It was a sigh of relief. It wasn’t the magnificent ending we wanted. It was the peaceful kind. It wasn’t BOOM BANG FLASH! It was the “meh!” ending. And I… I just don’t feel anything. There was a disconnect between the show and myself and I think it’s actually for the better. I did not hate the ending. I just didn’t have high hopes anymore after the previous episode and I guess it just ‘met expectations’… which were pretty low.

Anyway, after all of this, it’s finally over. It was a great ride. It was a great show. It just didn’t have the grandest exit. It didn’t feel right. I guess I didn’t actually feel anything, unlike Breaking Bad. Now THAT show knew how to end a series… It still left you hanging and asking for more and still leaving questions but you were like, “yeah. that was a good ending.”

As for GoT, Frank Underwood summarized it with what he said in this clip… “There. No more pain.”

Thank you GoT! Farewell.

my own Game of Thrones Season 8

This season is bad. My only justification is that it is a rushed season and they have to tie it nicely in a big red bow when it ends after 6 episodes… but it only undoes whatever has been developed in the past 7 seasons.

i’m not one to keep track of the ‘foreshadowings’ and the legends, oracles, and predictions in the past seasons but if it were up to me, i’d have this general script/idea.

1. Daenerys is Queen. Mormonts and other houses withdraw because they distrust Dany and return to their own lands. Free folk stay with John, only because they are loyal to Jon, not Dany.

2. Preps. Building tension is good, but i think it shouldn’t have been this long-winded. they shouldn’t be contemplating on winning but thinking that this is just the last battle they’ll ever fight, evacuates to the South. they ask again for help. this is where Jon should’ve been revealed to everyone as the true heir. ravens sent out would include in their plea for help that Jon Snow is a Targaryen and the rightful heir.

3. the Battle. pity no one important dies. i would’ve killed off Tyrion here. because GoT. and maybe Sam. he’s done his part anyway… Maybe Tormund, too? also, the overrun dragon should’ve stayed dead. and the Night King doesn’t die… and now has 2 dragons instead. revives everyone for the next wave of battle. Everyone retreats South (Dragonstone?).

4. No time to mourn or regroup. Cersei is happy Winterfell has fallen but afraid of the two ice dragons. Cersei has battle with Night King, killing two dragons using the Scorpions (wouldn’t it be weird people actually rooting for Cersei?). Jon and Dany attac with reinforcements from Mormonts and other houses who withdrew. Still epic battle, Iron fleet and all. You can have your Arya moment here. No more Night King. Bran and Theon can die here too.

5. We can mourn the dead here. With losses on both sides, truce and diplomacy is tried again. Varys mediates, uses Ser Jaime. Cersei happy to see no more Tyrion. Jaime double-cross. Brienne heartbroken still. Meanwhile, rumor spreads about Jon. Varys gauges people on who is better.

6. Varys in throne room with Cersei. Double cross? Maybe. Confirms rumors about Jon. Refuses to concede. Starts wildfire burning of the city, protecting Red Keep from Jon and Dany attac. Wildfire Scorpions. Ser Jaime’s like, “not again!”, slaps her with a trout, takes her away to escape. Confesses she fakes baby. Jaime snaps and kills Cersei. Red Keep crumbles from wildfire. on surface, Jon and Dany seem victorious. in the dungeons, Varys plotting to kill Dany, receives raven about white walkers still in Winterfell. Credits.

I’m pretty sure there’ll be lots of holes in this plot. I don’t care. I still think this is better than the one I’m watching now. *sigh*