one of the most wonderful things to see is to watch you sleep. and when day breaks, it’s wonderful to see you wake up in the morning… your hair in a bunch, but still soft and feels wonderful between my fingers. i’d be there ready to kiss your soft puffy lips… *sigh*

one-third is made from happiness

not for more than 10 minutes ago, my officemate came in and brought with her a slice of chocolate cake for us in the office. had a little chit-chat before she went on her way to the college complex. twas good timing, really, becauase we were having coffee in the room so it was perfect. cake + coffee is a good combination. but i was wrong…

this combination was SUPERB!

i was overcome, suddenly, with happiness after spooning-in this wonderful chocolate cake! i didn’t expect it to be this good… it was really soft and moist and rich and… oh, for heaven’s sake! here’s a picture…


it was cake, caramel, cake and then chocolate. rich, wonderful, sweet, soft chocolate!

i’m still closing my eyes here whenever i take another spoonfull. it’s just such a wonderful feeling… OK, i’m being too happy now it’s annoying, i know. i just can’t help it! 😀

i’m absolutely sure that this cake is 1/3 happiness and 2/3 baking ingredients.