are you an ant or a grasshopper?

Perhaps many are wondering, “Kahapon pa kayo nagbabalita ng bagyo. Eh ang init-init! Umaaraw pa nga!” #RollyPH

The point of this monitoring and early warning is preparedness — so you can still go out, buy necessities, stock up on emergency supplies, medicine, reinforce and fix what needs fixing, calmly evaluate what you need and evacuate safely — so that when the typhoon does come, we are ready and not panic at the last minute.

Remember, Noah built the ark while it was still hot & sunny. Then the flood came. The ant saved up grain while the grasshopper danced and sang all day. Then the rains came.

midlife crisis, here i come

the thing is, di ko pa nararamdaman (or in-denial lang ako) that i’m a few years short of my 40s. sa utak ko, nasa mid-20s palang ako… i still like the same things, i feel my attitude is still the same. although i catch myself saying more and more often, “tsk, mga kabataan talaga ngayon! noong panahon namin…” and that serves as my slap in the face. pampagising ba na hindi na ako bata, iba na ang may-ari ng mundo ngayon. you had your turn. iba naman.

although, i find myself more and more convinced that i am right being conservative… i still have my liberal leanings (specially where science comes in, climate change, covid response) though. so i guess i’m independent?

independent thinker, that’s what i’d like to think of myself. hindi freethinker (who are far liberal IMO) na feeling ko ay masyadong mataas ang tingin sa sarili nila. i still believe that i can still listen to other’s POV without having to judge them na parang napakalaking kasalanan ng mag-isip ng bagay na iba sa naiisip nila.

eh paki ko ba sa iniisip ng iba? they don’t feed me. they don’t do what i do. so bakit ko ba iniisip ang opinion nila at mga achievements ko when i’m nearing 40? why should i care? should i care? hay.

gulu gulu

you’ve probably seen this old clip:

yun lang kasi ang utak ko ngayon: gulu-gulu! XD

we did some rearranging again in the ‘home office’ since A will be moving her station out of the living room. prolly so we can setup the Christmas tree. 😀 it’s october already and no Christmas decors in sight in our home. yes, we play holiday music but no decors yet.

ang hirap kasi mag-celebrate sa ganitong panahon ng pandemya. parang pakiramdam mo na mali dahil ang daming namamatay at nahahawa eh. so there’s that part of you that wants normalcy and the other part that pulls at your humanity. ang gulu gulu talaga!

i’ve mentioned before that i’m a creature of habit. and i like my routine. i do like spontaneity at times but most of my life, i’ve stuck to a schedule. and when i rearrange stuff, it’s because i’m rearranging my mind… but when my mind isn’t ready, hay naku, gulu gulu na naman!

anyway, this is just probably from my gulu-gulu body clock. stayed up until 2AM, woke up at 730AM. didn’t get my afternoon nap so i’m pretty sleepy at 8 already. so i overate since i feel my body is craving for energy to keep me awake and not too keen on disturbing my fat deposits instead. hay. all i hope for today is a restful night. sana hindi na siya ma-gulu gulu.

Kundiman in the time of covid


Found these on Spotify!

I discovered these songs and learned to appreciate them, along with Philippine folk dances, with your cassette tape collection for school. Now I can play them anytime, finding solace, remembering you, and praying you watch over us always.

I won’t be able to visit you now but I will soon. (Thanks COVID19! 😑)