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both a country boy and a city boy

“oh give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
don’t fence me in.”

kasalanan ni bud brown ‘to eh. who is he? what am i talking about?


while the conveniences that the modern, urban jungle offers are really nice (first class health care, malls, high-speed internet), i still long for “land, lots of land” as the song says. open spaces are the things that i mostly crave now. it’s what i miss about living in the countryside.

but i can have that too here in the city… if only i were a few million pesos richer. LOL!

we live near McKinley Hill and Bonifacio Global City — uber expensive places to live in. but really well-planned urban spaces — and i just love it there. you can stroll into a mall, a few steps away, there’s a linear park to run or relax. a few minutes drive and you’re at a european-inspired enclave where there’s a plaza to feed pigeons and a man-made river to ride a gondola. and the houses aren’t jammed together like a stack of boxes in a delivery van.

so we make the most of it. well, i’d like to, specially on weekends. drive there, enjoy a little bit of breathing space, take time to be ‘free’.

but i still want lots of land. 😀 hehehe


musings standing in a bus

matagal-tagal na akong hindi sumasakay ng bus pa-probinsya. simula nung nagkaroon kami ng sasakyan, iyon at iyon ang dala namin tuwing lumuluwas pa-Pampanga. it was probably last year that i did the same. pero weird na di ko maalala.

anyway, dahil (normal na) mahirap sumakay paluwas ng maynila tuwing linggo, pinagkasya ko na ang aking [malaking] katawan sa tayuang bus pa-Pasay. ginagawa ko na yon noong college… (which was over 10 years ago, imagine that! wow!) dahil no-choice at gusto mo na din makapag-settle down sa dorm for school the next day.

na-isip ko, having a good view of most of the seated passengers dahil nga nakatayo ako, may kanya-kanyang mundo talaga sa commute dahil sa cellphone. i didn’t get that impression in the morning trip going to Pampanga because i was comfortably seated beside a window. at that time, mas iniisip ko na na-a-appreciate ko yung view paluwas ng Pampanga because i wasn’t busy minding the road and the other cars. laid-back, chill lang… even if i was running a bit late. heheh…

in that evening trip nga, i saw how much of everything revolved around devices. the girl seated in front of me had a bunch of selfies in her Gallery app. another one was texting her boyfriend she was already on her way. (i wasn’t snooping around. you can’t help but be distracted by bright screens in a dimly-lit bus, OK? #defensivemuch) another girl standing along the isle with me had her Friends episode playing on her phone, while another movie (Nine Lives?) was in the bus’ entertainment system. (well, thank goodness it wasn’t karaoke!)

andami pang may kanya-kanyang bubble sa loob ng bus. most of the young people were the ones who held on to their devices while those who kept them in their pockets, save the occasional loud conversations on a Cherry Mobile feature phone. sabagay, ano ba naman makikita mo sa labas ng bintana kung gabi naman diba?

but then, how about interactions with other people? minsan nawawala pagka-sensitive naten sa mga tao dahil wala na tayong meaningful conversations because we have FB messenger as an excuse…

“nagcha-chat naman kami eh!”

pero i don’t think nothing will replace actual physical interaction. kahit gaano pa kagaling na VR yan o hologram. we’re in a tangible world for a reason. hindi sa The Matrix.

hold the bacon

it has finally come to this.

all you want is a BLT sandwich but you can’t have your BLT. you have to hold the bacon because it’s supposed to be bad for you.


ayan na naman ako sa mga metaphors ko. hahaha!

but sometimes, life gives you this BLT but tells you not to have it with bacon. and because you care about life, you stop eating bacon. then you begin to feel lousy. you give up that slice of happiness for “something better”… to some, perhaps, but not you.

what’s the final analysis? well, i had this weekend getaway but never actually got a ‘break’ or a moment to myself. i was actually hoping for some time to reflect but i never got it. so the question on my mind right now is, “is giving up bacon really worth it?”

one “oops!” for VP Leni

of course, here’s the political commentary of a pseudo-political analyst again on the internetz: good sentiment, wrong execution.

