Ondoy surprise!

if i were at home in Pampanga last saturday, i would just be fine. i would be ok. being home leaves a feeling of security. i don’t know. it just gives me that. so after sleeping-over at the office because of the rains and floods, and hearing of the terrible traffic on NLEX, i went home to Pampanga on Sunday. i was expecting some water but i thought most of it would have subsided after 12 hours or so. so after breakfast at Kenny Roger’s in katipunan (thank goodness they were open! Jollibee ran out of food since the delivery van couldn’t get through the waters the previous day and McDo was closed), i took the bus home and what did i see setting foot on San Fernando? this:


i was  riding a padyak driven by a manong holduper. P40 for a length of something i could normally walk on an ordinary day. ok, fine, he saved me from getting wet. wag naman holdap na presyo diba??? hay…

i got home, saw that the backyard was flooded about 10 inches to a foot. but it’s ok. no electricity and water. but it’s ok. i’m home.

pero siyempre, i had to come back to manila for work. 🙂 but it’s ok pa din. i know they’re safe. we can manage. we’ve been through worse.

hanggang kelan?


one solution is to take a pill and expect it to work and take the pain away.

another solution, bang your head against the wall, hoping that the rhythmic beat of your head against it would massage the pain away.

option three, have someone punch you in the stomach. by increasing the pain in other areas of your body, this would negate the pain you’re feeling on your head.

as a last resort, perhaps, try cutting-out the source of your headache. too bad i can’t cut my heart out.

why am i writing this?

i’m not exactly a model Catholic so i guess i can’t be accused of speaking in behalf of the Holy Roman Catholic Church even if  i am one. i say that i’m not a ‘model’ Catholic because i don’t exactly agree with everything that comes from the Vatican. am i, then, a liberal? would it qualify for my excommunication? i don’t know. i may be relying too much on my own knowledge and ‘enlightenment’… maybe i just got too used to thinking about things that way, not reading up on stuff before making decisions. just thinking about it by myself.

what actually triggered this is a friend’s blog about why the Philippine government, taking care of a predominantly Catholic nation, should not force Catholics to observe non-Catholic holidays. this would seem fair as he further explains that if the country (or any country) is predominantly Muslim, all Muslim holy days should be observed as national holidays since most of the population would ‘participate’ — people wouldn’t come to work and it would greatly affect businesses, services and schools. Meanwhile, minor religions in the country could observe their holy days but still work (with additional compensation). so it’s basically a numbers game. but is it just about numbers?

Magpatuloy magbasa why am i writing this?

kung may internet lang sana ako nun…

if only i had internet for the 10-day training i had in tacloban, i would have had more things to write. andami na kasi nangyari. araw-araw, andaming impressions naiiwan saken ng siyudad na yon. andaming missed “Kodak” moments din. things that i now wish i could have taken a picture of to show what tacloban city was really like. not just the places we went to but also how it is at night when all is quiet na.

it may be a little futile to gather all the emotions i had when i got there. hindi na siya kasing-intense eh. mas may awe and wonder ka, coupled with fear and excitement pag first time mo umapak sa isang lugar. lalo na kung you don’t speak the local language.

unang lapag palang sa airport, sabi ko, dapat nakunan ko na ng picture yung grounds ng airport. it was flat (natural! airport yun diba?) and you could see a boat on the horizon. it was a beautiful combination of green, blue, white and the black tarmac. the airport itself is no 5-star hotel but that was irrelevant when we landed. what greeted us was this:


and it was absolutely breathtaking — a sign of good things to come during our stay in tacloban city in the next few days.

first thing we had to do, though, was get from the airport to the city proper to register and leave our stuff at our hotel. since taxis were quite expensive… Php 150 pinaka murang singil samen, naglakas-loob na lang kami mag-jeepney. being with a girl companion, sort of nag-alangan ako pero dahil first time din niya bumyahe, ang sabi ko na lang eh, “sige lang! adventure to!” half-lying about my courage to ride the jeepney to i don’t know where exactly. thank goodness nakarating naman kami sa registration and sa mga hotel namen. magkahiwalay pa kami! nevertheless, masaya pa din. and dahil di din namen sure what to sample and where to sample the local cuisine, we had to resort to Plan B — Chicken McDo. lol…