a quick prayer

i’ve never been religious, really, until recently.

i know they’re happy and blissful in their respective relationships with God but having so much knowledge of Catholic Truth makes it such a difficult thing to just let go for me. all this truth and yet they remain distant.

i do not always pray for the conversion of people. but my heart always is disturbed whenever i see them on FB and their posts about their respective groups… i tell myself, “there’s so much more to worshiping God that way!” yes, we worship through our actions, voices… but if you attend any TLM or a well-executed NOM, and know and understand what is going on, it creates such an impact.

maybe that’s it. i now feel that we have anthropomorphize God to such a great extent that intimacy becomes contempt. a little too much. God — the one true God, creator of all things — deserves more respect. more honor. more dignity. because He is God. He is divine. worship must be sacred.

I, P, N, A, J, D, P, A… you all are intelligent people. i offer you to our Blessed Mother. i pray you find your way home. soon.

ASC2014 in the Philippines

attended a General Assembly last week. well, i wasn’t really invited. my boss was. but it was all good coz i learned a lot. (this entry is starting out like a gradeschool essay! wth!? maybe i need some warming-up time again.)

i became a ‘Makati Boy’ for 3 days. and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. and i immediately became thankful that i work in a less-crowded part of the manila where traffic is bearable and more manageable than in the CBD of Makati. the same amount of time it took me to travel from Taguig to QC via a jeep and 2 trains was the same amount of time for me to travel from Taguig to Makati CBD which is just a fifth of the distance! that included traffic and waiting time. so much time wasted. so much time. Magpatuloy magbasa ASC2014 in the Philippines

you know what goes well with Piaya?

milk. definitely milk.

di yung powdered na hinaluan ng tubig ha? dapat sana yung naka-tetrapak or box. better kung gatas ng kalabaw. betterer kung galing mismo sa dodo ng cow. 😛

iba talaga ang kakaning pinoy ano?

at iba ang pagkaing pinoy. parang lahat pwedeng home-made. and almost everything is comforting. kahit pa lugaw lang. it’s ‘home-y’ food.

as i walked along katipunan after buying A’s medicine from the only drugstore in the area (the only one i know of), i passed by rustan’s supermarket. dumaan lang ako talaga para bumili ng dahon ng laurel (para sa mga niluluto kong ulam). nadagdagan ng gatas. at nadagdagan ng piaya. XD

burskyIMG_4604-1600 Magpatuloy magbasa you know what goes well with Piaya?

panahon na naman

… ng pag-ibig? (so the Rivermaya song goes)

but it isn’t exactly February. it’s November and it’s cold outside once again.

in short, magpapasko na ulit.

handa na ba ang krismas tree sa bahay? kami wala.

ano ba nagpapa-ramdam sa ‘yo ng pasko? amoy ng puto-bumbong at bibingka? christmas lights? mga nanga-ngaroling (or nanlilimos, depending on your commute route)? o yung mga naririnig at nakikita sa mga display sa mall?

more than anything, it’s the cold weather that reminds me it’s almost Christmas. walang snow sa pilipinas alam ko pero iba ang dating ng pasko kung mainit at maalinsangan. o kahit umuulan. dapat yung dry, cold weather.

kahit paano, sa dami ng puno sa pinagta-trabahuhan ko, mas ramdam ang lamig kesa kapag umuwi na ako sa bahay. mahangin ng konti pero di kasing-lamig.

pero kahit papaano, ramdam ko na na parating na ang pasko. konti panahon na lang… kailangan na ulit mag-tago sa mga inaanak. 😛

but i really am looking forward to christmas. 🙂

katipunan avenue at night

it’s been a while since the MMDA replaced the U-turn slots with traffic lights along C5 and katipunan. a lot of complaints came out when it was done in katipunan but it greatly improved traffic flow in C5. well, maybe just a little but it was a better than what it used to be. so that’s great news.

and because i’ve not had practice shooting photographs for a long time, i thought i’d test it on katipunan traffic one evening. 🙂 classes are out in ateneo so maybe that’s one reason for the lighter traffic.