why am i this blessed?

inasmuch as we feel the economic crunch, i still think that i am still quite blessed. and in the recent brouhaha over the SEA Games preparations in Manila, i recalled how i thought of a seemingly parallel situation a few months ago when we had a rice ‘crisis’ that had the local prices of farmers diving faster than a lead brick because they can’t compete with imported rice’s low price.

we almost always think that rich people are bad — that they abuse and exploit people just to earn tons of money; but from my middle-class perspective, you become rich by being financially literate, working hard, and working smart. and these gains are blessings that are meant to be shared AND used.

how? by buying and supporting local farmers goods e.g. rice!

you see, if cheap imported rice is all the low-income families can afford, upper and middle-class can easily afford to buy more expensive local rice. it’s not increasing your quality of life but rather an example of patriotism and empathy, as well as a sacrifice (because you could save more and invest more money if you buy cheaper rice)!

so, you see, being rich is not a bad thing. what the Good Book says rings true (1 Tim 6:10). If you keep it, and love it above all else, it will corrupt you; but if you let it go, spend it on the right things, it will be a blessing — and it will always come back to you.

calm down. it’s alright. breathe.

that’s my mantra to myself right now.

when you get older, you get more responsibilities. and sometimes, everything’s all quiet and calm. and then there are days or weeks like you should just be running 300 kph from Manila to Timbuktu. on water.

i just might not be used to such pressure. or i just can’t organize my thoughts accurately. i just feel like i’ve so much to do but i don’t know where to begin and i forget the things that i should be doing! (it’s a problem-producing problem. nanganganak siya.)

so i repeat them once again: calm down. it’s alright. breathe.

i’m easily fascinated

looking for some ‘comrades’ on youtube who ride the Honda PCX in the philippines, i chanced upon a relatively new vlogger JayTripper. in one of his videos, he showed a resthouse-cum-resort on a beach in Pangasinan.

A saw me watching and said, “ay, hindi white yung buhangin. kung magbi-beach na lang ako, dun na sa pino atsaka white sand parang Bohol.”

i had a totally different take on it, though. or was i just being such a simpleton that a beach is a beach and the ocean is the ocean and that’s it?

i had a couple of nights to think this through and i recalled Richard Fenyman’s anecdotes about the beauty of a flower:

appreciation could be more than just skin deep — or sand size and color. i still appreciate how the waves interacts with the shore. it still relaxes me when they meet and make that wonderful sound. breathing in the air still gives a salty taste in your mouth. and looking around, you still feel the vastness of the ocean and your insignificance whether standing on dark or white sand.

i’m just easily fascinated by stuff and i like being around nature more, having more appreciation for it.

tag team

baka iba na ibig-sabihin ng ‘tag-team’ ngayon. noon, sa wrestling, kapag tag-team, 1-on-1 pero may alternate ka. you tag the next one para may kapalit ka kung pagod ka na.

pero in this case, ako yung na-tag-team… salitan lang ang mag-ina sa sakit. hays…

this was just 2 weeks ago. A has been feeling ill, body aches and fever, plus a flare up. We finally went to the hospital to have her checked, if it was dengue or something else. Fortunately, all results were good, and by that i mean it was safe for her to be taken care of at home. Only needed rest.

And yesterday, just before our afternoon nap, the little one complained of a headache and he felt his breath was hot. I figured it was nap time and so we had a couple of hours sleep. When I woke up, he was having a little temperature so I gave him some Paracetamol for it. It would also help with the headache. On the good side, he was very active — unlike his previous bout with fever and cough that he was really irritable and grumpy and lethargic. that was just over a month ago. *deep sigh*

i can’t seem to get a break can i? salitan lang. tag team.

Sugar high… Umay!

I found some expired condensed milk in the pantry yesterday. So naturally, I wanted to dispose of it right away… by eating it! LOL

Bata pa ako (or tayo, depende kung sino nagbabasa. Haha), paborito ko na kumain ng pandesal na may kondensada. Pagkaing pulubi sabi nga nila. Pero dala pa din hanggang pagtanda.

Anyway, ayun na nga… Ginawa ko na lahat para agad siyang maubos. Hinalo sa kape, nagsawsaw ng tinapay, tinimpla parang regular na gatas… pero meron pa din konting natira. May sugar high na ako… Pero parang mas umay na imbes na high. And the bad part is the crash afterwards.

It’s a bad combination. A little sadness and a sugar crash. Hope I sleep through it and have a better day bukas. My only joy in this? My toddler sitting beside me this late in the evening. 🙂