Sabay-sabay tayo

Na-iimagine ko na si Marian Rivera sumasayaw at nagli-lip sync sa kanta niya. Tapos lahat ng bagay sa bahay, naki-sing-along na din.

Ayun, sabay-sabay na nga sila nagkaproblema. Kung kailan naman lockdown at walang taong matawagan. Lahat puro DIY. At ngayong gabi, nagkatotoo na nga ang kinakatakot ko: isang di pwedeng i-DIY na problema.

Started with our toilet. A dropped a big solid brand spanking new bar of soap in the toilet. Went straight in. Now it sips water like a high school girl seeing her crush pass by her cafeteria table. Can’t do number 2 so we have to go to parents for that. Now we have to wait for it to dissolve.

Next was the refrigerator. It always had a squeaking sound whenever we’d close the door and I paid it no mind. Until one day, the door just wouldn’t close. A little DIY for a washer to lift the door a little and I got it to close. But clearly, it doesn’t seal as well as before.

After that, the side cladding/tiles on the countertop came off. Didn’t need to fix this since it’s better left to the professionals.

Finally tonight, as we were getting ready for bed, I turned the AC on to cool the room before bedtime. After half an hour, we came back and the room didn’t feel as cold as it should have. I figured it was the dirty filter so I took it out and cleaned it. When I was putting it back, I noticed the evaporator coils were frozen with ice. “This is not good,” I told myself.

I figured this was blockage in the coil. This was something I could not DIY. Neither did I have enough experience nor training to repair it. I could diagnose it, owing to what my father taught me but other than that, I could do nothing.

All these things happening while we are in Enhanced Community Quarantine. Can’t call a repairman. Can’t buy a replacement or tools to fix them. Hay…

“Ngayon pa talaga?” Yan na lang sinasabi ko sa lahat sa kanila na para bang maiintindihan ng mga gamit ang sinasabi ko.

Sa ngayon, Sabado de Gloria na, ipagpapa-sa-Diyos ko na lang muna lahat ng ito. Na sana’y umabot lahat sila sa pagtatapos ng ECQ, nang mapaayos o mapalitan na ang mga kinakailangan. At nawa’y bigyan ako ng tamang pahinga nang maharap ang bukas.