Christmas break, y u so tagal?

ewan ko kung it’s just the over-anticipation of the holidays, anxiety because of all the events this weekend, Christmas shopping (or insufficient gifts and/or shopping money), or a combination of everything. parang ina-asam-asam ko na talaga ang Christmas break this year.

masamang empleyado na nga dating ko. late pumasok kahit unang araw lang nakapag-simbang gabi. tapos wala namang ginagawang matinong trabaho. tapos nagi-guilty kapag nakikitang madaming kailangang gawin. hay naku.

sakit nga ng batok ko. pero hindi dahil sa kakatrabaho. malamang sa puyat to. kagabi din, dahil walang maparang taxi, late umuwi. kumain na nga sa Mushroomburger, kumain pa ulit sa tapsilogan ng papaitan. at nag-cake pa pagdating sa bahay! stress eating kung stress eating. at least di ko naman binalak tumalon sa taas ng mall dahil sa lahat ng nangyayari.

i need to mellow down. i need to find that sweet spot na busy pero chill lang. relaxed. parang the other week na productive na sa work, productive pa sa blog. at natapos ko na din yung Insurgent (Divergent #2). hay… maybe it’s just one of those weeks.

really, Christmas does this to you. walang pinipiling tao, oras, edad. di man halata sa social media accounts mo, realidad siyang kakaharapin mo pag-uwi mo.

realizations from a soap dish

i was already deciding how to tweet this “genius moment” i had in the bathroom yesterday while preparing for work but the internet was down so i never got to it. that might have actually been a good thing since my TTMB mission.

so, what was this genius realization? it’s not that ground-breaking really. just that when you get married, you really don’t change the person the way you want to.

the soap dish at home is the same one i’ve been using since college. (i just realized it’s a 13-year old soap dish! gah!) it’s the kind that collects water inside it and turns the soap into mush if you let the water stand. i’ve always drained the water off after taking a bath out of muscle memory and habit. and no matter how many times i remind A to do it, she often forgets. at first, i used to be so irritated whenever she forgot to turn the dish over. it felt as if she broke my cellphone or something. now, when she forgets, i turn it over and then go about my business in the bathroom. i don’t stress over it or how she doesn’t seem to learn or care about my sanity. ๐Ÿ˜› i just moved on, i guess.

i had to chuckle a bit, realizing how i changed myself. i may have just graduated to the next level of patience. or that we marry a person and think we can change his or her ways that annoy us. that they would conform because they love us. i realized that it’s the other way around — we change ourselves to conform to their ways. we adjust and compromise and change ourselves because we love them. love is always directed towards others, not ourselves. love radiates outward, not inward. because love is giving of one’s self.

leftovers pizza

if you’ve got a lot of little stuff, you get one big mess. but if you know how to put them together right, you might just have something delicious!

presenting: leftovers pizza!

leftovers pizza

actually, it’s not just the pandesal that’s leftover. the tomato and bell pepper were as well.

i bought P20 worth of fresh pandesal without checking the pantry and realized that i didn’t eat more than 2 pieces of the P20 worth of pandesal bought the previous day! so just to spice things up a little bit, i thought of doing more than the usual.

i just basically put tomato paste on the halved pieces of pandesal and added cheese spread on top. i sliced one tomato (leftover) and red bell pepper (leftover). i would’ve preferred green for added color but we didn’t have any. neither did we have onions so i couldn’t add some. i grated some more cheddar on top and put the whole shebang on a hot pan with the lid on top. then i thought of drizzling olive oil on top so i did. ๐Ÿ™‚ the result was a so-so breakfast bread. not the usual and plain salty bread at least. if there were more ingredients available, this might be good enough to serve to guests, if i say so myself. hehe. besides, i was just going with the flow here. no preparation, no recipe. just looked at the ref, went along with what i had in mind and voila!

i won’t say “give this a try” if i were referring to the recipe. but i would say “give this a try!” for the technique… you never know what your imagination could whip up in 15 minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ateneo ‘Parol’ exhibit 2013

for the past 2 years, Ateneo has been involving the campus community by putting up Christmas parks for the holidays. this year, in solidarity with the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, AdMU has been cutting costs and redirecting funds to help people hit by the disaster, directly and indirectly. this year, each unit inside Ateneo was given one parol to decorate. with this as the alternative to a full-blown production such as a Christmas park, we bring down cost of materials and even the number of lights used. the amounts saved will be donated to those affected by Yolanda. additionally, from what i heard, lights will now be at a minimum in the campus. the beautiful lights around the trees of Bellarmine Field will now be switched on for a limited time and not the entire evening in the campus.

how does this help Yolanda victims? electricity produced is now redirected to areas that need it more — such as those that Yolanda hit. indirectly, by limiting the time we have the lights on, we aren’t only saving money but we are also one with them in sharing the ‘light’ we have.

star wars snowflake!

the office is looking really REALLY bare when Christmas is approaching so i thought i’d look up some nerdy/geeky decors for the office. since our door has a little window, i started to search for window decors and found these star wars snowflakes! you can just print them on a sheet of bond paper and cut it out with scissors and a utility knife. we only had one pair of scissors and an old dull cutter but we gave it a go. we tried the Y-Fighter model and this is the result:


it’s not perfect but it’s cool, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

and here’s another one for good measure. my friend pointed out that he only sees spaceships and he is correct. it isn’t technically a snowflake. so i did another one and i’m more proud of this one! ๐Ÿ˜€

star wars snowflake

ma-Angel ang Pasko!


so, walang sisihan ha? nagpa-una na ako. ๐Ÿ˜‰

alam niyo naman siguro ang usual na slogan ng Jollibee tuwing malapit na ang pasko. at ang default endorser/sponsor nila ay walang iba kundi si Aga Muhlach. para nga naman swak sa “MaAGA ang Pasko sa Jollibee” slogan diba? the basic idea of the slogan is that we bring Christmas to less fortunate kids by donating toys and gifts to them way before December 25. it’s a noble cause that i think everyone should try to support, specially with the people affected by the recent typhoon in our country.

then again, there are other sponsors out there who are more direct in their gift-giving.

it was A’s ‘free’ day because she had her Annual Physical Exam done. and since she finished early, she had more free time and didn’t want to stay at home. then early evening, A called me at work to “apologize” because she “used her bonus to buy clothes and gifts” and then asked me what time i was going home. while she was saying this, i was thinking, “ano na naman kaya binili nito?” with a hint of frustration… “back to the old ways” i thought to myself. Magpatuloy magbasa ma-Angel ang Pasko!