misled again

this was one of my favorite songs (see youtube clip below). i thought to myself that Jim Brickman grasped what is truly essential… in Matthew 6:21 (could you believe it??? i’m quoting from the bible! nalulusaw na ako!!! LOL), Jesus says “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”

this song is telling me that the treasure i need is that other person, that person’s love. and that’s what i’ve always believed in. that’s MY treasure.

and then it became a “standard” wedding song. naging gasgas na siya and narindi na yung tenga ko sa kaniya! i would get irritated whenever i’d hear it play… too much airplay killed the song. much like Aiza’s “Pagdating ng Panahon.” i liked it once upon a time, too.

but after a few years of being replaced by other newer songs, it’s a pleasure to hear it once again. the meaning stays the same. even more meaningful now to me because i’ve grown older and a little wiser… and i can definitely say what my treasures are. it’s her and her love.

only thing is i can’t expect that other people agree with my POV. i guess Jim Brickman misled me.