why am i suddenly lost today?

all of a sudden, nothing.

biglang wala na lang akong alam gawin kundi refresh ng refresh sa FB, twitter, pinterest… lahat na. biglang nawalan ng saysay ang pagpasok ko ngayong araw na ‘to.

kani-kanina lang, nagawa ko pang mag-recode ng program at i-run ito. pero pagkatapos ko siyang ilagay sa Excel, wala na. biglang naglaho ang consciousness ko na magtrabaho.

could it be A’s bad news? di naman siguro. although i prayed i could help in some way. mukhang nilipat ni Lord sa akin yung depression. ewan ko lang.

could it be finances? as usual, strapped for cash na naman. but we’re planning to start investing. forms filled up na nga eh. kailangan na lang i-push ang sarili para pumunta sa opisina para magbukas ng account. aja! 🙂

could it be work? same old-same old pa din kasi dito.

lack of sleep? ay, malamang isa yan.

stress? probably. ‘tumitibok’ na lagi yung eyelids ko since feb.

all of the above na nga lang. ang hirap sa multiple choice “exam” na ito, walang makakapagsabi saken ng tamang sagot. hay buhay.

throwback thursday: bohol day 2 AM

because i don’t think i’ll be able to blog about this anymore because it’s too far back in time, maybe i’d just post the gallery of where we’ve been in the following days since my last entry on our bohol-cebu travels.

the next day was our island hopping tour at 6AM. Cherry’s Home had already arranged the boat for this and it was really hassle-free. the boatman, Kuya Lezar (if i remember correctly), always had a warm smile and kind voice. He took us out to sea for some dolphins (but none came to welcome us. sad.) and then to Balicasag island to see the lighthouses, and some snorkeling, and then to Pungtud Island. This pretty much occupied our morning because traveling by boat isn’t easy. but the beaches — the white sad, the crystal clear water — were worth the time.

last day rush!

it was another spontaneous thing we thought of during our short Baguio vacay. not wanting to leave just yet, (and because we woke up late again) we decided to extend our stay. after having the breakfast at the hotel (complimentary but filling), we asked for an additional day for our room. sadly, the staff could not accommodate us because all rooms were already booked. so part of our trip became a hunt for a hotel that could house us until 12 midnight!

IMG_1873-1200 IMG_1872-1200

it was a little easier to find a hotel this time because most people are leaving. also, in our part of the city, hotels were right next to each other so prices were competitive. we finally decided on staying in Holiday Park Hotel, (our first choice had it not been fully booked when we first arrived). besides, it had a partnership with BPI that got us a 10% discount!

after a quick run to Mines View Park and the Good Shepherd Convent for pasalubong, we checked out of Hotel Cosmopolitan and into Holiday Park Hotel. We just left our bags first, didn’t even check the room yet, and continued exploring everything nearby this time, Session Road in particular. Magpatuloy magbasa last day rush!