i want to be in a car show

the next best thing to owning expensive cars is to drive them. and that’s why i’m often jealous when i watch Top Gear (UK) online.

we have a local magazine here of the BBC program but no local version of the TV show. instead, Top Gear Philippines has snippets of car reviews posted on YouTube and i’m also envious of these guys and would love to be in their place! unfortunately, i have neither car nor experience in ‘performance’ driving so i won’t be able to evaluate cars properly. i wouldn’t know a camel from a Ferrari if asked about performance. i’d just say, “hmmm… i got to the finish line faster in the four-wheeled horse so i guess that red thing is better. but that brown thing has better leather. 100% genuine, i heard.”

funny enough? 😀 Magpatuloy magbasa i want to be in a car show

melts in your mouth, and on your spoon!

ice cream should be included in the country’s list of essential medicine. or perhaps be named its own food group in the food pyramid.

was there ever anything that a tub of ice cream won’t cure? or is there an occasion that ice cream would find itself ignored or considered inappropriate? even in a funeral, you can serve ice cream! Magpatuloy magbasa melts in your mouth, and on your spoon!

how to deal with this? WARNING: Rated R

my “friend”: Homosexual people are disgusting. They should understand that love can exist only between a man and a woman.
me: Do you love your boyfriend?
my “friend”: Of course! I love him so much. You can’t even imagine. I’ve never been so in love in my life. I want to marry him.
me: So please imagine now that your boyfriend’s penis disappears and suddenly he has a vagina. Nothing else changes in him, he’s still the same person you know. What is your reaction?
my “friend”: That would be horrible. I don’t want to even think about it. I couldn’t imagine being with him.
me: That means you don’t love him. You love only his dick. That’s sad.

Magpatuloy magbasa how to deal with this? WARNING: Rated R