another feather in my cap

it’s been a while since my last training/workshop for work. and it’s really been a long time since a workshop was really in my field of specialization AND interest. i like differentiating the two. 🙂

i’ll be away from work next week until dec. 2 for some technical workshop. i won’t be far from work, though. it’s still in quezon city but i won’t stay at the office. i’ll be training for some equipment and software that could help me in my work for possible future projects. masaya naman. staff development naman ito. it’s “another feather in my cap,” ‘ika nga.

pero bakit pa nga ba? i’ve been in my job for the past 6 years and i don’t think i’ve accomplished anything really note-worthy. the 6 years haven’t really been that productive for me. even after some training i’ve been to, the projects i handle remain the same. i try, believe me, i try to do my job as best i could but i don’t think it fits anymore. or maybe i don’t fit in here anymore.

maybe it’s like a marriage. you’re all in-love and excited and romantic at the beginning but after a while, you “get used to it” — being in eachother’s company, seeing him/her naked too many times already, eaten the same food too often, smelling his/her morning breath each and every time you wake up to go to work.

everything about the company — the name, the places, the people — everything is already demystified.

but it’s the same “person” you loved and promised to love. it’s the same institution that you oh-so-wanted to be in. but you can’t leave it, for some reason or another. emotional attachment? too comfortable to leave? economic uncertainty of employment? hay, ewan ko.

so, yeah. i think i’m married to my job.

wanna see these boys’ “tete”? :D

i never knew we had one funny sign that was recently put up in our neighborhood. although the name of the place has been already known to us since my childhood, the sign that now identifies place could very well make its rounds in the internet. The sign?

tete boys sign

well, at least my wife found it funny because she’s Tagalog. i, on the other hand, being used to the word “tete” (which means “bridge” in Kapampangan) really didn’t take notice of its subtle humor. 😀