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my own Game of Thrones Season 8

This season is bad. My only justification is that it is a rushed season and they have to tie it nicely in a big red bow when it ends after 6 episodes… but it only undoes whatever has been developed in the past 7 seasons.

i’m not one to keep track of the ‘foreshadowings’ and the legends, oracles, and predictions in the past seasons but if it were up to me, i’d have this general script/idea.

1. Daenerys is Queen. Mormonts and other houses withdraw because they distrust Dany and return to their own lands. Free folk stay with John, only because they are loyal to Jon, not Dany.

2. Preps. Building tension is good, but i think it shouldn’t have been this long-winded. they shouldn’t be contemplating on winning but thinking that this is just the last battle they’ll ever fight, evacuates to the South. they ask again for help. this is where Jon should’ve been revealed to everyone as the true heir. ravens sent out would include in their plea for help that Jon Snow is a Targaryen and the rightful heir.

3. the Battle. pity no one important dies. i would’ve killed off Tyrion here. because GoT. and maybe Sam. he’s done his part anyway… Maybe Tormund, too? also, the overrun dragon should’ve stayed dead. and the Night King doesn’t die… and now has 2 dragons instead. revives everyone for the next wave of battle. Everyone retreats South (Dragonstone?).

4. No time to mourn or regroup. Cersei is happy Winterfell has fallen but afraid of the two ice dragons. Cersei has battle with Night King, killing two dragons using the Scorpions (wouldn’t it be weird people actually rooting for Cersei?). Jon and Dany attac with reinforcements from Mormonts and other houses who withdrew. Still epic battle, Iron fleet and all. You can have your Arya moment here. No more Night King. Bran and Theon can die here too.

5. We can mourn the dead here. With losses on both sides, truce and diplomacy is tried again. Varys mediates, uses Ser Jaime. Cersei happy to see no more Tyrion. Jaime double-cross. Brienne heartbroken still. Meanwhile, rumor spreads about Jon. Varys gauges people on who is better.

6. Varys in throne room with Cersei. Double cross? Maybe. Confirms rumors about Jon. Refuses to concede. Starts wildfire burning of the city, protecting Red Keep from Jon and Dany attac. Wildfire Scorpions. Ser Jaime’s like, “not again!”, slaps her with a trout, takes her away to escape. Confesses she fakes baby. Jaime snaps and kills Cersei. Red Keep crumbles from wildfire. on surface, Jon and Dany seem victorious. in the dungeons, Varys plotting to kill Dany, receives raven about white walkers still in Winterfell. Credits.

I’m pretty sure there’ll be lots of holes in this plot. I don’t care. I still think this is better than the one I’m watching now. *sigh*


4 months unlicensed

as you know, i’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator since 2015 and just like a driver’s license, it expires and requires renewal. unfortunately, i’ve not been as active as i would like to be because of so many reasons. and since my license expires on June 2018, i’ve currently been unlicensed for 4 months now. what am i missing out on?

well, not much really. save for some VHF activities (i.e. net calls, emergency drills), i’m not missing a lot with my expired license. however, if you count on the things i’m not involved in (HF, DXing), i would say a lot! but equipment for these types of communications is expensive. as. in. expensive.

also, time is complicated. weekends are for chores and ‘duty days’ for our son (my in-laws take care of him on weekdays), so EBs, meetups, etc. are considered a luxury, temporally speaking.

renewing a license is done on weekdays. i can’t leave work for that. also, i would need proof that i’ve been an active ham. who would certify that for me when i’ve haven’t been at any activity? 😦

oh well, much as i would like, ham radio might not have been the hobby i need right now.

not so fast: thoughts on the ‘quo warranto’ SC decision vs. CJ Sereno.

just a few hours ago, by a vote of 8-6, the quo warranto petition was deemed valid by 8 of the SC justices. a lot of people lamented this result. former CJ Davide even said it was practically ‘suicide’ should the decision be against CJ Sereno.

though i have my personal biases, i wanted to consider the decision without reading it in full, and i guess analyze the implications and effects. Magpatuloy magbasa not so fast: thoughts on the ‘quo warranto’ SC decision vs. CJ Sereno.

my first MMDA ticket

last Friday, we were on our way to visit the wake of the dad of a colleague. a former officemate who couldn’t make it yesterday to the wake (just like me) tagged along as we both work inside the Ateneo campus. i drove out onto Katipunan Northbound lane from Gate 3 seeing and knowing an MMDA constable was there directing traffic. When the light turned green, i went ahead but the traffic constable flagged me down, saying it was illegal.

it used to be allowed, i reasoned with him. and i knew that it was after 6pm and cars were allowed by that time. but having not done this for the longest time (i usually take a u-turn, and not go onto the NB lane), i may have been wrong. i didn’t argue and handed over my license and got a ticket. i asked when they started this new rule on Ateneo Gate 3 and i didn’t get a decent response. i let it be and just tweeted MMDA about having proper signs in the area. Magpatuloy magbasa my first MMDA ticket

Motolite Express Hatid is sooo convenient!

