock so i said i’d just withdraw from the ATM since they only do cash transactions and be right back.

after getting cash, i came back and they were still preoccupied with their cards and only then did they rummage through the boxes and shelves to find it. it was a bit annoying but i probably looked too poor to afford one. hahaha! or maybe they’ve had prior experience with inquiring persons who said they’d come back but never did. oh well…

so i finally got my E12 and so far, it’s a great thing to have! feels really solid in the hands, nice build quality. very handy, about the length of my car keys and girth of a whiteboard marker, and is only powered by one AA battery. it has 3 modes: Low, Mid, and High. Low gives you  ~22 hours of runtime, Mid gives ~3.5 hours and High gives ~1 hour. that’s pretty decent considering its maximum is 130 lumens from just 1 AA battery! and it’s even waterproof so you can use it during rainy weather or if you drop it in floodwater up to 2 meters deep, it’ll still work.


it’s a very manly flashlight — very “macho” — so if you have a man in your life, i bet he’d enjoy this little toy. 😉 but be careful. i’m now realizing i may have created the beginnings of an obsession to start collecting flashlights. uh oh!

LEDtogo Outdoors

Stall No. L-12 4/F Farmers Plaza
Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City0906 254 4996
0923 444 6111

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