brave or stupid?

just about an hour and a half ago, i was in the train station on my way to work. as with my usual routine inside the station, i went to spot where the floor markings indicated where the train doors would be. there were 2 other people in front of me so i went behind the last one who had crew-cut hair and black shirt.

and then all of a sudden a man went to the side and stood right beside the first guy in the queue. i don’t know what was going through my mind, really, since i would usually just let this thing pass and ignore it. but today was different. i tapped on the guy’s shoulder and told him, “ser, may pila po.”

his response was, “oo pero andito yung arrow eh. so dapat dito yung pila. dito yung tama.” pointing to the floor markings. “iyon, pa-ganun. ito, pa-ganun.” pointing out how the arrows indicate where those people should be going in and going out of the train. the guy in front of me concurred with me and said, “ser, sumunod na lang po tayo sa pila.” the middle-aged man repeated his reply and completely ignored us.

at this point, i pulled out my cellphone and took his picture. i’m sure he heard the ‘click’ sound my phone made when i took his picture. i wasn’t trying to hide the fact that i was taking his picture anyway. whenever he’d notice i put my phone up to snap a picture, he’d look away. probably felt guilty, i guess.


then the train came and he boarded. it was only enough to fit the two guys in front of me and him. while he climbed into the train, he took out his phone and attempted to snap my picture. even held it out and i’m sure i could’ve grabbed it from him the way he carelessly held the phone. hehe. i only wished i was smiling while he took my picture.

i couldn’t pin what kind of guy he was. he was wearing his gray shirt tucked into his jeans and wearing gray AND1 rubber shoes with something like pink piping. he carried a clear file case envelope with purple handles with lots of papers and keeps his wallet in his rear left pocket. office clerk? agent? desk officer in PNP? he had his glasses on a cord so that would mean he does a lot of reading/looking at papers, wouldn’t it? didn’t notice, though, if he wore a watch or not. my other regret is perhaps that i took pictures instead of video. i would’ve made him famous on the internetz if posted his video. almost became part of a new #amalayer trend. heehee

but seriously, after the incident, i felt some fear. what if he had a weapon? what if he was in a position to inflict harm on me away from the train station? what if he knew people who could? wouldn’t it be a stupid thing to die just because of not falling in a queue?

quick rewards

i just read an article stating how goal-setting is important and success is a better teacher than failure or a better motivator to do more of the same thing in the future. and the success that we get with short-term goals are the best way to reward ourselves.

and instantly, i knew what i was doing wrong… and why i was making it worse for myself!

you see, on my way home from work i’d always treat myself to street food along Katipunan. it was the reward i’d have for having slaved all day at my desk. apparently, from my understanding of the article, this could be a short-term reward system for no apparent goal… i was simply rewarding myself or thinking i have achieved some form of success. but what was i rewarding myself for? making it through the day?

so this sort of realization popped into my mind after reading how dopamine makes us happy and how our brain is geared towards making ourselves want more dopamine.

better put that dopamine boost to better addictions and better goals than just going home. 🙂

remembering the past

actually, gusto ko lang naman kasi i-remind ang sarili ko about my unofficial motto in life… “never on a Sunday.”

i used to work my schedule around all the other days of the week and keep Sunday clear. when i still lived with my parents and would go home to Pampanga every weekend, i would stay in Manila only until Friday evening and would only sacrifice Saturday if it was only necessary. and when i started to work, Saturday mornings were for work and I would go home by lunch. it was important for me that by Sunday, I would be in Pampanga. i would refuse barkada gatherings that would make me stay late on Saturdays, even if it were for free.

it was not a conscious observance of the Third Commandment. it was just the way i planned things (note i use the word “planned” very very very loosely). i went to mass. i rested. but i still did chores — cleaning, sweeping the yard, gardening, bathing the dogs. and even if i did these things, i had enough energy to last the work week.

now, i could barely make it past Thursday. this week, in particular. today, i’m just draggin myself to the finish line and i’ve still got work to do!

am i just growing old? i don’t really feel old. i just feel tired. or maybe that’s rheumatoid arthitis. !!!

but i have this belief deep inside of me that i should just go back to what i always did and keep everything scheduled around that Sunday that was so precious to me.

i guess that’s my target for this 2013.

everybody salsa!

this is an uncoordinated grocery trip’s fault. (i have to blame someone, don’t i?)

i usually pass by the grocery on my way home. besides window-shopping, window-grocery-shopping is another favorite pastime of mine. but sometimes, i couldn’t resist buying stuff that i intend to use for the week but end up forgetting about it. i once bought a bunch of basil leaves intending to cook pasta within the week. two weeks later, they’re black inside their container in the crisper.

which brings me to this unintentional thing i made at home:

salsa kapampangan

yep, salsa.

Magpatuloy magbasa everybody salsa!

green chocolate

so, where were we? i got a little sidetracked with other posts and the Christmas break but i have to get back to this. aja!

finally, we got to the “main event” for anyone going to Bohol: Chocolate Hills!


i’ve only read about the Chocolate Hills in my HeKaSi books in Grade School and HS. i used to just imagine how they would look like. being a kid from Pampanga, i just imagined a smaller Mount Arayat covered in brown foliage. it was pretty different and exciting once i got closer though… very different in a pleasant way! Magpatuloy magbasa green chocolate

TTMB: Transforming Tweets into Meaningful Blogs

i’ve always had those strokes of “genius” (if i do say so myself) that i think are worth sharing. my default or go-to was this blog. was.

but now, there’s twitter. i’ve resisted so badly to get one but i finally gave in. sending entries to The Morning Rush via cellphone is expensive and i guess less convenient for the hosts to check even if it’s via computer. twitter has hashtags that you can use as filters to screen the entries. txtjock doesn’t (i think). and so, i got a twitter account primarily for sending entries but found myself more and more involved in tweeting my thoughts.

and then i remembered this video by Scott Hanselman again, declaring “So many people who had great blogs now have mediocre tweets.” i just didn’t want to be part of that group. a little more conscious, i have to be, about what i tweet and what i write… and that i should write and read more. 🙂

my ‘stroke of genius’ was about these planners that are being distributed left and right by coffee and tea shops. Ibyang and I had some discussion about it over twitter. but twitter is so fleeting. blogs are (more or less) permanent and are better to read than just 140 characters. kailangan pa ng interpretation kapag nabasa mo, diba?

anyway, ang points lang naman are: 1.) huwag mag-settle sa pag-tweet. kung ang ideya ay pwedeng i-blog, mag-blog. at 2.) dapat hindi lang puro planner ang giveaways sa mga coffee at tea shops. aanhin ko ang sandamukal na planner for 2013?! sana nga pwedeng plantsa, tea set, orocan… ganyan diba? haha!

yun lang. 🙂