the unpopular position

yup. i’m taking the side of the Chief Justice.

again, i think this is a part of me that would always root for the underdog. clearly, the Chief Justice being an ally of the former president GMA, with a highly controversial ‘midnight appointment,’ it would be easy to judge him to be guilty. i mean hindi pa ba obvious na andiyan siya sa Supreme Court to persecute the current president and protect the ex-president?

but the Supreme Court affirmed his appointment was legal. sure, this court has made some controversial decisions which i do not agree with but this is what the Supreme Court is all about — it is meant to be the final word in everything that is of the law.

some would call defense lawyer Karen Jimeno a ‘balimbing’ (one who easily switches alliances) but in an interview, she explained her position why she is now defending Corona whereas she was one of the complainants to the SC about Corona’s midnight appointment. her answer was simple: it was decided by the SC and she submits to the authority of the SC. that settled the complaint and that was that.

i, too, submit to the SC’s decisions. because i no longer trust in any institution in the government except the Supreme Court. Magpatuloy magbasa the unpopular position

i spy with my little eye

funny things happened this morning on my way to work.

i take 2 trains going to work: MRT3 and LRT2, Blue and Purple lines respectively. rides on the train are pretty much uneventful, always packed with commuters in the morning rush hours but nothing really noteworthy happens during my commute. and today was my ‘lucky’ day, i guess. 😀

apparently, there was a pickpocket on the train. and it was on our coach! one passenger called attention to himself by holding the doors of the coach and security guards immediately came. i was seated while all this happened so i didn’t see who the passenger was. but i heard their conversations when i put down my headphones. (i listen to the radio while commuting)

“ituro mo kung sino.” said one. “ituro mo na. nakaka-abala ka sa ibang pasahero eh.” said another. i wasn’t sure if it was the guard or another passenger who said those things. some other passengers chimed in and said, “oo nga. natatagalan ang biyahe.” with a hint of irritation. Magpatuloy magbasa i spy with my little eye

wanting a bed in the office

sorry for the slight hiatus (ugh! don’t we have another word for a short vacay? i really think it’s overused.) from blogging. it’s been pretty ‘busy’ in one front. 🙂

FB friends must’ve seen my post — A had an operation. and the whole time before the operation, we were mostly at the hospital doing lab tests and getting clearances from doctors… and last 8 May 2012, our little “baby” was born… 😛

Magpatuloy magbasa wanting a bed in the office