8 billion mosquitos can’t be wrong

two days ago, lumapit sa amin yung kasama namin sa office, asking for help. he gave us the low down (jeez, this isn’t helping my street cred, is it? :P) regarding his sister-in-law being operated on in giving birth (i assume C-section siya). unfortunately, there was lots of blood loss and they had to I.V. her 15 bags. the repayment scheme of the hospital’s blood bank is not cash but to double the supply you obtained from them, i.e. 30 bags of blood or 30 donors willing to donate blood.

my last blood donation was in 2004. was still in college then and was sort of “forced” to donate blood. no, i wasn’t paid or given any grave threats. i thought that giving blood was a really nice thing to do and this blood-letting drive by an org-mate’s fraternity together with the Philippine National Red Cross was a great opportunity for me to practice what i believed in. but my fear of needles was always hovering and whispering in my head not to do it. eventually, i forced myself to ignore the fear of pain and needles and just go through with it.
Magpatuloy magbasa 8 billion mosquitos can’t be wrong


this used to be my playground.

tama nga ang title ng blog na ‘to. nauubusan na ako ng sasabihin! at ayoko na din sumabay sa mga nagpo-post ng personal POVs on current issues. kasi naman, pano ko tatapatan yung content, humor, wit, and galing ng mga expert bloggers? (ayoko silang tawaging ‘professional bloggers’ since hindi naman lahat ay binabayaran sa pagba-blog.) and most of the time, i’m not making sense naman. dagdag basura lang ako sa cyberspace.

Magpatuloy magbasa KSP!