Been away for a while. Waaaaay a while. But this time, it’s a bit more intentional… We were away for a holiday in Hong kong (again. teehee) for the little one. Oh how his eyes lit up when he saw Woody, Mickey Mouse… I digress. But we were definitely away from the house and left Percy to guard the house. :p

After a little over a week, we had to go back to the salt mines. So we dragged ourselves out of bed, prepared everything for work and went to the garage. Unlocked the car and opened the door. And I just went “uh-oh” when I saw the dim cabin lights.

I sat in the driver’s seat and turned the ignition… Nothing. Leaving percy for over a week discharged the battery.

I’ve actually expected this since the car battery has been tested before and it was getting poorer at retaining charge. I thought that maybe since I was driving it daily, it somehow extended the life a bit… The battery got recharged in the morning and in the evening as I drove to and from work. (Again, sorry. More sidebars!)

No choice. We had to commute today. And since we spent extra on a different flight (we missed our flight back to Manila. Another story/post), di afford ang magpalit ng baterya. I even debated the thought of buying a battery charger which was cheaper but wasn’t any guarantee it’ll charge the battery. So we decided replace the battery since it was 3.5 years old already anyway. We just had to wait for the cutoff date of the credit card para sa sunod pa yung payment. (Taghirap talaga).

And dahil dead batt talaga na di na madadala sa casa or battery shop ang kotse, I tried the Motolite hotline for the Express Hatid service. I just described the car make and model and the already had battery recommendations for the car. You could also do your own reasearch on battery size and capacity but having the recommended batteries makes things easier. I could have opted for the Enduro product line at a cheaper price but since the stock battery was Gold, I decided to stick to it, considering the good performance we got for a long time.

The CSR, after getting more details, told me to just wait for the delivery guy’s call for an estimated time of arrival. In about 30 minutes, the Motolite guy was at our door!

He tested the old battery and asked how old it was. He was really surprised when I told him it was the stock battery from the day we bought it. “Swerte!” he commented. After a quick swap, he asked me to turn on everything and crank up the engine just to check the battery and alternator. When everything was good, he got his Credit Card terminal out and we swiped my card for P5,410.00 How convenient! Granted the relatively steeper price, I think the convenience of having the battery delivered, installed where you are and having other payment options other than cash is enough.


Aren’t Active Cellsites Enough?

I had this question in my mind while I watched online videos of how Hurricane Harvey pounded on the state of Texas and brought with it 50 inches of rain. Now, Hurricane Irma has just passed the Caribbean as a CAT5 hurricane and expected to move into Florida. The footage from ABC News only reminded me of one thing: It’s Yolanda (Haiyan) all over again.

During and after super typhoon Yolanda, Philippine ham radio operators were indispensable as power lines and communication towers were down. Hams, however, have trained and prepared for such scenarios.

But what if despite the devastation, power lines remain intact and cellular communications remained open? What of hams then?

I would say  they’d still be busy. I imagine there could be a frenzy of calls going in and out of the disaster area, easily stressing the cell towers capacity. And with today’s data-heavy social media posting, it’s easy to visualize a congested cellular and data network – that no matter how much we are reminded to use social media responsibly, immaturity gets the best of us.

Perhaps the ham radio operator would have less workload/pileup to deal with but it is clear that the messages he relays are of utmost importance. Ham radio is a lot of fun, especially in ‘quiet’ times. But we are always reminded of the Amateur’s Code – the amateur is patriotic: his knowledge and his station are always reay for the service of his country and his community.

Mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.

endless, endless tears today…

much like when i heard of Courageous Catie, almost a year ago. and today, i’m doing the same thing again with another pair of little angels who’ve earned their wings.

this morning, A broke the news to me about Mighty Eli. and it reminded me that even when my son was discharged from the hospital, a healthy boy, and just turned 2 years old, it is no assurance that you won’t get sick.

Catie and Eli always remind me of that. and that makes me so fearful of the future and yet prayerful that we won’t experience it.

then this late afternoon, a cousin reacted to a post that i just had to click: Natalie was also called home. the words that totally broke me were these:

She’s currently being cleaned by her nurses, and then she’ll be placed in her father’s arms until her last breath.

If I were the father, i would be an inconsolable wreck. If relating to the father makes it already THIS painful, how much more if i were in his shoes…

so, now, i’m crying again at the office. (hope no one tries to check up on me again! haha! how embarrassing!) and i will pray for the little angels again, and for the parents and family they’ll be watching over from now on.