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they loved each other

nakakaloka ang lahat ng bilihin ngayon. sinimulan ng Taal eruption, nagmahal mga isdang galing ng Batangas. and the lockdowns made it worse. just when we thought things are getting better as lockdowns ease, swine flu naman sumunod kaya nagmahal ang baboy. tapos dahil sa sunod-sunod na bagyo, ito namang mga gulay! MY GULAY!!!

kaya “they loved each other” which translate to “nagmahalan silang lahat!”

matawa ka naman sa dad jokes ko… 😛

can you be an animal lover without being vegetarian?

it’s been something that i’ve asked myself but have not thought of hard enough. to me, you can be a pet-lover and eat meat. but you can’t claim to be an animal lover and enjoy steak and burgers.

to love something (or someone) means you also give that thing a lot of respect — enough that thinking about hurting, and moreso eating, it would be repugnant to you. that’s why i have this issue with people hating people eating dog meat but are perfectly fine eating a quarter-pounder from McDonald’s. or people asking horses to be saved because they are majestic animals but would order a filet mignon at a restaurant. and usually they stand behind ‘animal rights’ to defend their ideology.

well, that doesn’t fly with me. if you love pets then love your pets. don’t impose your belief on others who don’t consider Babe a pet; or Spot; or Luna.

if you’re vegetarian, well… then maybe you can say it’s cruel to eat animals. or keep them as pets. or use them for human tasks. but that’s fine. you do you. just stay away from my bacon.

silantro at UP town center

waiting outside is perfect time for chismisan.

alam niyo naman ang mga biglaang lakad diba? sila yung madalas na natutuloy. that’s exactly what happened yesterday lunch time. just as i sat in front of my PC and fired up messenger, a college friend asked me if i was free for early lunch. she said she had convinced another friend whom we’ve never met for such a long time and thought they’d want additional company. naturally, i said yes since i was missing them both too.

i walked to UP Town Center (yes, it may be a 30 minute walk but it’s not that difficult or boring. unhealthy, maybe, but not boring.) and met abi on the elevator to the 3rd floor. as we approached, we saw how long the waiting line was outside and saw jean. she said we were #12 on the list. so, take note… lunch isn’t the best time to go here. at least the waiters took our orders even before we got a table.

after 30 minutes or so, we finally got seated and in 10 minutes, our food was ready. and i wasn’t prepared for how much food my 2 girl friends ordered! way too much! or maybe i was just having a ‘weak’ day that day… haha!

i ordered a burrito and paired it with a beer. they ordered paella, nachos, quesadillas, and chicken/beef skewers. (of course these aren’t the exact names of the items. just check their menu. :D) i ate 2/3 of my burrito plus some of the things they ordered. and no wonder people queue up for this place… the food was really good. and you could have your choice of dip/sauce… have it mild, tangy, or spicy.

i took the picture early so we don’t look PG. di pa na-serve yung ibang food! 😀

anyway, after a long chat and lots of belly rubbing, we each had to go back to our jobs. and it was fun making chismis and catching up on friends. i wish we could do that more often. maybe 2017 is the year i make that a resolution: more friend meetups. not just during occasions like birthdays or holidays. just a “hey, how have you been?” meetups.

Tim Ho Wan: for the refined diner a.k.a. not me!

di ko alam kung dahil ba may anak na kaming kasama kumain kaya di ako maka-focus sa pagtikim ng pagkain o sadyang di lang ganoon ka-swak sa panlasa ko yung inorder namin. but if this restaurant chain earned a Michelin star, then you’d think it’s gotta have good food! well, maybe to my untrained palate, hindi importante kung may Michelin star o wala. hahaha! #pureza

we headed out to Uptown Mall in BGC because we knew there was a Tim Ho Wan branch there. buti na lang nauna na yung sa SM Megamall and I think the hype has already died down, so too with the long waiting line to be seated. kami, in 5 minutes nabigyan na ng upuan. can’t really remember what we ordered in July (yes, noon pa to. ngayon ko lang na-isip i-blog) but i think there were glass noodles that were kinda like pancit and japchae-ish, shrimp dumplings, fried tofu, lugaw for the little guy, and the ever-popular pork buns.

nabitin ako dun sa pancit japchae (yeah, that’s what i’ll call it from now on) and the lugaw was matabang, as expected. the shrimp dumplings were the highlight, actually. mahirap lang kainin with chopsticks! haha. if i could, i would’ve traded the other stuff for the dumplings. the pork buns were a surprise. in my head, i’m saying, “i’ve had this before. i know i have. but where?” but for the life of me, di ko maalala. but they are really good, soft, and light, and the crusty outer shell was delightful. still, it somewhat bothered me that i think i’ve tasted something similar before. even now, i can’t seem to recall what or where or nag-i-imagine lang ako! 😛

so yeah, if you want good dumplings, Tim Ho Wan is great. lugaw? stick to your pinoy lugawan by the street. pancit? mag-Lucky Me ka na lang. 😛 but that’s just me. i’m just a poor boy with pedestrian tastes. 🙂

masarap ang nilaga sa tag-ulan

surprise, surprise! hahaha! nagpapaka-profound na naman.

ang hirap lagi ng dilemma ko pag weekends: ano ang lulutuin ko? LOL!

