nobody said it was easy

this never happened to me before.

my job is generous with holidays, specially religious holidays. Holy Wednesday is non-working holiday for us and because of this, i get to avoid the exodus of people from Manila to the provinces during Holy Week. I either leave on Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning. but that’s changed because i now am a resident of Manila and just go to Pampanga to visit.


having changed addresses has not, however, freed me from my personal attachment to my old parish (though it isn’t allowed by the Church, as far as i know). i feel compelled to preserve this tradition and that is why i still come back each and every time. and for 10 years, i’ve never missed a procession. i once was late coming home but made it to the procession just by a hair. last Wednesday, i would experience my first failure.

Magpatuloy magbasa nobody said it was easy