flipped out!

i heard of this restaurant through some features on TV because the restaurant was upside down. and i always knew that it was along Katipunan Avenue but I never saw it the many times i passed by this thoroughfare.

thank goodness for the traffic going to work this morning, i finally saw where this restaurant was! it’s the part of Katipunan that i don’t usually see because it’s headed for White Plains, not Eastwood! 🙂 isn’t it cute? 😀

The restaurant is apparently called “Pan de Amerikana” based on their multiply site. I don’t know how updated this is but based on the pictures, not much of the design has changed. 🙂

anybody been to this restaurant? what’s your review?

health reminder to self

i thought i just might need some motivation for trimming down this waistline a little bit. looking at what i had for breakfast today, i realize what i’ve eaten wasn’t really a good example of a ‘balanced diet’. refreshing (it was humid today) and comforting but not really good for maintaining a figure. (though i still argue that a round figure is still a figure).

hope that put a smile on your face today and remind you about your health when eating.

i wish i could patent this quote, too. 🙂