well, dahil sa tag-ulan na at malamig ang panahon, naisipan namin na mag-nilagang baboy na lang. tutal, mahilig din sa sabaw ang taong maliit. 🙂

and you know what? it’s really comforting to have something warm in your tummy during cold weather. kape man yan o ibang sinabawang ulam. and it makes you feel like everything is alright in the world (even if it’s not).


although may pinagkaiba ang nilaga namin at ang nilaga nila A: repolyo ginagamit ko. pechay baguio ang nakasanayan nila. wala pa kaming compromise kaya para sa ikatatahimik ng buhay namin, pechay baguio ang ginamit ko. 😛 LOL!

may isang bagay naman kaming napagkakasunduan sa ganitong bagay: panalo kapag may patis na may sili. 🙂

start. pause. play.

laging ganito ang tugtugin kapag new year. may bagong new year’s resolution na laging napapako. sasabihin, “start na ako bukas magbagong-buhay.” uulit-ulitin. hanggang makalimutan na nga. at kadalasan, ito yung mga #balikalindog programs. dahil nga party-galore and lamon-forever ang holiday season, laging kalusugan ang tinitingnan at kaagad napagdi-diskitahan na ayusin sa buhay.

well, i’ve had this problem for over 2 years already and it just can’t seem to break out of it.

mahirap talaga magbawas ng timbang. lalo na kung mahilig ka magluto at kumain.

it’s a dilemma, really. ayaw mo kumain ng madami… pero dahil nagluluto ka, natural na gusto mo sarapan yung luto mo. see the problem?

para hindi ka ganahan kumain, magluluto ka intentionally ng hindi masarap. it’s so counter-intuitive diba?

madaling sabihin na portion-control ang kailangan. madaling sabihin na disiplinahin lang ang sarili. pero ang hirap mag-balanse ng tamang timpla ng pagkain at tamang pag-kain.

Magpatuloy magbasa start. pause. play.

ispeyshal [emergency] lumpia

when your “race’s” reputation precedes you, it’s pretty difficult to stand up to some standards already present. they expect you to shine, excel, or surpass every person they’ve previously met.

i’m kapampangan. i was born and raised in pampanga. and the reputation for being great cooks is the first thing that non-kapampangans assume. “shame on the kapampangan who does not know how to cook!”

but i think there are just certain things we do that makes us ‘excellent cooks’. one does not necessarily come with the cooking gene in his or her DNA. you get the creativity gene or the OC gene instead and just apply it to cooking. i believe you are one of these: you are strict with the ingredients (completeness, quality, amounts, etc.) or you experiment (e.g. mixing ingredients, spices and cuisine) on purpose or by pure circumstance.

and this lumpia recipe carries with it this story:

during our fiesta, we underestimated the number of guests to arrive. by late afternoon, almost all the food was gone. we had to serve something to our relatives arriving early evening. all the meat — pork and chicken — were already cooked and served. we couldn’t serve hotdogs or canned corned beef could we? Magpatuloy magbasa ispeyshal [emergency] lumpia

KitKat + Matcha

the Japanese really have it good. daming options sa KitKat!!!

officemate went to Japan last week and met-up with another former officemate who is now living there. and true to our Pinoy culture, siyempre may pasalubong!!! 🙂

IMG_5280-1200actually, i think another officemate now studying in Japan brought some last time. and there was one chili flavored KitKat too. they were not terrible. they were ‘pleasantly unusual’ (?).

so, doc G and doc P, salamat sa pagdala ng pasalubong! 🙂

Orale! BGC review

when the hunger pangs of a pregnant woman strike, you can’t do anything but obey them.

but it was fortunate i had a craving for mexican food as well. 😀

A had been having these cravings for mexican food in november. she’s been asking around in her office if they knew of any resto nearby. we’ve eaten at mexicali and agave and zapata’s already and i guess we wanted to know how another one would compare.

one officemate, she said, recommended Orale! in BGC. and since we lived nearby, it was perfect for us even if it was late afternoon when we went.

it had a rough finish of patchwork of cement on the walls, dark wooden tables and chairs and the menu was written on chalkboards in carved frames. the shelves make a countertop where the kitchen serves your order. on one end of the shelf is the cashier’s counter by the door. above the kitchen ‘window’ is one big mural showing everything mexican. other items on display include beer bottles, a soccer ball, and decorated skulls. (!!!) made me wonder if they were real but i didn’t bother asking… because i didn’t know if i would be fascinated or troubled by it. hahaha!

Magpatuloy magbasa Orale! BGC review

you know what goes well with Piaya?

milk. definitely milk.

di yung powdered na hinaluan ng tubig ha? dapat sana yung naka-tetrapak or box. better kung gatas ng kalabaw. betterer kung galing mismo sa dodo ng cow. 😛

iba talaga ang kakaning pinoy ano?

at iba ang pagkaing pinoy. parang lahat pwedeng home-made. and almost everything is comforting. kahit pa lugaw lang. it’s ‘home-y’ food.

as i walked along katipunan after buying A’s medicine from the only drugstore in the area (the only one i know of), i passed by rustan’s supermarket. dumaan lang ako talaga para bumili ng dahon ng laurel (para sa mga niluluto kong ulam). nadagdagan ng gatas. at nadagdagan ng piaya. XD

burskyIMG_4604-1600 Magpatuloy magbasa you know what goes well with Piaya?