rainy earth day

happy earth day everyone! 😀

i’ve been thinking about tips on saving the environment lately. probably motivated by this sudden change in weather and attributing it to what we have been doing to nature… trash, pollution, and lack of awareness/consciousness in what we do! it’s April and it’s raining like it’s September!

anyway, the ‘bad’ weather aside, here are some things that i do (honestly) that are perhaps small but i would say helpful in making our mother earth happy:

1. drink from the glass. i really think the fastfood chains who use reusable plates, glasses, and utensils have a good thing going. i may not be aware if they save or spend more by doing this and how helpful this is to the environment (e.g. reducing trash but increasing waste water), but one really tiny contribution i do is not using the straw anymore. you can drink from the glass like you do in your house, right? well, some might be too picky since they aren’t sure how well they clean the glasses but so far, i haven’t heard of anyone getting sick because of it. spoiled food, yes. but drinking from fastfood glases?

2. don’t get the ATM receipt. i just don’t get these people… they inquire about their balance, print a receipt. after seeing their balance, they withdraw money, and print a receipt. and then after taking the money, they put the ATM card back, check their balance, and print out another receipt! what’s up with that? if you want a printed receipt, just get one.

3. use rechargeable batteries. i’ve been a recent convert because of my digital camera that uses AA-size batteries. it saves you both money and hassle of bringing your batteries to places where you can properly dispose of them. the trash bin is not for your batteries, OK? if you don’t like being ‘inconvenienced’ with rechargeables, think about your cellphone or iPod. it’s got one. 🙂

the rain just stopped but i still have a headache. good thing The CompanY is on my PC to keep me, well, company. 😀 cheers!

she has a point.

i find myself complaining a lot these days. primarily because it’s uber hot and we don’t have A/C at home. well, we do. in my sister’s room! and all 9 of us just won’t fit (extended family eh. :D) especially with one baby and another one on the way!

well, meron kaming backyard and it’s relatively cooler under the shade of bamboo and camachile and banana trees. pero ayun, reklamo pa din ng reklamo sa init. that’s why sobrang natawa ako kasi nakaka-relate ako when i saw my friend’s YM status.

“Mas mainit sa impyerno! -Mom”

LOL. may punto naman siya… 😛

when one thing leads to another

have you ever had that experience where one simple thing led into another? no, i’m not just talking about work piling up or problems snowballing out of proportion. it’s one of those things that you thought would be a simple task and you end up thinking of what more you could do!

this wasn’t very far from my two long weekends in Pampanga. i told myself i’d go to SM to buy stuff for the house like bathroom cleaner, tissue paper, some groceries — you know, house stuff (how redundant!). when i got home, i just had this nagging feeling to clean the bathroom because i was imagining that the Lysol bottle was already talking to me. (lol) so i scrubbed, washed, and rinsed the bathroom to pleasant scent-ness. 😛  but i wasn’t done yet. i had this urge to clean my room naman! and so with one wet and one dry rag, broom, and dustpan, and enough determination, i attacked my clutter and the dust in my room! pretty soon, it was looking quite habitable again. 😀

within the same period, one of the sites i frequent on techie stuff — technogra.ph – was holding a contest for a new LG Cookie! Rules are posted here and I thought to myself, “Gee, a new phone would be nice!” and decided to join. part of the rules require you to design the LG Cookie thumbprint into something that represents *you*. simple enought, i was thinking of the design already in my head. bloat the image and make it rounder and put eyeglasses and some techie stuff beside it. it’d be just like Mojacko with spectacles! 😛

Magpatuloy magbasa when one thing leads to another

Sipag at Tiyaga Caravan? oh come on…

there’s nothing ‘good’ about a Good Friday where TRAPOs are just all over.

eh pano ba naman, they’re giving away cardboard fans with Manny Villar’s face plastered on it with his profile-slash-acheivments. nakaka-irita. isali niyo na rin tong si Mar Roxas. hay naku… just thinking about their campaign ads (huwag na tayo maglokohan, Manny, Mar… alam nateng nangangampanya na talaga kayo). to think i had hope in Mar Roxas… this is just so~ low and unattractive to me.

