Aren’t Active Cellsites Enough?

I had this question in my mind while I watched online videos of how Hurricane Harvey pounded on the state of Texas and brought with it 50 inches of rain. Now, Hurricane Irma has just passed the Caribbean as a CAT5 hurricane and expected to move into Florida. The footage from ABC News only reminded me of one thing: It’s Yolanda (Haiyan) all over again.

During and after super typhoon Yolanda, Philippine ham radio operators were indispensable as power lines and communication towers were down. Hams, however, have trained and prepared for such scenarios.

But what if despite the devastation, power lines remain intact and cellular communications remained open? What of hams then?

I would say  they’d still be busy. I imagine there could be a frenzy of calls going in and out of the disaster area, easily stressing the cell towers capacity. And with today’s data-heavy social media posting, it’s easy to visualize a congested cellular and data network – that no matter how much we are reminded to use social media responsibly, immaturity gets the best of us.

Perhaps the ham radio operator would have less workload/pileup to deal with but it is clear that the messages he relays are of utmost importance. Ham radio is a lot of fun, especially in ‘quiet’ times. But we are always reminded of the Amateur’s Code – the amateur is patriotic: his knowledge and his station are always reay for the service of his country and his community.


Mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.

endless, endless tears today…

much like when i heard of Courageous Catie, almost a year ago. and today, i’m doing the same thing again with another pair of little angels who’ve earned their wings.

this morning, A broke the news to me about Mighty Eli. and it reminded me that even when my son was discharged from the hospital, a healthy boy, and just turned 2 years old, it is no assurance that you won’t get sick.

Catie and Eli always remind me of that. and that makes me so fearful of the future and yet prayerful that we won’t experience it.

then this late afternoon, a cousin reacted to a post that i just had to click: Natalie was also called home. the words that totally broke me were these:

She’s currently being cleaned by her nurses, and then she’ll be placed in her father’s arms until her last breath.

If I were the father, i would be an inconsolable wreck. If relating to the father makes it already THIS painful, how much more if i were in his shoes…

so, now, i’m crying again at the office. (hope no one tries to check up on me again! haha! how embarrassing!) and i will pray for the little angels again, and for the parents and family they’ll be watching over from now on.

Tell Me, Rep. Lagman

Tell Me, Rep. Lagman

The way I understand it:
1. A fertilized ovum is not a human person/being.
2. Only human person has human rights
3. Abortion is illegal for humans, not ‘living organisms’
4. Supreme Court doesn’t want to define ‘conception’ in relation to Article II Sec. 12 (i.e. fertilization? implantation?)
5. If it’s not a human person and not yet ‘conceived’, it’s practically legal to terminate it.
6. Abortion made legal.

staring blankly

i’m expecting this to happen to me today and tomorrow. why? i just downloaded the recorded oral arguments of the supreme court on the RH Law and plan to listen to them in my commute. i just listened to the first 55 minutes of the first day (July 9, 2013) and it was an interesting talk on “when does life begin?”. i wish i could take down notes on what is being said and pick the minds of those reacting on twitter. of course, i have my religious side on the matter but i’m curious.

remembering the past

actually, gusto ko lang naman kasi i-remind ang sarili ko about my unofficial motto in life… “never on a Sunday.”

i used to work my schedule around all the other days of the week and keep Sunday clear. when i still lived with my parents and would go home to Pampanga every weekend, i would stay in Manila only until Friday evening and would only sacrifice Saturday if it was only necessary. and when i started to work, Saturday mornings were for work and I would go home by lunch. it was important for me that by Sunday, I would be in Pampanga. i would refuse barkada gatherings that would make me stay late on Saturdays, even if it were for free.

it was not a conscious observance of the Third Commandment. it was just the way i planned things (note i use the word “planned” very very very loosely). i went to mass. i rested. but i still did chores — cleaning, sweeping the yard, gardening, bathing the dogs. and even if i did these things, i had enough energy to last the work week.

now, i could barely make it past Thursday. this week, in particular. today, i’m just draggin myself to the finish line and i’ve still got work to do!

am i just growing old? i don’t really feel old. i just feel tired. or maybe that’s rheumatoid arthitis. !!!

but i have this belief deep inside of me that i should just go back to what i always did and keep everything scheduled around that Sunday that was so precious to me.

i guess that’s my target for this 2013.

Floods in my hometown

Haven’t been thinking clearly these past few days. Rains haven’t let up since last week and has saturated the soil and overwhelmed the river system.

this is the latest news that i got online. i’m planning to go there tomorrow or next week if it’ll be accessible. last i heard was you needed a boat to reach our old house right now since all roads are flooded. trucks who transport people in the town are very few and often filled because of people looking for food and water.

is miss universe 2011 streaming online?

grabe, tumitigil talaga ang pag-inog ng mundo ng sangkabadingan kapag may beauty pageant — lalo na kapag ang pinag-uusapan ay ang Miss Universe 2011. i’m pretty sure maraming naghahanap ng live streaming today. unang-unang bati nga sa akin ng officemate ko today ay, “may alam kang streaming website?” natawa na lang talaga ako… lalo na’t hindi siya bading kagaya ko. choz! hahaha!

i remember last year when that video of the four fan-friends of Miss Philippines Venus Raj went viral and even made it to international news! pero hanggang ganoong level na lang ba ang pag-abot naten sa international news? ewan ko lang ha. yes, natawa din ako pero di naman talaga bonggang bongga (as in the Tagalog translation of “major, major”). i just wish that one day umabot tayo sa international news na may kabuluhan naman yung balita. fine, KJ na ako kung KJ. pero diba? i wish the news that makes it to the news is something that *really* matters. parang EDSA Revolution… ganun.

pero bakit ba ako napunta dun? haha! anyway, be advised that if you’re in the Philippines, please visit your local salons or have your mani/pedi done after 12 noon or something. and please check your employees. sabi nga nila, yung matagal na ninyong pinagdududahan sa opisina? kapag umabsent today, alam na! 😛