SONA thoughts

he sounded bored at first. but it kinda picked up when he went “off script”. and he kept doing it throughout the speech… and it wasn’t stately, it wasn’t profound. it was plain language and quite intense at times… but you knew which ones he felt so strongly about. some words came out but somehow felt like lip service — specifically religion and human rights.

eventually it became clear which parts were by him and which were just written from reports from Cabinet members. honestly, his speech writer could do better. i’ve seen slides from facebook that were exactly what the president said in his “speech”. so much for being surprised. but those parts weren’t “him”.

i know he was sincere. i know that from his mind, what he’s doing is right, and good. from his heart, he really believes he can do something about what he perceives to be plagues in the country: drugs and corruption. which saddens me. truly saddens me.

that is only one form of corruption. it is material corruption and addiction. to nip this in the bud, the culture must change. from my perspective, the ‘quick fix’ will just be a temporary solution. perhaps in his term, all will be well in the country. what about the following years? i hope what he implements brings true change. hindi “ningas cogon” sa mga pilipino.

i am still hopeful despite these negative thoughts. i am willing to be part of the change. however, will my voice be listened to when i have something to say? or will it fall on deaf ears that are so determined to effect the change they want? sana… sana.

not what was promised

seriously, i’m scared.

from where i worked, a man was shot allegedly because he witnessed a robbery.

from where i live, just a few blocks away, 3 men were shot because of alleged involvement in drugs in two separate occasions: last week and just yesterday.

from the road that is traversed by the jeep i ride home, a woman was shot because she was mistaken for another person allegedly involved in drugs.

this isn’t the change i wanted. i don’t want fear. i want security.

for mistaken identities or collateral damage, so far, all i hear is, “oops! sorry…” where’s the justice in that?