hangin’ around while charging

just would like to share what i found via lifehacker — a cool DIY project! 🙂

ever had that instance where you had to charge your phone on an outlet that would make you either (a) leave your phone or gadget on the floor or (b) stretch the charger cable for 20 kilometers to reach the table and risk having to trip someone because it’s blocking the way? well, the solution is an old lotion container. 🙂 how? see here:

well, you could prolly use some other plastic container and just use the basic pattern on the original poster’s site. 😀 a DIY project for the hubby perhaps? 😀 heehee…

i’m rockstar in the office!

A and i had our evening date in Trinoma once. we had this phase where we’d go to the gaming places (timezone, worlds of fun, etc.) and have a go at the shoot ’em up and racing games. but we never tried those that often called quite some attention to the player e.g. those dance revolution thingies that evolved into stuff that included hand movements, etc.

then there was this game on the far-end of the game place and nobody was there. it was guitar hero i think. or something similar. you could live-out your dreams of being a rockstar! and we gave it a try since no one was around to stare (and make fun of an amateur) lol… and, i must say, i had tremendous fun playing the fake guitar! and somehow, i wish there was another time where no one would be there to stare and i could play to my heart’s content. until i found out about JamLegend!

JamLegend has the same idea — but it’s over the internet! so it’s practically free! just like the arcade/video game, you just press the keys when the indicators hit the base at the bottom of the screen. you know what else makes this cooler? i can hold my keyboard in the office like a guitar and play and pose like a rockstar again! hahaha… you should try it!

GEP Region III Convention

just posting the few pictures during the convention i attended a few weeks ago.

gep-027-800mas mukhang promotion ito ng venue kesa documentation ng convention eh! hahaha… well, it was a nice place to stay. a bit better compared to the places i’ve stayed in during other conventions and workshops.

the Malolos Resort Club Royale has nice rooms. well, at least, the one i occupied. bed was soft. too soft i think but OK na din. the cabinets and shelves aren’t really well-maintained. even the TV had no remote and the buttons on it were broken. so channel surfing was actually a good exercise for me — stand up, change channel, sit down. (repeat as lack of entertainment sets in with the current channel.) haha… but as this was a convention and the rooms were really meant for just sleeping, it was OK. the CR? ummm… let’s just say deep red/maroon isn’t in my list of favorite bathroom colors. Magpatuloy magbasa GEP Region III Convention

not worthy

somehow, natatawa at naiinis ako sa mga tao ngayon. totoo nga, you’ll never know how much you are loved until you’re gone. gaya ngayon ng nangyari kay francis magalona. his posts on multiply usually receive about 45 comments. but when he left us, comments flooded to over 2000 last time i checked. it’s funny and irritating, riding on the popularity and the ‘bandwagon’ of people condoling with the bereaved.

kung ako lang talaga, nahihiya ako na magpost ng tribute for such a great man. una di ko siya kilalang-kilala. di din ako fan although i sang his songs. memorized ko pa din ang Mga kababayan, Kaleidoscope World, Mga Praning, etc. kaya nahihiya ako. i ‘knew’ the songs but i didn’t know the man. but there’s possibly one thing i know — that he was bigger than what people give him credit for. he is not just a singer, rapper, host, father, husband. he’s an icon. he’s a hero in his own way. he’s francis m.

unhappy snaps

when my dad attended his HS reunion, he took KC (my digital camera) with him. and since there was no cook for that day, my sister and i decided to do as we please and cooked up some ‘new’ dishes, i.e. those that we wouldn’t cook on a normal day. 🙂 and to document it, i used my (well, now my sister’s) new “Nokia 6300”.

the menu was 2 simple dishes. 1.) buttered corn and carrots and 2.) grilled bbq chicken.

Magpatuloy magbasa unhappy snaps

reconnected (but for how long?)

finally, after almost a year of being disconnected at home, Digitel has finally come in to donotdigitelfix our landline and internet connection. based on our billing statements, it’s been almost 9 months since our last payment hence, it should be about that same duration that our phone hasn’t been working. yes dearies… 9 long months.

follow-ups did not stop, since their billing didn’t. why should we pay for something we didn’t consume? that’s stealing.

Magpatuloy magbasa reconnected (but for how long?)