LP24: merci buko

It will be very late for this LP (since the deadline was feb 22), but i’d like to post this anyway. 🙂 Besides, kai says

Anytime during the month of February you can write about or feature a photo of anything that involves the coconut, cooked or uncooked, edible or inedible. You can write about a time-honored tradition, or create/invent a new one for the succeeding generations. You can write about the coconut’s presence in your life while growing up in the Philippines, or what it has meant for you living elsewhere. Maybe discuss how coconuts are treated in your host country, dwelling on its status as compared to how it is valued in the Philippines.

My choice: The Coconut Palace

coconut palace front gate sign

I’ve never been to the coconut palace. Honestly, I’ve heard about the coconut palace through words but never seen it, neither in person nor through pictures. I wasn’t aware of its existence! I’ll honestly tell you that the first time to see the outside of the palace was during the Pit Stop of the Amazing Race 5!

After doing some reading on it, the Coconut Palace has a really funny history. It was built for thecoconut palace pope’s (then Pope John Paul II) visit in 1981 by then first lady Imelda Marcos. But the pope declined to stay at the palace saying it was too ostentatious to stay at a palace while the country remains poverty-stricken. hmm… wonder what the marcoses felt…

and truly, it was a great palace! made entirely of indigenous materials, about 70% coconut, it was a showcase of the versatility and utility of the coconut.

Google-ing, i found these wonderful pictures. It was like going on a tour myself! aside from the ingenious use of coconut as material for the palace, i was in awe of the majesty of the architecture. it was somehow distinctly Filipino. I just feel that it didn’t try to pretend to be Asian or Spanish or American. That would be easy to say since I only saw it in pictures but deep inside me, I feel a great sense of pride thinking about how Pinoy the Coconut Palace is from the way it looks and how it was constructed.

If there was anything good that the Marcoses have given us, it was making the Filipino feel great, important, and unique — a great nation with a lot to be proud of.

now i’m itching to go there, take some pictures, and probably inquire about the rates for a reception. <insert sheepish smile here>

Cowards Blessing Corruption in the Philippines

“Katoliko ka pa naman!” i’m sure others would say to me now.

CBCP logonaiinis ako sa balita today. CBCP ‘recommends’ the repeal of EO 464 which prevents any member of the cabinet to testify without the president’s permission but does not call for PGMA’s resignation. would it be blasphemous to call the highest council of the Catholic Church in the Philippines ‘coward’? cardinal Sin had balls. these bishops clearly don’t. which reminded me of a news article previously which mentioned that the Vatican gave orders before EDSA II for the Church to not get involved in any way with the political crisis. cardinal Sin made a decision — stand up for truth, screw the Vatican, and get things done.

i’m risking excommunication by mentioning these things but i do believe that things couldn’t be more obvious already. the truth is here, now!

on the other hand, the sensible side of the Catholic Church is at play. the Church does not meddle with politics. which, i am certain, will be praised by the Vatican and some people who are touchy on the issue of ‘separation of Church and state.’ they gave a wise recommendation to repeal EO464 so that the truth can be obtained as quickly as legally possible from the people who know the innards of the controversies and corruption.

malacañang’s answer to the recommendations? “we will look into it seriously” — i’m sure there’s a fine print that says “in 2010” after that statement.

my question to the CBCP is how long should they wait for the government to answer their recommendations? what if the answer doesn’t come sooner? how much more money will go into their pockets — money that could have been meant for the poor and uneducated, those deprived of homes, and those who genuinely need financial aid?

i feel betrayed. i feel that they have given PGMA their blessing and another chance to rob the country once again.


that’s all that’s in my wallet right now. and it’s only wednesday.

i just can’t seem to get a good grasp of money. i tend to spend and spend and spend until i realize that all i have is enough to last me the day before the next paycheck. although i still consider myself lucky since i don’t have a credit card because if i get a hold of one, i know i’ll just be in debt for the rest of my pitiful life.

the thing is, i’ve been told what to do already. i’ve read stuff that i should be doing. that i should SAVE and consider saving an expense in itself. but i just can’t seem to stop spending… this is my story.

whenever i get my salary, first thing i do is withdraw for my ‘week’s budget’, about P1,000.00. the same amount that i would normally spend when i was still in college. that should be enough for food, fares and some extra stuff that i need (or want) throughout the day.

but i never live within that P1,000 budget. i would always have to get more money for one reason or another. i let myself buy stuff i ‘need’. i treat some of my friends. i order the most expensive thing on the menu or try on something new since i have the means. “ngayon lang naman ‘to eh.” then i realize after everything that i should be paying for bills and contributing to the expenses at the house. i ‘set-aside’ the money and still say to myself, “it’s ok. there’s still some left for next week.” but there almost never is anything left for next week.

and still, i have this ‘wish list’ — things that i really need but are too expensive to buy within one’s pay-period. not one peso has been saved for these necessities. i’m terrible with money aren’t i?

i’ve always had this resolve inside me. “next paycheck” i’d always say. “next paycheck, i’m saving up for ________” so in 2 months, i would have accomplished something, bought something that i actually need. but it never happened in the two years that i’ve worked.

some say that it’ll come to me. some say i can do it. some say that it’s normal since i’ve spoiled so many other people before that i should be spoiling myself now. but i realize that spoiling myself can wait. the question is how will i force myself to do it.

what next?

