bakit ‘mabantot’ ang pangalang pinoy?

i remember having a similar conversation with the ex-gf. i liked ‘old’ names (i call them ‘timeless’), she like more modern ones.

but near the halfway mark, they discuss the kabaduyan of Pinoy-sounding names but embrace American-sounding names for establishments.

anyway, i was just able to relate to this and find it amusing. 🙂

tapos na ang maliligayang araw

this is the thing i hate the most: emotional (over)eating. last week, it was probably just stress. now, partly stress, and partly anxiety. and i don’t want to say it yet because i might misuse the term. but i am thinking it: depression.

madaling sabihin na ‘just get over it.’ atsaka ‘it’s just a phase.’ binobola ko din sarili ko minsan ng ganyan. kaya ang nangyayari, i redirect my thoughts into escaping this feeling. among the things i turn to for happiness is food.


spiritually, maybe i am drained. aside from not going to mass for the past 2 months, i haven’t gone to confession for over a year now. youtube preaching and reading inspirational messages online don’t suffice. even personal prayer and reflection feels empty. ganito din kaya si Mother Teresa noon?

mentally/intellectually, i am lost, too. and i’m feeling the lack of guidance. i need mentoring. i need a mentor. parang feeling ko, spoiled man ang dating, kailangan ko ng babysitter sa ngayon. kasi wala akong alam.

Magpatuloy magbasa tapos na ang maliligayang araw