bpi otp is the new ayuda

alam mo yun? paasa lang. di mo alam kung dadating o hindi. so you’re just left there, hanging. until your online transaction has to time-out. grrrr…

and then i heard friends on other banks say theirs are uber delayed.

bakit nga kaya? i’d like to think it’s not the network’s fault. may signal naman sa bahay. most conversations now, i believe, happen online. there should be no congestion on SMS pathways. so, bakit delayed or di dumadating?

and then there’s RCBC. oh RCBC!!! they had the foresight to be able to reach you on the traditional network via SMS or the internet via Viber! YES, OTP via Viber!!! and it’s oh so convenient.

and the thing is, their OTPs via SMS do come a little delayed but never so late that your transaction cancels or reaches time-out. it’ll be in your Inbox in a minute.

so, why can’t BPI and other banks do this? i understand that it’s a security feature but it might be “too secure” that even legitimate transactions can’t push through because of delays (or a lot of times, never even getting any!).

Please, BPI et al. please fix this.

Praying for India

If anyone is feeling the brunt of this second wave of COVID cases, it’s India. Almost 300 THOUSAND cases per day! But what I’m curious about is how many Indians still believe in reincarnation and does that factor in with how you deal with illness and with this particular disease.

The way I look at it is that sick people look forward to reincarnation instead of treatment because everything around seems hopeless. If reincarnated in another time or being, all past memory is erased and you’ll continue blissfully ignorant of the complexities of your current life.

(Disclaimer: this is just off the top of my head from what I remember. Please correct me if I got it wrong)

That’s just something at the back of my head I wanted to spill here and perhaps get an answer should one chance upon it. 😬