2002 – Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard

2003 – PIATCO & NAIA Terminal 3

August 2003 – Who is “Jose Pidal”?

2004 – Fertilizer Funds (remember Jokjok Bolante?)

Executive Order No. 464 (which bars officials from attending congressional inquiries without the President’s consent)”

Proclamation No. 1017

CPR = “calibrated preemptive response”

April 2004 – PhilHealth Cards (note that this was just before the May elections)

June 2005 – “Hello Garci?”

latest: ZTE NBN

there’s more, actually, if you search the net.

why are we still in a ‘wait and see’ attitude? will we wait for the next moro-moro being set-up by the administration (a.k.a. DOJ and Ombudsman investigations on the NBN issue).

i hate it when lots of people ride the bandwagon. minsan kasi nawawalan na ng weight ang issue dahil too many people speak their minds and too many ideas are out that sometimes, things become incoherent and internal issues come out and the main issue is forgotten. minsan nagkaka-disagree lang kung dawit nga ba si Abalos or not, nagiging magka-away na. but the real issue is the corruption of the most ‘evil’ public servant (makes me wanna puke saying it with her in mind) at the center of it all.

let’s get things straight. the president is accountable. not just for the latest scam but for each of the unresolved ones — those that the public have forgotten because of (1) Christmas, (2) bombings, (3) terrorism scares, and (4) the next scam coming out.

it makes me think that the Call Center “industry” is a government plan to minimize the opposition of the youth. see here:

1. You sleep in the morning, you wake up at night to work. “What’s the news today? Who cares! I need sleep.”

2. Foreign owners control your movement. It’s illegal to get sick, to be late, to be absent for work, and to protest. You protest, you’re fired. “Why will I risk being jobless?”

3. The compensation is really attractive so why sacrifice financial stability for principles? “Why is GMA still there? Who cares! I’m earning enough to get a latte a day at Starbucks! I’m sooooo sosyal!”

*deep sigh* saan ka papunta?

hindi kaya ng biogesic

…o ng stresstabs, o ng extra joss, o ng my marvel taheebo, o ng fitrum na may L-carnatine at green tea extract ang nararamdaman kong stress at sakit ng ulo…

gamoti’m still fortunate nakapagpahinga pa ako ng medyo maayos sa bahay over the weekend. although 12mindnight na ako nakakatulog tapos eh magigising ako ng 6am, nakatulog naman ako ng 4pm at nagising ng alas-siyete na ng gabi. pero still, di ko naramdaman na nakapagpahinga ako. parang ‘quits’ lang kami ng katawan ko, sakto lang siyang nakahabol sa abusong pinadanas ko sa kaniya ng ilang araw. buti hindi pa siya bumibigay…

at ngayon, lunes na lunes na naman, badtrip ulit. nagmamadali na akong pumasok sa trabaho since halfday nga ako pumapasok pag mondays. antagal dumating ng bus kanina. maarte ako at ayaw kong tumayo kanina. tapos eh bababa dapat ako ng SM North kaso, yung aleng tumayo at nauna sa akin, hinarangan ang isle. aba, nagmamaganda! at sarap nga patirin kaninang pagbaba namen eh… sa MRT station!!!

nag-taxi na lang ako hanggang boardinghouse para ilapag ang mga damit for the week at naglipat ng gamit sa backpack. dali-daling nagpunta ng waiting shed para mag-jeep. habang nasa jeep, naramdaman kong kinakausap ako ng aking konsensya.. ate vi? mali pala… mga alaga ko lang ang bumubulong-bulong ng “amo, ala-una na! gusto mo bang mag-rebelde kami’t lumabas sa butas ng ilong mo?” natakot naman ako. for that, lumafang muna ako sa KFC. hay, gastos! next week pa ang suweldo, gudlak sa ATM…

pagkatapos,nag-trike na ako papuntang opis. medyo hinihingal pa ako eh nag-setup na ako ng station ko. in-on si alaya, sinaksak ang keyboard, mouse, speakers, LAN cable, power co… POWER CORD?!?!?! nakalimutan ko ang power cord!!! AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! ayun, nagkompyuter ako ng 54 mins, check ng mail, naglipat ng trabaho sa server para makapagwork sa work station ng officemate ko pagkalabas niya.

ang saya saya ko! (bwisit)