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would my grandchildren be proud?

saw this photo on 9gag and i had to chuckle.

and then came dread. ano nga ba ang makikita nilang letrato ko sa hinaharap? i have this picture of my grandfather and i am definitely proud of him. eh paano naman ako?

i thought of Google-ing my name. may kapangalan nga pala ako’ng singer sa youtube. LOL. i guess there’s no claim to fame for me except my EPOD photo. pero i still have a long future ahead of me. (sana)

this made me think of, also, what would my son’s future be like. feeling ko kasi ang dami nang hindi natututunan ng kabataan ngayon like getting their hands dirty as i did at one point in my early years. iba kasi tingin ng tao kapag sinabing naka-enroll ka sa Tech-Voc course. i really feel that favoring STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects over industrial arts (skills training) and the arts is a mistake. why can’t their development be parallel? dahil ang idea ba naten is S&T will solve the country’s problems? what use will it be if we lose our soul and identity? our respect for hard work and labor?

i just hope i’m doing things right with my son. and that someday, he can look back at pictures of myself, my father, and my grandfather and feel the same pride as i have.

don’t take my sunshine away

you all remember Goldie, right? No? Read this, then.

Updated? Good.

Fast forward to last night, I couldn’t believe what I saw and read: Goldie is battling it out with cancer. She had mastectomy done last May and that’s how they learned about the HER2 StageII cancer.

I honestly don’t know where to begin.

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine
Goldie {image from her GoGetFunding page}

she was my special girl in HS. she was my sunshine. and even if it wasn’t mutual then, and now i’ve married and she’s to-be-married (!!!), we know that these people, they occupy that one place in our memories and hearts.

hindi ko na siya mahal gaya ng dati. pero dahil minsan ay minahal ko siya, iba pa din yung takot, pag-aalala, at pangamba na nararamdaman ko.

at our age, di ba dapat hindi ito ang pino-problema namin? that should come later in life, when we’re all wrinkly, old and grey. yung mga sakit-sakit na yan, dapat pag matanda ka na saka lang sila magka-permiwo na dumapo sa tao. hindi ngayon.

it’s not fair.

andaming masasamang tao sa mundo, bakit di na lang sila? ang daming pangit ang ugali, bakit di na lang sila? andaming ibang tao na mas deserving sa ganitong mga bagay. hindi si Goldie.

and then i always remember Romans 8:28. “We know that in everything God works for good with those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.”

Please pray for her. if you can, please help her win this fight.

30 Thoughts while watching VP Binay’s “True SONA”

Buma-buzzfeed lang? 😛

1. Anon’ng theme ang pinapatugtog sa background? Awards night ba or something?

2. Ay, andaming hakot usisero ‘supporters’…

3. Ay, ginawang ‘opening prayer’ kanta ni Gary Granada? Baka dahil…

4. Congrats Senator Nancy! So happy for you and your husband!

5. Galing humawak ng 2 mikropono ng sabay ni VP. 😉

6. “alingasaw” is a strong word. bagay…

7. Bilangan tayo ng fallacies…

8. Uy, may patama pa sa DILG Sec. Gloves are off!

9. “Tinangay na rin ba ng bagyo?” ay wait… VP, say “Kamuning”

10. Well, may point sa SAF. Sayang Pres. Noy, you missed an opportunity there. Binigyan mo ng bala ang kalaban eh.

11. “Uulitin ko…” === “pumalakpak kayo at humiyaw pagkasabi ko!”

12. Wow ha… pagnanakaw? Sayo pa nanggaling?

13. BBL. OK.

14. DAP. OK.

15. Economy. OK.

16. So… parang PNOY lang din. sisihin ang previous administration?

17. Kulang sa meryenda ang mga hakot ‘supporters’

18. Employment. OK.

19. He Says She Says lang. *ho-hum*

20. Ano kaya puwedeng hapunan. hmmm… isaw kaya?

21. Sen. Nancy live tweeting?

22. Ayun, usapang budget cuts. Kids will be kids.

23. Parang talking head lang talaga si VP. nagbe-blend ang barong sa background!

24. Ay wow, BINAY FANS? literally! REALLY!?!? sino gumastos diyaaaaan????

25. Nagwo-walk-out? Or baka nakapag-meryenda na…

26. PNOY o BINAY? hindi malinaw audio…

27. HAHAHAHA! “walang karanasan o kung may karanasan, napatunayang palpak”… Sen Nancy: THANK YOU DADDY di mo na ako nilaglag! mwah mwah!

28. Uy, may Manny Villar theme! Higa sa matigas na sahig after maligo sa dagat ng basura?

29. promise? giginhawa ang buhay?

