Corona Impeachment Streaming

yeah, yeah… i’m writing this to generate traffic. but it might also be a secret SWS survey to see how many netizens are actually interested with the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona. *wink* haha!

i’ve been reading a couple of articles saying that the proceedings are “irrelevant” to the poor and others say that people are glued to their TV sets to watch it. one problem, though, is that aside from the legal jargon (sometimes in Latin, a.k.a. “gobbledygook”), the proceedings are in English. so what could a normal citizen do?

i say, stay glued to your TV sets. if you can’t, wait for the evening news. despite the urgent issue of SOPA and PIPA, i’m not sure how much we Filipinos could influence US legislature. stick to the impeachment trial and try to learn another thing or two… e.g. subpoena duces tecum vs. subpoena ad testificandum, relevance of SALN, what is betrayal of public trust, etc. i hope that TV networks and the news outfits could explain these, specially now that the big networks have their own news channels now.

nevertheless, here’s the link to the Senate Live Video Streaming of the Corona impeachment. so far, it’s been buffering. i’m not sure how PREGINET is holding the traffic.

update: GMA News streams Day 4 of hearing here.

i have stigmata!

yes! and i pray morning, noon, and night now, and i hear mass everyday, go to confession weekly, and i can cure others’ illnesses!

and i can walk on water.

fat chance! 😀 though i really wish i could do all those things. honestly! but only a real holy person would be able to do those things. and more so, the manifestation of stigmata!

i could never be that holy. i can try but i can almost say that even if i did, i’m bound to fail because i’m weak. knowledgeable in matters of faith, perhaps, but remain a weakling in practicing what needs to be practiced. ilusyonado lang talaga ako na magkakaroon ako ng ganito! 😀 still, it won’t hurt to try and try and try… 🙂

by the way, to those who aren’t familiar with what stigmata are, they are manifestations of the wounds of Christ when He was crucified on the cross. so far, i only know of St. Padre Pio who experienced the stigmata and (i think) were part of the cause for his canonization as a Saint in the Catholic Church.

my “stigma” is just a flesh would after scratching my foot too much. so much for feeling holy. i just lied. oh crap! 😛

plus power for 2012

2011 wasn’t a bad year for me. not the best year but it wasn’t bad either, when you look back. still, i think i had more negative vibe than positive but i survived. so this year, i think i’ll try to improve myself by being more positive. kakasawa na kasi pa-ulit-ulit gawing resolution ang pagpapa-payat. *looks at self in the mirror* parang kabaligtaran din naman nangyayari…

ooops!!! kakasabi lang na magiging mas positive eh! anubayun… 😛

hope everyone i know online, people i love and care for are going to be safe and healthy and get their desires this year. i also pray that you will be blessed and that you, in return, will be a blessing to others. 🙂