little mix’s new song is one for the ‘getting over’ playlist!

i’m not sure but i have this thing about breakup anthems and songs that aren’t sappy — yung tipong imbes na magbabad sa lungkot, ang reaction mo is, “akala mo kung sino ka!?”

heard this on the way to work this morning and i knew i had another one for my playlist: it’s Little Mix’s “Shout Out to My Ex”.

some other songs i’ve loved are by Hepburn, Blaque, and Fiona Apple and they pretty much were my anthems for a long time… in high school and college. pero wala naman ako naging ex. hahaha! feel good lang kasi specially after being turned down. ang saya lang.

of course, i like wallowing in pity din minsan. i love RXTMR’s valentine’s special that are just “saksak-puso, tulo ang dugo” kind of songs. the songs that cut really REALLY deep.

any songs you like recently?

one “oops!” for VP Leni

of course, here’s the political commentary of a pseudo-political analyst again on the internetz: good sentiment, wrong execution.

i hope this resignation came from the ‘media’ team and not her personally. i get it. i mean i understand why you would be upset if people asked you to not join the meetings anymore. but being dramatic about it, crying out “huhuhu!” in public just wasn’t to my liking.

the ‘break-up’ text was definitely douchey. pero having it all over social media was… a bit tacky. also, the official statement regarding the plan to “steal the Vice-Presidency” was very, very inappropriate imho. sana yung pag-resign na lang ang na-cover sa statement. medyo nakaka-irita yung ganung dating na, “oh look, i’m being oppressed!” i thought she could have done better.

then again, there’s the counter-argument: if we don’t warn them now, it could happen just like *that* and the Marcoses will be back in power once more. which i will not consider to be just a hunch. i mean they’ve been successful in launching a campaign for Bong Bong for the VP, filed a protest, and successfully had Marcos Sr. “honored” at the LNMB. what else could be next but to snatch the VP post?

i entertain myself with conspiracy theories but always take them to be more fiction than fact. but these things, these events… they’re too coincidental and all too familiar of the workings of a Marcos. and i hate it.

how could the VP have warned us in a more appropriate way? i don’t know. but all i feel is that her resignation ‘letter’ wasn’t the right place for it.