it pains me to say na ang bobo talaga ng mga Pilipino — kasama na ako dun. bakit? kasi kahit na alam kong ganito, wala akong ginagawa. i just know it. mananalo pa din sila sa susunod na eleksyon, kahit na napaka-obvious na garapal naman sila sa posisyon. nag-uunahan na sila sa pwesto kahit wala pa sa campaign period. kaya walang nakalagay na “VOTE FOR ME!” sa mga TV ads, freebees, stickers, etc. kasi bawal. and the thing is, nakakalusot. mas malakas nga ang recall pag ganito ginagawa pero kung pag-iisipang mabuti, saan nga ba nila ULIT kukunin yung ginastos nila sa premature na pangangampanyang ito?

we’ve heard it time and time again. pero how do we become ‘educated’ enough to know who’s genuinely interested in making this country great once more? who’s interested in giving us the public service we deserve? who’s honest and clean enough?

Good Friday, for me, is everyday in the Philippines knowing these kinds of people are in our government. But there’s nothing really GOOD about it. puro lang sakripisyo. bwisit.

wala na bang iba?

off the top of my head, bakit ba ang daming nagpupunta ng Baguio? well, i understand na mainit talaga ang panahon ngayon pero lahat na lang ng pics na nakikita ko sa multiply, puro na lang Baguio, Baguio, Baguio… i mean wala na ba talagang iba?

teka, bakit ba ako naiirita? inggit lang siguro ako kasi NEVER pako nakarating ng Baguio. Yes, you read that right… NEVER! capital N, capital E, capital V… you get the picture. bitter? hahaha… ah ewan. basta, sawa nako sa Baguio pics. sana yung mga kakaiba namang lugar makita ko pag may nag-update. Baguio + Summer? could you be more original? (shucks, may hangover pa yata ako sa The Devil Wears Prada)… Magpatuloy magbasa wala na bang iba?

“i don’t feel any pressure right now”

somehow, despite Janina San Miguel’s blond moment, the quote mentioned above and now imprinted in my memory like a cow being branded with hot iron (or a horse with dry ice. o, diba? mas sosyal pa din talaga mga kabayo!), may katuturan din naman siya. well, not in the context of the beauty pageant though. that was really ‘mayabang’ i think. pero ngayon, in my current status, i guess dapat lang na sabihin ko na, “i don’t FEEL any PRESSURE right now” (with the emphasis talaga dun sa all caps ang pagbigkas. think Miriam Santiago. only drop a couple of IQ points).

pero pressure nga ba saan? actually, they’re everywhere. and, whether i avoid it or not, getting married is one of them. to think that i’m already with someone, nape-pressure pa din ako. i don’t know alin ba ang mas nakaka-pressure… ang walang girlfriend tapos eh hinahanapan ka ng GF or yung may GF tapos tinatanong kelan ang kasal? hay ewan ko ba…

that’s not the only one that’s bothering me either. sa school pa. bakit ba kasi di ko matapos-tapos tong thesis proposal na to?! and my other subjects. hay naku… matagal ko nang bina-baka ito pero unsuccessful. pressure ba ang sobra or kulang ba ako ng motivation (using it as an excuse). hay…

i’m sure di na naman ako makaka-sakay sa kahit anong flight palabas ng bansa. DAMING BAGGAGE eh!!!

hay buhay

inasmuch as i would’ve loved to participate in April Fool’s Day, i couldn’t. not for lack of tricks (i’ve got tons of techie pranks of my own) but for sheer boredom of writing one and for lack of motivation. demmet, kelan ba matatapos tong pakiramdam ko na ‘to? lagi na lang kasing ganito eh. parang ang lungkot lagi. parang ang hirap lagi. information overload? ewan ko. basta parang wala akong nagagawa. nakakainis at nakaka-irita na. sana lagi na lang tawanan at walang problema. hay…