product photoshoot: my first expensive bow

not a bow tie. and neither do i have plans to go naked on Feb. 14 shooting people with an arrow to go with this bow. i have a checklist of things that i want and i guess i wanted to start ticking off some of them so i can feel a little ‘rewarded’ for slaving away daily. plus, i thought i could start getting into a little practice of product photography specially now that i have a decent camera. 🙂 plus, i was somewhat inspired by DigitalRevTV’s product photography on the cheap!. 🙂

all i needed was some light and a nice clean background.

since i was at the office when i did this (yes, i’m a model employee! LOL), i only had two options: natural light from the window or the office fluorescent lights on the ceiling. i had no desk lamp to turn into lightboxes. i tried natural light but i had bad shadows. i switched the lights on and didn’t get the right lighting. so i opted to use just the fluorescent lights. as for the backdrop, i used bond paper… nice and clean!

fleur-de-lis on frog

this bow is sold, brand new, for about Php 4,500.00 and i got it for Php 1,000.00 less! bow hair is nice and practically brand new. i haven’t tested it on any of my violins since they’re in the province but i can tell it’s really light… lighter than any bow i’ve owned. how this would affect my playing, i wouldn’t know. like photography, sometimes it’s not just the equipment that matters… you need to have good skills as well. so after a physical ‘upgrade’ of my arsenal, i’m hopeful that it’s the person who will get an upgrade soon. 🙂

Abalone slide violin bow wrap
fleur-de-lis on frog bow screw

what i should’ve posted last week

i guess this will be part of my prayers for this Holy Week.

Noynoy has spoken — that because we are in a democracy and not all people are Catholic in this country — he seeks to eliminate or reduce poverty by supporting the Reproductive Health (RH)/Responsible Parenthood (RP) bill.

What ever happened to “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap.”? During his campaign, he mentions corruption as the source of poverty. and as the slogan implies, by eliminating corruption, we will eliminate poverty. so why the change of tune? is it because he cannot eradicate corruption? is it because he is actually a part of the system of corruption? now he is focusing on the population because it’s easier to coax them into having fewer children?

Magpatuloy magbasa what i should’ve posted last week

summer is sweet

only because it’s the time when i have ‘legal’ license to indulge in halo-halo! woot woot! 😀

had this during lunch bago ako lumuwas papuntang manila. i actually ate lunch at jollibee and tried out the new crunchy chicken burger. it was OK but a little spice-y. not hot as in maanghang. feeling ko madaming masyado spices dun sa breading. it’s good din na mayo lang yung nakalagay. i wonder if they’ll make a TLC version of this sandwich.

anyway, wala silang cold desserts available. so i opted to get my sugar-and-ice fix for summer sa Kabigtings! 😀 buti na lang meron sa foodcourt ng SM Robinsons Starmills!

wag na i-review ang halo-halo. ang mahalaga eh na-satisfy ako. besides, i can only say this: MASARAAAAAP!!! 😀

peryahan tour

there are only 2 points of convergence during our barangay fiesta: first is the church where we celebrate mass in honor of our patron, St. Vincent Ferrer; and second — the perya or local circus.

St. Vincent Ferrer’s feast day this year falls on a Tuesday, a weekday. so kinailangan ko pang umuwi. funny nga eh… lumuwas ako Monday morning from pampanga, then left Tuesday lunchtime and went back again to work Wednesday early morning. gumastos lang ako! 😛

sunday evening before the fiesta, nag-aya sina Ate Amy na dalhin sa perya ang mga pamangkin ko. actually yung isa lang. pero imposibleng yung isa lang ang sasama na hindi iiyak yung isa pa! ayaw naman ipa-sama yung isa kasi nga walang magbabantay. being the kunsintidor uncle, i volunteered to chaperone and lugged the camera along to practice. heheh!

Magpatuloy magbasa peryahan tour

boid eggs

boid eggs by bursky
boid eggs, a photo by bursky on Flickr.

i found these underneath the water tank we have on our roof deck by accident. sometimes, when stress overwhelms, i go to the office roof deck to breathe in some (fresh? *cough, cough*) air. i was startled when a bird suddenly flew from underneath the water tank. i thought nothing of it at first but it happened a second time and i just thought to investigate. and surprise, surprise! easter came a bit early! LOL a little Google didn’t help much because i didn’t really get a good look at the bird that flew away. all i know it was brown and had a rather long tail.

an old “Ateneo Bird Report” document mentioned some of the birds surrounding the office so i tried Google-ing for some pics of their eggs. the closest i got to the description and pictures of the eggs would be the Pied Fantail. i hope i’m correct. any ornithologists around that could help? 😀

speckled eggs