renewing my motorbike’s registration

i’ve had such a pleasant experience at LTO 20th Avenue in the past 2 times i’ve been there, i thought it would be a breeze once again to renew my bike’s registration. oh was i in for a surprise.

last time, i was there for car registration around 830AM. i whizzed through the process and by 9 or 930 AM, i was out of the gates! not today.

i arrived just after 730AM and the lot was full. i wasn’t as prepared as i was with our car registration so i had to get the CTPL Insurance at the vicinity of LTO. next i had the emission test done (pretty standard) and off to the inspection and payment. the time-waster was really the queue for the emissions test and getting the CTPL insurance. had I been more prepared, I think I wouldn’t have spent an hour in there. Magpatuloy magbasa renewing my motorbike’s registration

somber thoughts

i don’t know what pushed this feeling yesterday. i tried building one of those particle board cabinets that the wife bought from the mall last December and maybe it was the adrenaline and blood pumping that’s been stagnant because of my sedentary lifestyle, i was quite in a pensive mood. or i just might be becoming a slow thinker and can’t process thoughts as fast as i used to. LOL!

anyway, i just thought i got tired from the ‘workout’ i got building the cabinet that’s why i was quiet even at the dinner table. this morning, i was still quiet but had my brain thinking about the stuff i had to do and needed.

this afternoon, i found myself on Facebook again and tried to wean myself off of it. i was a little successful but i guess i’m having withdrawal symptoms so i bought some fast food. twice. (doh!)

now as i’m about to go home, i just had a little walk and some prayer time. i thought God could send me some sign or whisper something in my ear… but it was the devil, instead, showing off. (joggers in the afternoon in the campus. good Lord.)

well, i survived (barely) but i didn’t hear anything from the Lord. maybe it’s because too many thoughts still clutter me and drown Him out.

I felt happier off Facebook

I always thought it was just because I missed my family in Pampanga that I always looked forward to our mini vacation during the Christmas break. Maybe, I thought, it was nostalgia or just being around familiar sights and people I grew up with. A few nights ago, I may have found a viable hypothesis: it was because I was off the grid for some time and didn’t browse my timeline!

You see, as I browsed through my feed, I kept on seeing friends’ posts where they are, where they have been (sort of a ‘year/decade bin review’), how they celebrated New Year’s Eve, etc. The more I saw, the more I felt as if our celebration wasn’t good enough… Our food, our clothes, our greetings… But before browsing, I didn’t feel any of that! I was simply happy in the company of family and all that I loved. It didn’t matter to me how we looked or how cheap our food was. I was happy in that moment in that place!

Magpatuloy magbasa I felt happier off Facebook