everything gone cray-cray!

life always loves throwing these curve balls. and sometimes, you just don’t know what to do with them.

last week was one of those days when life threw me fast curve balls one after the other.

first, the car had to get fixed because rats or mice chewed on the fuel line. thank God i didn’t burn the car while i drove to work! i had to call towing to get the car sent to the dealer to get the part replaced. of course, that cost a lot of money.


second, the day after i got the car back, my son gets sick. his temperature reached 39.8 degrees and being new parents, we rushed him to the hospital for two nights straight when his temperature shot up. doctors reassured us after the tests that it wasn’t Dengue. it was a viral infection and we just had to wait it out, trying to bring his temperature down. that of course caused several sleepless nights. during this time, i was supposed to take my Amateur Radio exam that friday. i took it without any decent review or sleep from watching over the little guy.


the wait for the results was extremely tense. i was almost ready to give up on it. i was saying that it must’ve been fate that i not get involved in the hobby.

with the sleepless nights also came the zombie employee mode. i came to work dazed and could barely concentrate. productivity was at a minimum, almost negligible. then there are these ‘side projects’ at work that i had to accomplish. and there’s my vlogging. whew!

i’ve never felt spread that thin in a long time.

even now, the little one still has his early morning fits. it is more manageable but so far, i think i haven’t quite recovered yet from all of it.

still, a little cray-cray moments in life just adds spice.

by the way, i just passed the exam. 🙂