i wanna run to who?

everyone has a refuge.

some go to food for comfort. some, to their bedrooms or places they feel ‘at home’. others into the arms of someone — a friend, a loved one, relative, and others still, run to their faith for their moments of despair, sorrow, emptiness, and feeling lost.

but if you have no preference for any of those mentioned above, where do you go, then? do you force yourself to be happy? is that even possible? sometimes, i guess, it’s the fear of exposing ourselves that holds us back into running to someone/something. you feel naked — vulnerable.

so maybe, for one such as myself who cannot find someone or something to go to, releasing everything and shouting it out to the universe could be my last resort. by being carefree i might find comfort. hopefully.

May bloom at the office

received this as a wedding souvenir/giveaway from a college friend. 🙂 november pa sila kinasal (if i remember right) and then namulaklak na siya nung una pero i forgot to take a pic. ngayon, di ko na pinalampas. 🙂 so pretty!

one problem, di ako taxonomist or a biology major. does anyone know what plant this is? 🙂

Hayden Kho and Susan Roces!!! OMG!

Dahil sa usapang lasing or sugar high over lunch,
at dahil nasa balita si Hayden Kho,
at dahil sabi ay 40 ang videos niya,
at sa ngayon, 3 babae palang nakikita ko ng mga kaibigan ko,
napag-isip-isip namen kung sino pa
ang mga posibleng babae ni Hayden.
Isa kaya si Susan Roces?

2 video malamang ang nagawa nila…
they did it, “not just once, but twice!”

the hunt’s afoot!

Plurkies would know and because of my previous post, i’m building my new PC little by little at home. 🙂 and so far, so good. people at home can now surf the net and not wait for me to come home para lang magamit yung laptop. and my mom is happy that she can get her lotto results fix even if my dad or sisters miss the nightly draw on NBN4. even more pleased is my dad because he doesn’t have to wait for the draw to air anymore! lol…

but there are downsides… i still can’t find a way to make the webcam and headset to work on Ubuntu/Kopete. was hoping for the Virtualbox solution but apparently, my XP CD is hacked beyond repair. and latest of my problems is finding the new printer to go with the new PC.

school’s almost here again. and hopefully, i’m elligible to enroll next sem. madami akong utang sa mga prof ko eh. dahil na rin sa katamaran. and i guess my pamangkin will be using it for school stuff anytime soon. so to prepare for it, a printer is essential.

Magpatuloy magbasa the hunt’s afoot!

unang pagkakataon

sa unang pagkakataon, nag-walk out ako. and after a minute or two, napa-isip ako kung tama ba talaga ginawa ko. well, actually, i’m more concerned about my safety rather than the act itself. ganito kasi yun…

last night, i was supposed to go home already but time got extended because of an unexpected visitor. so to be hospitable, i stayed in the office and went home hungry. and i mean really hungry. plus i had a little not-so-nice episode with someone while in the office so i was quite impatient and i guess kinulang ako ng tulog

so kulang sa tulog + hungry+ bad experience = disaster waiting to happen. 

Magpatuloy magbasa unang pagkakataon

galit ako kay martin nievera

okay, sige… makiki-ride ako ulit sa mga sikat na news. only because naiinis talaga ako sa mga tao na involved and nanghihinayang…. basta, kumukulo dugo ko sa mga bagay na ganito. and maybe i’m just proud to be Filipino and i’m proud of my heritage.

some people might not get it but i’m really irritated how Martin Nievera sang the National Anthem during the wildly celebrated Pacquiao-Hatton fight over the weekend. have you heard Martin’s version? because it was really his own version of the national anthem!

and now, Rep. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquiel is saying it’s OK.

IT’S OK!?! no ma’am, it’s not OK

you know what she said?

Magpatuloy magbasa galit ako kay martin nievera