giving up softdrinks for lent

3 weeks into lent, i haven’t been true to my pledge yet. maybe because i haven’t put it down into a ‘contract’. so now, i’m just putting it here:


yes, starting today, i have about a month with no Mountain Dew. (i cried a little after typing that.)

i will not deny myself yet of other sugary drinks though. i want to make sure i’m doing this for the right reasons and not mistake it for doing it for health reasons. i want to know if i’m capable of giving up something i really really like drinking regularly.

i know a lot of bad effects of soda but it hasn’t stopped me from drinking a lot of it. there was this time in my early 20s that i’d drink a liter of softdrink at night with my meal and watching movies on the laptop in my room. every night. yes, that was 4 times a week. (i still went home to the province in other days so i’d do this Monday through Thursday night. I’d be back home by Friday evening.)

actually, the spending stopped me from continuing the bad habit, not the ill effects on my health. now, it’s a purge of the unnecessary stuff that i cling on to. a battle of the will — to give up something not just for your own benefit, and deny yourself of the pleasures you derive from them.

please pray that i succeed.

is same-sex marriage just about sex?

Family Threat

i hear this often, casting a negative perception about people like myself who are opposed to same-sex marriage. they ask, “do you think gay marriage is just about 2 guys or 2 girls having sex? shouldn’t it be about love and commitment?”

my own Catholic understanding is this: marriage, by its very nature, necessitates consummation, such that the union becomes fruitful. that’s why we say “No” to sex outside of marriage — heterosexual or homosexual.

if marriage is about love and commitment [without sex], i would marry my friends and my parents. if marriage is just about sex [without love or commitment], well… that’s what the ‘hookup culture’ is. one-night stands. sex parties.

truth is, marriage is about both: sex and love. because marriage is meant to be unitive and fruitful. outside of marriage, both are meaningless.

how about infertile and impotent people? how come they can get married even if they can’t be fruitful?

Answer: here.

Manny and Homosexuality

2 days it’s been going and no one is letting up in social media. everyone still has something to say about Manny’s comment against same-sex marriage. granted, he may have selected a bad set of words to describe his disagreement on the matter, but his stand is clear: he is not supporting same-sex marriage.

obviously, as a Catholic, i’ve been following what the Catechism says and what guidelines are to be observed when dealing with same-sex attracted people:

“The human person, made in the image and likeness of God, can hardly be adequately described by a reductionist reference to his or her sexual orientation. Every one living on the face of the earth has personal problems and difficulties, but challenges to growth, strengths, talents and gifts as well. Today, the Church provides a badly needed context for the care of the human person when she refuses to consider the person as a “heterosexual” or a “homosexual” and insists that every person has a fundamental Identity: the creature of God, and by grace, his child and heir to eternal life.”

Yeng Constantino, a popular Born Again Christian celebrity singer, made a comment because she was asked to “take a stand” like Manny Pacquiao did. Her response:


what a bummer. by being sentimental about the matter, she lost her objectivity. as a scientist, you mustn’t lose sight of objectivity, your rational thought. otherwise, lahat na lang ng bagay, puwedeng i-justify dahil lang sa emotions, personal relations, etc.

imagine, that recent viral video of an overtaking car colliding with a motorcycle on a bridge… the daughter of the driver could say, “maawa po kayo sa tatay ko. mabait po siyang tao. hindi po niya sinasadiya ang nangyari.” and that would be enough to justify his release without any liability? pambihira.

it’s hard to take anyone seriously who doesn’t want to “judge” anyone and claim to be “on a journey to spiritual maturity” so they don’t want to make decisions on these matters.

and to people who think that i think that i am superior because i have monopoly of the truth, i’m not claiming any of it. but the Church does. and if i am convinced what the Church says is true, then I am on Her side.

finally caught it.

yep, sneezing again. i was thinking when i would catch the cold, with all the sleepless nights i’ve had. actually, i was a bit surprised i didn’t catch it earlier. but i guess that last night when i had coffee at 6, still up at 1 and then early to rise at 430 just did it. all defenses were down. and now, it finally got to me.

just when i had something important handed to me (the first time i’ve seen a document with the big “CONFIDENTIAL” word written on it and they mean it.), i had to have this cold. great timing!

and the funny thing is i had just started listening to Stuff You Should Know’s Operation Mincemeat podcast. na-excite ako. hahaha! i think i’m just beginning to become interested in war history. hala hala! heto na naman ako and my obsessions. 😛

curious? here’s BBC’s documentary:

are you curious now as i am?

9:00 AM

you might never read this. or you might. i will not be sentimental. i won’t pretend to make profound realizations in life. all i know is that this same day a year ago, at exactly, EXACTLY 9:00 AM, you came into the world.

does that mean something? was there some rare planetary alignment happening while you were born? would that make you something more than you are?

maybe not. but know this: from the time we knew we had conceived you until this very moment as i write this entry thinking about you, we were changed, your mother and i. you may not understand yet when i say, “i love you.” you may not understand how deep and true those words are, but i pray you will when you have your own.

happy birthday, son. i love you.