reading KonMari

i’m amazed how much i don’t know and yet they’ve been staring me in the face the whole time. it took a book to make me realize them!

kasi, i’ve been reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up” or more popularly known as the “KonMari Method” book. into the first few pages and i just wanted to quote lines and post them as FB statuses! (or is it “statii”?)

unfortunately, too, is that i’m one of those “busy people” who seem to never have time to get things done. and i will admit, i at times feel so swamped that i just pretend like everything’s OK and ignore the mess i have.

i’m a hoarder. and i hate it. my mom always scolded my grandmother for keeping old clothes and junk in her closet but she does the same thing now. and i think i’m like them now. i find it hard to let go of stuff because of sentimental value. i keep a hanky coz someone gave it to me even if it’s thinner than tissue paper twice reused. i proudly wear a shirt that’s got large armpit holes large enough for a twin. i still wear my repaired and re-repaired slippers even if i just bought a new pair.

but we all start somewhere. and i should make time for this mission to tidy-up the house. it can’t be miraculously done in a day i’m certain. but it will be done.

… after i read the entire book. 😛


i think that was the first time i encountered that extra long length of traffic in NLEX.

i used to kid that because of the population density in the south, SLEX is no longer called “south superhighway” but “south supertraffic” because it’s almost always heavy traffic. last night, coming from my niece’s party in Pampanga, we were doing regular highway speeds in an expressway — made me think i could’ve saved P150 if i took MacArthur instead!

it was just the volume of cars, i think, that were avoiding the heat of summer. instead some people leaving home for manila at 2pm, or 3pm, or 4pm, they all decided to wait for the sun to go down and avoid the heat — and we were all inside NLEX at the same time until late evening.

we left at around 7PM and arrived 1030PM. you’d probably say that wasn’t bad. by “traffic” standards, yes. but for NLEX, it’s just so tiring. you’d think sitting inside a car isn’t tiring but it is. specially if you drive a manual. clutch, gas, brake. clutch, gas, brake. repeat that for 2 hours and you’ll feel like you’ve walked the same distance as you drove.

anyway, just wanted to chronicle what happened last night. oh, good thing the little one was sound asleep while we were in traffic. it would’ve been even more stressful if he was being unruly in the backseat. one of life’s little blessings, the universe saying, “here, have some quiet time in this stressful situation.” ahhhh…

sa totoo lang

fresh from that “rape comment” controversy, people still want Duterte as president.

and as much as i hate it, i can understand why.

Duterte has turned himself into somewhat of a legend when crime and drugs are involved. and his “kanto-boy” manners make him so relate-able. there is little refinement in him. why should he care if he gets the job done? why should anyone care?

i’m saddened that it has come to this. from great statesmen like Salvador Laurel, Jovito Salonga, and Raul Mitra, we needed to go two steps back because we lack discipline.

who do i blame? the government? our educational system? poverty? politicians?

i mean, andun na tayo eh. nakapag-produce na tayo ng “Renaissance Man” at the end of the 19th century. though corruption still existed, nationalism was still paramount. nationhood was what bound us, whatever political party you belonged to. statesmen cared for the State!

ngayon, it’s every man for himself. “saan ako mas maraming makukurakot?” we’ve been overrun by politicians, not statesmen. all they want is wealth and power. they’re the “role models” we looked-up to. “yayaman ka sa gobyerno. malaki ang kickback sa projects.”

every man form himself. kaya walang disiplina. walang malasakit. wala na ang bayanihan. values become a luxury when you’re hungry.

dahil sawa na sa ganitong klase ng pamumuno, lumilitaw na mas gusto na nila ang marahas na pamamahala para lang maayos ang gobyerno. values come second.

which is saddening and aggravating at the same time. nakakalungkot na nakaka-inis.

hindi ako boboto dahil hindi ako naka-rehistro. nanghihinayang ako na ang gusto kong iboto, hindi na tumakbo sa pagkapangulo.

kailangan ba talaga humantong sa ganito?

i may never get my answer until May 9. God bless our country.

“just a bunch of old buildings”

it brings a different kind of sadness whenever i see historical and cultural sites burned down or (worse) blown up. other people just don’t care because they’re just a bunch of old buildings.

yun kasi iniisip ng karamihan eh. you have to get rid of the old to make way for the new. walang sense of history. diba nga ayon sa kasabihan, “ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinang-galingan…” may stiff neck. 😛

lahat ng tao, gusto ng progress. pero should it be progress for the sake of progress? wala na bang value ang culture? history? lahat ba ng progreso dapat may monetary equivalent or remuneration para masabing mahalaga ito?

that’s why we destroy old trees: we see them either as obstructions to projects (e.g. road widening, parking lot, building, etc.) or means of earning money (e.g. pang-troso, poste). they aren’t seen as a testament to the beauty an intelligence of nature — of God.

gaya lang ng mga building sa Maynila ngayon, dahil luma na, kailangang palitan ng bago. dahil luma == baduy. shiny and new == cool.