let’s see how this lazada thing works

i’m not into online shopping. no, really. i really prefer to actually touch, feel, test, and sometimes smell whatever product i want to buy. the only times that i’ve transacted online is with people who i meet at an enthusiasts’ forum which more or less i’ve had an interaction with or have a reputation as individuals inside the forum.

but never with an ‘online mall’ of sorts. except for today.

there are mixed ‘reviews’ online about lazada.com.ph. some purchases needing replacement that were never re-delivered, delays in delivery, and sometimes items become out-of-stock and they tell you to just use the amount to purchase other items.


nevertheless, an officemate’s first-hand experience is encouraging to me. so today i tried it out because i saw a great deal from their adverts on facebook.

after going through the ordering system, the status says it’s “being processed at our warehouse and will be ready for shipment within today.” on the Order Tracking button. does that mean i’m going to receive it today? (it was an impulse buy. teehee.) do they deliver on weekends? it would be better if i receive it today because the long weekend starts tomorrow! and i won’t be in the office to receive the item!

it’s a bit of a worry.

so i’m hoping really REALLY hard that they’re that efficient. same-day delivery. even if their website says it’s a 1-5-day delivery within Metro Manila. too bad i can’t schedule it.

oopsie! spoke too soon. 😀 just got an email confirming my order and said it’ll be delivered within 3 working days. (atat lang? hahaha!)

anyway, i’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

things that i’m missing right now

1. time. akala ko lagi may oras ako sa lahat ng bagay. pero nauubos lang pala kung saang walang-kuwentang bagay.

2. violin. i miss obsessing over my violin and playing. i have to play it during Lent but other than that time, wala, andiyan lang siya. neglected. also, i have other violins under my care which i’m not caring for very much at this time. nakakalungkot.

3. photography. iyong kumuha ng matitinong kuha. may composition. or kahit street photography. i know i see stuff everyday that are worth capturing pero wala akong motivation to get my camera out. napapangunahan ako ng hiya. and there’s food photography… that everyone’s so into right now na parang nawalan na ng magic para sa akin ang pagkuha ng litrato ng pagkain. mas ‘pagyayabang’ na ang iniisip ko kapag may kumukuha ng picture ng pagkain kesa art. ewan ko.

4. good night’s sleep. masyado bang maraming iniisip kaya walang pahinga ang utak? nadadamay yata tuloy ang katawan. pero sana may pahingang naghihintay sa akin sa mga susunod na araw. madami-dami pa naman ang holidays sa susunod na linggo. (yahoo!)

5. barkada. kadalasan ay madaliang lakad ang nangyayari. at kung lalabas ay dinner lang ito. wala na ang mga gimik na sama-sama sa mall buong araw. may mga kanya-kanya na kasing mga pamilya at career. sana magkakapitbahay na nga lang kami para kahit gabi-gabi ay pwedeng mag-chismisan, share-an ng ulam, or even just hang-out sa park sa subdivision. basta mga mahaba-habang oras na nagkakasama. hay…

6. latin mass. it must be over a year since my last latin mass. iba lang talaga ang dating sa akin ng isang tahimik at taimtim na misa. others feel more recharged with energy-filled worship services but i find my strength in deep contemplation.

7. a good read. konektado sa number 1. dahil nauubos ang oras ko sa walang-kuwentang bagay, di na ako nakakapagbasa ng mga dapat kong basahin. my 12-book challenge is a miserable failure. paano pa ako hahabol kung di lang ako magbabasa ng precious hearts romance novels?! sige, fine. baka payag pa ako sa Sweet Dreams. *kilig*

new phone!

it’s a old brand-new lenovo a516. it’s “old brand-new” since it’s actually an old model (2013) but it’s new. 🙂 pilosopo.

this is my 3rd phone from Smart and so far, i’m a bit underwhelmed. but i really can’t complain… i belong to the low-tier plans subscribers. tough luck. still, from the mini-sized LCD touchscreen phones i had, this is definitely an upgrade for me. from the 2″-3″ screens, it’s now 4.5″! whoopee!

this isn’t a tech blog so i’ll stick to the things that i like and don’t like. 🙂 Magpatuloy magbasa new phone!

it bears repeating

i know Joss Stone was famous for her “Fell In Love With A Boy”  song. but it was just a cover of “Fell In Love With A Girl” by The White Stripes. rock seems to be more appropriate for the song but the smooth rhythm works for me as well.

i mention this only because of the lyrics that some things bear repeating. and reminding myself to always put love first before selfishness is one. charity before correction. understanding before hate. others before yourself.

it is tiring, perhaps, but it is necessary. it bears repeating.

tuesday aural pleasure

it may sound dirty but there are differences between ‘oral’ and ‘aural’ pleasures.

but did i use it correctly in a sentence? ewan ko! malay ko ba! hahaha!

NGUNIT, SUBALIT, DATAPWAT… ito talaga ang dahilan ng post na ‘to:

may kakaiba lang akong naramdaman nang sinimulan kong pakinggan ito. actually i was surprised to see that this opera lasted 4 hours. kakayanin ko ba? samantalang madami ang na-inip sa latest Transformers movie na buti na lang ay di ko pinanood. i think listening to this piece of work is worth the time… it may be playing in the background while i don’t work but it has a positive effect on me, somehow. dahil German yata ang piyesang ito, o kahit na Italian pa o ibang lengwahe, di ko naiintindihan ang mga pinagkaka-kanta nila. yet, there are parts of my brain that are stimulated and my ears are just happily listening while my heart also wrenches and feelings ebb and rise.

kakaiba, mehn… ibang klase ang amats nito! try mo!

Bohol Day 2 Afternoon: Two Churches, a Cave, and Seashells

as i browse through the photos, i still can’t believe that these churches have been damaged by the earthquake last October 2013. if i could walk through the walls again, maybe i would try to soak up all of the beautiful imagery i could than just stand there and take pictures. pictures are great but seeing the real thing and being in awe its proportion to your small size — it’s just an awesome feeling and overwhelmingly so.

from the bee farm, we headed to Dauis to visit Dauis Church. what immediately caught my attention was the belfry which had spikes that i associate with european gothic churches. inside, you see a mix of the old and new (albeit a bit tacky). the new paint on the walls didn’t seem to blend quite well with the antique finish of the retablos and altars. still the artwork on the sanctuary ceiling were a sight.

Magpatuloy magbasa Bohol Day 2 Afternoon: Two Churches, a Cave, and Seashells