a new life

when A and i got married, i expected some sort of new life. it was uncomfortable at times having left my bubble of security and familiarity with what i knew that would please me. i had to adjust but it wasn’t as difficult as what i am adjusting to now.

i am renewed everyday. i am being hammered and formed into someone better. because we have been entrusted with a new life, a new person, an entire human being.

i am now a father to a son.


and it is fitting, i guess, that i write this on Ash Wednesday. when we are reminded of what we are and i realize what i am holding in my hands when i burp him at night and when i sway him to sleep. from ashes comes life. from ‘nothingness’ a person is made. and yet the one i cradle in my arms is someone more precious than everything in the entire world.

i am made to reflect what should i value more now. i am blessed with a new life, a new being, as well as being formed into this new life of parenthood.