learning a new language and my challenge

but something that i can’t speak… just write.

i’m getting quite rusty with my programming skills specially since i’ve been doing mostly the same thing over and over again in FORTRAN. i guess it’s time to level up a little. konting galaw-galaw lang para sa brain cells. 😀

i’ve been hearing about this Python language since college. i think that probably GIS adopted this as the language of choice because of its simple syntax and easy interpretation specially for figures that concern spatial data. (why do i sound like i’m writing a technical report!?)

anyway, ayun lang naman ang update. na-print ko na ang 90 out of 133 pages ng documentation and i’m in chapter 4. madami pa akong kailangang basahin and alamin at practice na gugugulin. i’d love to be able to practice at home para bumilis naman ang learning ko but i think i should squeeze that in between my new hobby and fixing some stuff in the house. (yes! i feel so manly!!! “fixing the house” FTW! lol)

Magpatuloy magbasa learning a new language and my challenge

i started a garden! :)

it’s been a while since i got my hands dirty with soil since i got married. primarily because, well, i live in a place that’s almost all concrete! it’s one of the saddest compromises for living in a city that’s densely populated. there’s hardly room for a tree or any open green space because here, land is one great commodity that’s better to be developed into something that can generate income e.g. apartments than have the “luxury” of a garden.

however, nobody said a garden had to be 50 square meters of land. it could just be 3 square meters of wall space! 🙂 so here i am trying to start my own garden at home.


i adopted the father-in-law’s plants in front of the house (2 overgrown Wax Rose bushes, and 2 others that i still haven’t researched on but i know them.) and water them regularly before leaving for work. then i thought of bringing some of my orchids from pampanga, so i brought 3 of them which i just cut from the parent plants (i think they’re dendrobiums). still, no soil in the hands yet. Magpatuloy magbasa i started a garden! 🙂

Flying Colors Butterfly Farm

the first day of our Bohol trip nearing its end, we were set to visit a butterfly farm. My guess is this is as common as the petting zoos they have along the roads. this butterfly farm is a little bit different because it’s surrounded by nipa and is elevated. kinda reminds me of our old house in pampanga. well, the actual farm isn’t elevated. the ‘museum’ is. the real farm was a beautiful garden to the side of the hut. 🙂

aside from the butterflies, the minor attractions that greeted us were the turtles (which i didn’t get on camera) and the monitor lizard inside a large enclosure.


after paying the fee (it was Php 20.00 if I am not mistaken), we went into the hut through a rickety bamboo bridge. underneath, we saw the ‘minor attractions’ but my parents-in-law were too worried they might fall into it! lol. after crossing the small bridge, a whole bunch of framed and preserved butterflies greet you everywhere. in the middle of the space, more than 3 dozen butterflies are displayed between two glass panels. i wondered why these weren’t framed like the others with white opaque panels. i got my answer soon enough.

the staff let us have a look first at everything before he called us to have the obligatory “i got wings when i went here” shoot. manong took my camera and had us stand at the opposite end of the room as he positioned himself near the butterfly panel. not long after, we had proof that we were fairies. 😀


Magpatuloy magbasa Flying Colors Butterfly Farm