the nuno sa punso?

if the Obama Presidential Limo is “The Beast”, would our beloved (i mean that with all the sarcasm in the world) president’s Mercedes S-Class be “the Punso”? heehee


since it’s been quite obvious that, like most grown-up boys, i’m into cars. and having seen Obama’s new limo, i got interested with our own president’s state car. From the picture i grabbed from the net, it looks like a S-Class Mercedes Benz.

Magpatuloy magbasa the nuno sa punso?

Yes means No, No means Yes

yeah, it’s that little game that women like to play.

“Do you want me to go there now?”
“No. Go home.” She actually means, “come here.”

“Are you hungry?”
“No.” She actually means, “i’m hungry but I don’t have money to spend.”

“Are you okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine.” She means, “no I’m not you bozo!”

Too bad men can’t play that game.

burger boo-boo

*sigh* i always feel bad whenever i cook something and then i forget to take pictures. yes, i admit, i’m a show-off. so (borrowing from that old-time school wars joke) demand me! (translation: edi i-demanda moko!) LOL

well, being pregnant involves a lot of sacrifices. not only from the women themselves but from the whole household. being cautious of what they eat, my sisters are trying to avoid all processed food, those with preservatives, coffee, etc. so what they want, they should get (according to them). “kami na nga tong di niyo pinapakain ng masasarap, hindi niyo pa kami pagbibigyan sa gusto namen?” has been the mantra of my sisters since their involuntary diets and denial of yummy food. 😀

Magpatuloy magbasa burger boo-boo