i want to be an amateur

not a professional. just an amateur…

i often equate being an amateur to being a novice. but i realize that it is a misunderstanding of the word “amateur”. last saturday, i found out (and realized) that amateur is derived from French which pertains to a person who is a “lover of” something. whereas a novice is just a noob.

what am i a ‘lover of’ nowadays? food. yes. but that’s not it… i’m actually not yet a lover of it, just interested in being an amateur. i want to be an amateur radio operator. notice i put “being a ham” in my 100 Dreams list. now, i already took the first step. i attended the PARA Orientation Seminar for Amateur Radio at NTC, a requirement for an amateur radio license.

my certificate of attendance and handbook

what for? aside from the potential use in emergencies and disasters (a.k.a. prepping), it’s something i just wanted to learn about. it’s an interest that could probably easily become a new hobby. but we’ll see… right now, i’m still waiting for the November 27 examinations. I’m not sure how I’ll pass but i really want to get licensed just so everything’s legal.

ever wanted to become a radio amateur?

on the hunt for TMR book 3

really? ubos na talaga?

yan na lang laging reaction ko kapag nagtatanong ako sa bookstores. “wala na po. ubos na.”

grabe naman tong libro ko… 😛

i say “libro ko” because i’m one of the entry-senders whose name got published in the book! i made it to book 1 but not book 2. nanlalamig lang. pero i made it through book 3! how did i know without a copy? @homersweethome posted a page with his name on it and it just so happened my codename was there too! 🙂

oha oha! 🙂

so, the hunt continues. sana magkaroon na ulit ng stocks sa bookstores. 🙂