i hope this resignation came from the ‘media’ team and not her personally. i get it. i mean i understand why you would be upset if people asked you to not join the meetings anymore. but being dramatic about it, crying out “huhuhu!” in public just wasn’t to my liking.

the ‘break-up’ text was definitely douchey. pero having it all over social media was… a bit tacky. also, the official statement regarding the plan to “steal the Vice-Presidency” was very, very inappropriate imho. sana yung pag-resign na lang ang na-cover sa statement. medyo nakaka-irita yung ganung dating na, “oh look, i’m being oppressed!” i thought she could have done better.

then again, there’s the counter-argument: if we don’t warn them now, it could happen just like *that* and the Marcoses will be back in power once more. which i will not consider to be just a hunch. i mean they’ve been successful in launching a campaign for Bong Bong for the VP, filed a protest, and successfully had Marcos Sr. “honored” at the LNMB. what else could be next but to snatch the VP post?

i entertain myself with conspiracy theories but always take them to be more fiction than fact. but these things, these events… they’re too coincidental and all too familiar of the workings of a Marcos. and i hate it.

how could the VP have warned us in a more appropriate way? i don’t know. but all i feel is that her resignation ‘letter’ wasn’t the right place for it.

“the takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better”

i don’t know. this just resonated with me. (i hear that a lot. i just wanted to use it here. heheh)

seriously though, it tells me that in different aspects of life, i can be either a taker or a giver. inasmuch as being a giver sounds so noble, a taker has its place too in the grand scheme of things. perhaps the contrast is emphasized when the taker is a selfish one. on the other hand, a grateful and appreciative taker complements a generous giver. for a giver cannot give if the other does not take it.

but if we focus on what this particular quote wants to convey, then yes, i can agree totally with it. and relate to it completely. i may lose sleep from other things (such as worry, anxiety, depression?) but for the lack of giving? perhaps not.

bakit ako nahilig sa “samurai”

some people siguro na-inspire magkaroon ng katana (which older people called ‘samurai’ in the 90s kaya ako eh ‘samurai’ na din tawag ko noon) eh dahil sa japanese movies. meanwhile, ako naman, dahil sa show na to:

Yep, Highlander. mas una ko napanood TV Show kesa movie dahil siguro mas mataas ang PG rating niya?

i remember when we’d make swords out of bamboo, my friends would always make ones after the “Western” sword — a long straight blade with a guard across it. meawhile, i like mine curved with the tip to one side instead of in the middle. kasi nga, yun yung nakikita ko.

di ko naman alam kung totoo or tama yung sa sword fights nila sa show. but i like how they could flip and swish the sword around so quickly. tapos wala man lang sugat kahit hindi tumitingin pag itatago na yung espada. asteeeeeg!

pero more recently, i’ve become re-interested in european swords. dahil kay san ignacio… and maybe Saber Rider na din before. na-re-awaken nga lang siguro dahil sa Ignacio de Loyola na movie. hahaha!

anybody else fancy swords here?

SONA thoughts

he sounded bored at first. but it kinda picked up when he went “off script”. and he kept doing it throughout the speech… and it wasn’t stately, it wasn’t profound. it was plain language and quite intense at times… but you knew which ones he felt so strongly about. some words came out but somehow felt like lip service — specifically religion and human rights.

eventually it became clear which parts were by him and which were just written from reports from Cabinet members. honestly, his speech writer could do better. i’ve seen slides from facebook that were exactly what the president said in his “speech”. so much for being surprised. but those parts weren’t “him”.

i know he was sincere. i know that from his mind, what he’s doing is right, and good. from his heart, he really believes he can do something about what he perceives to be plagues in the country: drugs and corruption. which saddens me. truly saddens me.

that is only one form of corruption. it is material corruption and addiction. to nip this in the bud, the culture must change. from my perspective, the ‘quick fix’ will just be a temporary solution. perhaps in his term, all will be well in the country. what about the following years? i hope what he implements brings true change. hindi “ningas cogon” sa mga pilipino.

i am still hopeful despite these negative thoughts. i am willing to be part of the change. however, will my voice be listened to when i have something to say? or will it fall on deaf ears that are so determined to effect the change they want? sana… sana.