β€œTo find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.”

― Robert Brault

you can be religious about this quote or just be romantic about it. it still works.

i made a list

sign of aging siguro ito.

i’ve always been amused by my uncle who lives with us in pampanga and his record-keeping and labeling OC-ness. he would write his favorite TV shows schedule on a piece of ruled yellowpad and attached that to a clipboard and hung it near the TV set. all the small items he’d find during an engine build, he’d either stick to a flattened old cardboard box or in small baby food containers neatly labeled. it was approaching Batman’s OC-ness level!

now that i’m growing older myself, i find it more and more difficult to track things with just my mind. well, i could still track them but there’s an anxiety that builds which makes me worry that i forget something. or i might miss on an opportunity where i had a thought or idea about a thing that i wanted to share.


or simply because i want so many things in my life, i might prioritize one thing over another because i just saw the other thing first thinking, “oooh, i want that,” without realizing there’s something more important that i could just buy at the same price.

so now, i made a list of the things i want. i actually have an online spreadsheet of my previous list but i keep forgetting to look at it so i decided i’d write them down so i could see them easily and maybe reorganize, reprioritize them. i think this will be in keeping with my ‘planning’ phase for the new year.

and what a relief. my mind seems to have been freed from cloudiness. i thought, “this must’ve been how the Pensieve would work in Harry Potter!” LOL!

it’s therapeutic, i think, that besides writing down thoughts in a blog, or speaking in a vlog, writing things down physically is really something else.

do you feel the same way? lemme know in the comments!

be brave for 2017

2016 has just been battering all of us. “us” meaning filipinos in general. whether you’re part of the ’16 million’ or a ‘yellowtard’, 2016 has hit us hard. and my fearless forecast is that it won’t let up into 2017. and i’m speaking to myself on a personal level.

so for 2017, i’m telling myself to be brave… be brave to stand my ground, be brave to try something new, be brave to accept things i can’t change. it may apply to you too (see? puwede nako sumulat ng horoscope column. kung kaya ni Mocha, kaya ko din!!! HAHAHAHA!)

seriously though, 9 days through the year, it’s already been tough. but i have to be brave. take the punches for now. maybe when patience has run out, or the grace of temperance gives out, it could be the beginning of a different year.

out with the old

i’ve been reading Konmari, as you know, and started to throw away stuff at the office that just piled up and accumulated over the years. newspapers i got from eating breakfast at mcdonalds and jollibee, flyers from shops, even readings i never got to read. now they’re in a pile in the trash.

and i can’t believe how really therapeutic it is to have this declutter your space. it gives me breathing room and releaves me a great deal. it de-stresses me a lot!

now, i just have to go through the boxes of gadgets i still have piled up here.

i know, it’s not following Konmari’s rules but what she says about it is true: it is a personal problem that you deal with and you will feel a lot better letting go of things. you think you might regret throwing that one thing “you just might need in the future” but never do. it’s liberating.

of course, i haven’t solved my problem of continually acquiring things yet but i’m getting there. πŸ˜€

quick wash in katipunan

being a busy parent can make you lose time for a lot of things. the weekends aren’t for relaxation but for doing those things you couldn’t do while rushing off to work — ironing clothes, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, folding dry clothes… and here’s one that i wish i could easily do as i did before: washing the car.

it was therapeutic for me when i washed the jeep and the car sometimes. yes, my arm hurt the next day from buffing the polish but it was enjoyable. in a limited space, washing a car is such a hassle. you have lots of things to avoid bumping into and getting wet. so one evening on my way home, i decided to get the car washed ‘professionally’ nearby.

Xpress Autoserv is along Esteban Abada parallel to Katipunan Avenue. i only had time and money for a car wash (P120) but i really wanted to have the car waxed, specially now it’s rainy season.


i arrived with two others being serviced. i just got my valuables out of the car, left my bag and some change and other stuff inside. when i said i was just having a wash, they immediately went to work. now what’s included in your P120-car wash? a foam shampoo, wiping of interior panels and dashboard, vacuum of interior, washing of mats, and tire black. all that done in under 30 minutes!

some would complain of swirl marks. but we don’t own an expensive car. besides, swirl marks can be remedied later when i can get the car detailed. (i’m planning on doing that. specially to remove those battle scars the car has acquired throughout the years). for now, the wash to remove dirt and grime on Percy is enough.

Dear Mama Mary

from DanTheManPhotography on Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/37811085@N05/

from DanTheManPhotography on Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/37811085@N05/

alam ko kaarawan mo ngayon. pero puwede bang ako naman humingi ng regalo sayo? i just feel i have this strong connection with you, considering pinanganak ako sa ospital named after you (Virgen de los Remedios). and i think appropriate naman dahil kailangan ko ng remedio.

una, peace of mind. hindi dahil may mga nagawa akong masama (meron pa din naman pero sa susunod na lang yun) pero dahil madami akong iniisip at inaalala.

pangalawa, naiisip ko na pera ang solusyon sa mga problema ko. tama kaya iyon? hihingi ako sa iyo ng direksyon kung tama ba o mali ang iniisip ko. kung para dito ba ako o para sa ibang lugar.

pangatlo, humihingi ako ng mahabang pasensiya at lakas sa araw-araw. nakaka-tamad, nakaka-depress. toxic. pero kailangan magpatuloy diba? tinatanong ko ang sarili ko “hanggang kailan ba itong dinaranas namin?” emotionally at physically draining kahit saan magpunta – opisina o sa bahay. kung hindi ko man mabago yung sitwasyon, hihingi na lang ako ng pasensiya at lakas.

panghuli, iyong hiling na din ng mga kasamahan ko at pamilya. maraming lumalapit sakin, nagpapa-sama sa dasal. akala nila yata ganun kami ka-close ng anak mo. (HAHAHA). iyong mga may problema din, sana pakinggan ninyo at sagutin. o gaya ko, habaan niyo na lang din ang pasensiya.

hindi na ako humiling ng “good health”… mukhang napapa-sobra na nga yata at napaka-“healthy” na naming mag-asawa. πŸ˜›

happy birthday! mwah!



Lazada sample authorization letter

been having some problems with delivery sa lazada for some time. maybe they’re stricter with their delivery policy because of some incidents (just maybe) kaya siguro hindi na nila iniiwan sa information desk namin yung mga items ko which, in the past, they did.

so now, i have to write an authorization letter just in case.

i’ll put what i write below. you can just copy-paste it if tinatamad kayo and palitan niyo na lang yung details. πŸ™‚



To whom it may concern:

I hereby authorize <insert name> (or kung di mo kilala, puweding ilagay, “the guard on-duty”) to accept deliveries from Lazada.com.ph under my name for Order # <order number>. I am attaching the confirmation email as well as a copy of my valid government-issued ID (puwedeng Driver’s License, Passport, PhilHealth, Postal) for identification purposes. Should there be a need to contact me, you can reach me through <phone number>.

Thank you very much.


Yours truly,

Mister Pogi/Miss Maganda


and then just sign it. of course, don’t forget to attach yung mga sinabi mong i-a-attach mo.

so far, i’ve got 3 out of the 4 items i had delivered. hopefully i won’t need to write another letter for the last one. sayang ang papel.