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they loved each other

nakakaloka ang lahat ng bilihin ngayon. sinimulan ng Taal eruption, nagmahal mga isdang galing ng Batangas. and the lockdowns made it worse. just when we thought things are getting better as lockdowns ease, swine flu naman sumunod kaya nagmahal ang baboy. tapos dahil sa sunod-sunod na bagyo, ito namang mga gulay! MY GULAY!!!

kaya “they loved each other” which translate to “nagmahalan silang lahat!”

matawa ka naman sa dad jokes ko… 😛

♫ move aside make way, for Fireman Sam ♪

who knew i’d be this obsessed with a kid’s show? haha!

been an iflix subscriber for a long time now. (2 years maybe?) it launched in the Philippines maybe a year ahead of Netflix. they have some of the TV series that i watch and they have a ‘for Kids’ section that keeps our little one entertained. eh dahil nakakasawa na ang puro Blue’s Clues lang, nagtingin ako ng ibang pwedeng panoorin.

chanced upon this firefighter cartoon and played it on the TV. each episode is quite short, about 10 minutes each. “ok to. madaling i-end yung panonood pag tapos na ang isang episode.” wasn’t really impressed with the 3D animation. it looked like it was made with packaged software and put together by a college student — it was good enough but wasn’t as polished as say Pixar’s. even the short films!

apparently, it’s an old stop animation from the UK, like Thomas and Friends, and Postman Pat, that got 3D rendering updates. 😀 (check the old one out here.) Magpatuloy magbasa ♫ move aside make way, for Fireman Sam ♪

before there was ‘Titibo tibo’…

there was “babadapbadap”

and it’s by Gary Granada!

well, the songs are very different in their messages. babadapbadap is a humorous political commentary of sorts in a song. the other one is that of romantic love. still, both songs are quite enjoyable to listen to.

and here’s my favorite choir rendition of the song!

some more ‘rigid’ religious people might be offended but i just enjoyed this one…

a happy find!

found my old journal today.
and it’s amazing to think that 13 years ago, (13 YEARS!!!) i never knew about blogging. i would write my thoughts on paper and let everything just flow out. the difference is i don’t think i cared as much because i knew i’d be the only one to read it. so most of the feelings i put out are the same ones over and over again… or they are continuous but i keep repeating them in my journal… that i felt that way that day. and it was all good!

of course, there are those ‘funny’ parts… where you read something and memories come flooding in!

now i have this big grin. reminiscing.

i have chismis, memories, and dreams written on it. ay grabe… ang kahihiyan ko kapag may ibang nakabasa!!!

ngayon kasi, sa blogging, wala na akong hiya. 😛 ok fine, may filter na ako. pero it’s nice to have things free-flowing minsan.

what does my journal look like? ay, machong-macho!!!

my-macho-journaldiba? hahahaha!

Mar and Grace 2016 na nga!

ay, anubayan… pumayag na si Sen. Grace Poe maging VP ni Mar? tapos nanunuhol pa ng ensaymada sa mga Spanish-speaking Pinoys. Ayan o, malinaw na malinaw! “Mar y Grace”. Sa salitang tagalog, “Mar at Grace!”


maling tambalan na nga, eepal pa sa preliminary campaigning at suhol! boooo!

of course, i kid. obviously, these are Mary Grace goodies. it was just a humorous thing we noticed at the office while they were giving these away.

you know what goes well with Piaya?

milk. definitely milk.

di yung powdered na hinaluan ng tubig ha? dapat sana yung naka-tetrapak or box. better kung gatas ng kalabaw. betterer kung galing mismo sa dodo ng cow. 😛

iba talaga ang kakaning pinoy ano?

at iba ang pagkaing pinoy. parang lahat pwedeng home-made. and almost everything is comforting. kahit pa lugaw lang. it’s ‘home-y’ food.

as i walked along katipunan after buying A’s medicine from the only drugstore in the area (the only one i know of), i passed by rustan’s supermarket. dumaan lang ako talaga para bumili ng dahon ng laurel (para sa mga niluluto kong ulam). nadagdagan ng gatas. at nadagdagan ng piaya. XD

burskyIMG_4604-1600 Magpatuloy magbasa you know what goes well with Piaya?

isang alamat

kakatapos lang ng umulan nang naglakad si Frederick mula sa bayan papunta sa likod ng kanilang munting bahay. basa at medyo maputik ang mga pilapil sa pagitan ng palayan ng kanyang mga magulang. habang naglalakad ay narinig niya ang isang boses na tila nanghuhusga ng kaniyang pagka-tao.
image from

“Bakla… Bakla…”

lumingon siya sa pinanggagalingan ng tinig subalit wala itong nakitang tao. inisip niyang napag-kakatuwaan siya ng kaniyang batang kapatid na si Eugenio at ang mga kalaro nito. marahil ay nagtatago ang mga ito sa likod ng pahingahang gawa ng kanilang tatay.

“Bakla… Bakla…” Magpatuloy magbasa isang alamat

genius moments

Her: Mag-laga naman tayo ng baka.
Me with eyebrows furrowed: Ha? Bakit?
Her with eyebrows furrowed na din: Uhm, masarap ang nilagang baka?
Me, after laughing hysterically, finally got to reply: AH! Akala ko gusto mo mag-alaga tayo ng baka!
*Both laughing hysterically now*

sometimes i begin to doubt our sanity. 😀

that was one of the most amusing and comical conversations i’ve had in my life!

health reminder to self

i thought i just might need some motivation for trimming down this waistline a little bit. looking at what i had for breakfast today, i realize what i’ve eaten wasn’t really a good example of a ‘balanced diet’. refreshing (it was humid today) and comforting but not really good for maintaining a figure. (though i still argue that a round figure is still a figure).

hope that put a smile on your face today and remind you about your health when eating.

i wish i could patent this quote, too. 🙂