Chorizo Burrito

we all know them… the hair (and the lack of it by one of them), the exaggerated and funny Jim Carrey faces during their performances, and the lip-synched renditions of classic and pop songs, moymoy palaboy has made a mark on the internet and entertainment arena on their own youtube channel. but one of their funniest performances to date was Volare! i was personally laughing my a$$ off with that one andgot me hooked with their antics… specially because this is where they got their mom to dance in the background while making the video! :D

and as a follow-up to their Spanish/Latin beat hit, they opted to sing Chorizo Burrito. equally funny on its own…

…but funnier after learning what the lyrics mean! hahaha…

my inheritance

wonderfully intricate, right? 🙂 this once belonged and was used by my grandfather when he was still alive. i don’t have any memories of him because he was gone even before i entered this world. i was still in my mother’s womb when he died. so i guess i have memories but really vague and those that go deep into the parts of the brain we still do not know. i’m imagining this might be one of the reasons why i could have smiled or laughed as a little baby — with no actual experience to laugh or dream about.

Magpatuloy magbasa my inheritance

is the BigMac back?

just arrived sa office. lunch time na. nag-enroll pa kasi ako. actually, i was just going to check if i as elligible to enroll this sem. miraculously enough, i was! so i decided to go through with my enrollment kahit walang paalam sa opis. “saka na lang ako magpapaliwanag. bahala na si batman,” ‘ka ko.

ngayon, payment na lang kulang. i’ll probably do that next week para konti ang pila. and ngayon nga, dahil sa mabait akong empleyado, magba-blog muna ako! haha… 😀

well, dahil nga (again. ang kulet! oo na! lunch na nga!) lunch time na halos, nag McDo na lang ako kasi nahihiya din naman ako… working lunch na lang muna. ayoko muna mag Chicken at rice kaya nag BigMac ako, with certain reservations.

i used to love the Big Mac when it was, well, BIG. as in you could hardly put it in your mouth and use up a roll of tissue for wiping every part of your face because of the mess you’ll be making trying to eat it! and then after a while, it just got smaller and smaller (to me, at least) and parang di na siya nakakatuwang kainin. i used to say na “if you don’t soil your clothes or any part of your body while eating a Big Mac, it’s not a Big Mac.” and so, i gave up ordering and eating this for a while because it wasn’t the same anymore. the experience was forgettable… until today! 🙂

it’s confirmed, ladies and gentlemen, the Big Mac is back! 😀 and even if i soil my keyboard in the office, i don’t care right now. i can always wipe and clean it. but enjoying the return of this burger is just… *sigh*

you can tell, i’m satisfied right?.

jan jaran!

Just sharing my happiness with my new phone! 🙂 too many reviews have been written about the Nokia E63 and i guess it wouldn’t be much help if i write another one. but let me just say that I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!

kc 009-800

it’s got everything that i should need! plus, it’s tweakable so if i need something that’s not on the phone yet, i can add it! and there’s even an online community/wikispace of users! weee!!!

only down side i can think of, so far, is that it’s 3G. yes, that’s a minus for the phone. because you can surf practically anywhere! and that’s BAD for my phone bill!!! hahaha… but still, it’s a pretty pretty phone. did i already say that i love this phone so much? oh yeah… i did. doesn’t hurt mentioning it just one more time right? 😛