Pet Matters in Dolores, San Fernando

it’s been three months since our little sumi’s haircut. she’s been overly fluffy and furry and her hair is already covering her eyes. her undercoat isn’t that heavily matted but some portions are a bit tangled and need to be combed properly. so we made a trip to the groomer during the holiday monday.

her first grooming session was done in Market! Market! (Animal House?) when A still had her at home. after having some behavioral problems mainly because sumi wasn’t allowed in the house and almost always in her cage, we decided do have her stay in pampanga instead.

so three months after, a haircut was in order. there were only two pet shops along MacArthur highway in Dolores, City of San Fernando: Angeles Pet Clinic, and Pet Matters which were actually just about 200 meters apart.

having no recommendations or internet to look for feedback or even store hours (it was a holiday so we weren’t sure if they were open), we took our chances and drove to Dolores.


Magpatuloy magbasa Pet Matters in Dolores, San Fernando

today’s breakfast: corned beef

nothing really new here. it’s just that ever since i’ve been away from home and lived in a dormitory in college and went from boarding house to boarding house after college, i’ve never had a chance to cook my own meals. i only get to cook whenever i get back to pampanga on weekends and i don’t always get to cook. besides, i was still learning how to.

today was different, however. i’m now living “alone” with my beautiful wife. (huwaw! i have a wife! hahaha) today i got to cook breakfast. 🙂

yesterday was spent going to Mass, doing the groceries and made a quick escape to watch “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank” with A. we had planned to have porkchops while buying from the meat section but we miscalculated the need to thaw the meat from the fridge the next morning! we didn’t have time to wait for the ice on the chops to melt and still be able to cook them on time. i should’ve left them on the lower part of the ref the night before. 😦 so the quickest solution was to get something ‘instant’ for breakfast. hence, corned beef! 🙂

i’m not sure how one could be proud of ‘cooking’ corned beef unless you started from the actual meat itself. but it was just so pretty… and i finally had the chance to be a “chef” like the ones on TV that put parsley on top of everything they cooked for garnishing. LOL!

sharing the lurve! ^_^

Update (2012/04/27): I may have spoken too soon about them. Perhaps it’s they “high” you get after seeing something. Anyway, I have an updated review about thorProductions (which affects their other product, thorProductionKids). It’s a sad thing that I have to change my opinion. I’ve stricken-off some of the words I put in the entries. I really had high hopes for this team. 😦


okay, okay… i’m really a shy person. and i don’t like sharing personal things specially on the net. call me paranoid but i really think some things are best left to personal intimate interactions with people physically. however, this time, i think i’m more than happy to share this with everyone. besides, it also serves as an endorsement of our videographer (not that they need more promotion since they’re doing so well, IMHO). 🙂

Randell + Angel from thorProduction on Vimeo.

Magpatuloy magbasa sharing the lurve! ^_^

douche bags in Farmers Market, Cubao

Farmers Plaza in Cubao is undergoing some renovations. I think it’s primarily because somebody already bought it from the Aranetas. but that’s just “sabi-sabi ng mga bakla sa parlor” 😛

i really don’t know why it’s undergoing renovation but i think it’s a welcome change. the place is getting a little brighter with new lights and more shopper-friendly. and now, more stalls are being built, moved or renovated. so tarpaulin covers are used to hide the on-going construction inside stalls. i only have one problem with the tarpaulin:

well, since no one else is complaining, i guess it could only mean (a) people don’t really notice, (b) people don’t know what a ‘douche bag’ is, (c) people who see it and know what a ‘douche bag’ is don’t care, or (d) i’m just being difficult. haha!

ano kaya naiisip ng foreigners na napapa-daan sa Farmers Plaza pag sumasakay ng MRT/LRT? haha.

the good and the bad

it’s not yet sinking in. but i really don’t see that as a bad thing though… a mix of good and bad at most but not something that’s just bad.

i haven’t really settled in yet. or maybe i’m feeling that because my in-laws are still in the process of moving out of the house so everything is everywhere. little by little, as things get moved and arranged, i’m feeling more and more comfortable though. actually, it felt good seeing less furniture and a cleaner floor last night. unfortunately, “less furniture” means no dining table, no sofa/couch, no ref, no washing machine, no stove, no LPG… just a single bed, 2 wooden cabinets and a couple of little stuff. so the house is practically bare… which isn’t that bad. after all, i get a kick shopping for appliances and furniture for the house. you know that “just starting my own family” feeling? nice noh? 🙂 but the bills are going to kill me i’m sure! haha! Magpatuloy magbasa the good and the bad