30. Ugh. I think i just threw up in my mouth. Pati patay ginamit.

Thank goodness it’s over. Excuse me while I drop dead.

disturbed by bruce jenner’s logic.

i don’t think bruce jenner is a woman. i will never think he is a woman. his DNA says he’s a man.

no, i’m not being ‘transphobic’. i’m just calling a spade a spade.

he may look pretty in lingerie and big flowy hair but it will never change the fact that he is a man.

i think Matt Walsh was the one who wrote something to the effect of, “if i go to a psychologist and tell him ‘i feel like i’m a dog trapped in a man’s body,’ he’d definitely say i have a condition. but if i tell him ‘i feel like i’m a woman trapped in a man’s body’ and we consider this ‘normal’?”

which i can definitely understand.

some people might argue, “a dog is an animal! of course that’s crazy!” but what separates us from dogs scientifically speaking? is it not our DNA that tells us if we humans and not chimpanzees? that a man’s DNA is different from a woman’s? XY is not XX. XX is not XY. but XX feeling like XY is fine? where’s our science?

another argument might be ‘identity’. and it will prove troublesome. how long can an ‘identity’ last? can you fault someone who identifies as a woman in short bursts of time — (i.e. enough time to do bad things in the other gender’s bathroom) and claim innocence because ‘at the time, i identified myself as a woman’?

it’s not about bruce jenner really. it’s about the logic. i can’t see any of it.

bakit ‘mabantot’ ang pangalang pinoy?

i remember having a similar conversation with the ex-gf. i liked ‘old’ names (i call them ‘timeless’), she like more modern ones.

but near the halfway mark, they discuss the kabaduyan of Pinoy-sounding names but embrace American-sounding names for establishments.

anyway, i was just able to relate to this and find it amusing. 🙂

i’ve been to italy!

in case you’re not my friend on facebook and you do read my posts, you must’ve read somewhere of my great fortune to be able to attend a workshop in Italy last year. the trip already had its first anniversary and i never got around to blog about it. eh kasi naman, pahamak talaga kahit kailan ang trabaho. hehehe.

of course, i was on “official business” when i was there but all work and no play makes bursky dull and sad. (paano na nga ulit yun?) it really helps di naman na ka-age mo yung mga nasa workshop tapos eh lakwatsera din sila! XD

dinner at D’Napoli in Trieste

this was my second trip sponsored by ICTP, the first was in Bangalore. saling-pusa lang talaga ako dun sa India, actually. i was just trying to get a feel for the field i’m working in. but this workshop i was genuinely interested in because it covers a wide range of topics that were very VERY interesting to me. though not all of them were covered. i just wish we had spent more laboratory time and some one-on-one work with the professors or even worked on the exercises in pairs. (clearly, i wasn’t prepared again because i think i was the only non-PhD or PhD candidate there) but the theory lectures were very enlightening. pero it’s as if i was back in college — habang nagle-lecture si prof, i would understand the concepts completely. but once i got out of the room, everything goes blank. it’s embarrassing. Magpatuloy magbasa i’ve been to italy!

she’s attractive. but not sexy.

contradictory? probably. i just miss posting random things so here’s one for today.

i subscribe to SourceFed on YouTube and they posted this video on Maxim’s Hot 100 for 2013:

of course you’d notice this pause for Jennifer Lawrence. which i just don’t get.

yesterday, i watched The Hunger Games again on the PC at home and i still don’t get it. yes, she is beautiful and extremely attractive… but it won’t make me go “hubba hubba!” (dated expressions. i know!) and then i find this picture:

and then i get it. she is beautiful. she is attractive. but i don’t like her because of those. to me she looks ‘normal’… like someone i’d probably meet on the street. someone i could get to know and chat with. she’s not ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ like the others who pose provocatively and whose face you easily get tired of. she seems to have a real personality. to me, she’s a different kind of attractive. she’s not too fat, even if others thought she is/was. she’s someone you bring home to introduce to mom and dad. you become a good boy around her — you won’t think of actually doing unspeakable things with her but you still find her ‘yummy’ enough.

or maybe a better term would be “nakakagigil”.  it’s not as sexual as the other Filipino terms such as “nakaka-L” or “nakaka-ul*l”. there’s restraint involved and some level of respect, from my perspective. let’s hope it stays that way. 🙂

#amalayer – what it’s all about


and cyberbullying.

she may not have shown the proper conduct when she started shouting at the security guard and making a scene, some comments on twitter are just mean and, to me, are no different to what bullies say to other people.

of course, as i write this entry, the major networks are trying to get hold of her to “air her side”. yeah right.

Chris Lao. Robert Carabuena. and now, this girl.

yes, we can make fun of other people’s moments of stupidity and condemn their wrong actions. unfortunately, some people don’t know their limits. i don’t need to know her name, her facebook or twitter account. all i need to know is that her shouting at a guard in public was wrong. but when people start posting her name, her details, her school, and start making all these judgements about other aspects of her life (say as an aspiring VJ), that’s when the (cyber)bullying starts. and sometimes it snowballs until we’ve already judged the person completely without having met him/her. such a sad thing.

sad, sad day.