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Sugar high… Umay!

I found some expired condensed milk in the pantry yesterday. So naturally, I wanted to dispose of it right away… by eating it! LOL

Bata pa ako (or tayo, depende kung sino nagbabasa. Haha), paborito ko na kumain ng pandesal na may kondensada. Pagkaing pulubi sabi nga nila. Pero dala pa din hanggang pagtanda.

Anyway, ayun na nga… Ginawa ko na lahat para agad siyang maubos. Hinalo sa kape, nagsawsaw ng tinapay, tinimpla parang regular na gatas… pero meron pa din konting natira. May sugar high na ako… Pero parang mas umay na imbes na high. And the bad part is the crash afterwards.

It’s a bad combination. A little sadness and a sugar crash. Hope I sleep through it and have a better day bukas. My only joy in this? My toddler sitting beside me this late in the evening. 🙂


in my quest to get back into biking again, i finally gave myself some time and self-love and didn’t do house chores in the morning. instead, i went to the bicycle store and bought the hardware that interrupted my ‘balik-alindog program X year counting’. hahaha

lumang bike pero shimano ang shifters. LOL

Magpatuloy magbasa lezdodiz!!!

Drowning it out

I’ve read somewhere that music does wonders to the brain, and it even ‘repairs’ it. It also literally changes your physical brain — well, at least learning an instrument does. But I’ve noticed that I haven’t been listening to a lot of music recently. My usual morning radio show has changed a lot (I’m definitely becoming a member of #TitosOfManila) that I almost cannot relate to the new music. I listen to more retro stations now, but it’s never always the music I like.

Today, I tried to rekindle my fondness for classical music, but I wanted something other than Strauss and Beethoven but still relatable. Then, I remembered the Boston Pops Orchestra so I searched for any concert or playlist they may have online. I was not disappointed:

So now, it’s past 5pm, I’m putting it on full blast! Ok fine, not full blast, but it’s still pretty loud. I’m trying to wake up my sleeping braincells, OK? LOL! If they don’t wake up, at least I’m drowning out my other negative thoughts in positive, good music!

Lord, time out muna!

As i write this from my cellphone with my right hand, my other hand is soothing a sick little tyke with a fever since this morning. It just started not even 6 hours earlier today. And almost 3 weeks ago, he had cough and fever too. My worry wort mind won’t let my tired sleepy eyes rest. As soon as I lie down and shut them, my ears pickup the slightest rustling of the bed and blanket so I get up and check on him.

Magpatuloy magbasa Lord, time out muna!

my own Game of Thrones Season 8

This season is bad. My only justification is that it is a rushed season and they have to tie it nicely in a big red bow when it ends after 6 episodes… but it only undoes whatever has been developed in the past 7 seasons.

i’m not one to keep track of the ‘foreshadowings’ and the legends, oracles, and predictions in the past seasons but if it were up to me, i’d have this general script/idea.

1. Daenerys is Queen. Mormonts and other houses withdraw because they distrust Dany and return to their own lands. Free folk stay with John, only because they are loyal to Jon, not Dany.

2. Preps. Building tension is good, but i think it shouldn’t have been this long-winded. they shouldn’t be contemplating on winning but thinking that this is just the last battle they’ll ever fight, evacuates to the South. they ask again for help. this is where Jon should’ve been revealed to everyone as the true heir. ravens sent out would include in their plea for help that Jon Snow is a Targaryen and the rightful heir.

3. the Battle. pity no one important dies. i would’ve killed off Tyrion here. because GoT. and maybe Sam. he’s done his part anyway… Maybe Tormund, too? also, the overrun dragon should’ve stayed dead. and the Night King doesn’t die… and now has 2 dragons instead. revives everyone for the next wave of battle. Everyone retreats South (Dragonstone?).

4. No time to mourn or regroup. Cersei is happy Winterfell has fallen but afraid of the two ice dragons. Cersei has battle with Night King, killing two dragons using the Scorpions (wouldn’t it be weird people actually rooting for Cersei?). Jon and Dany attac with reinforcements from Mormonts and other houses who withdrew. Still epic battle, Iron fleet and all. You can have your Arya moment here. No more Night King. Bran and Theon can die here too.

5. We can mourn the dead here. With losses on both sides, truce and diplomacy is tried again. Varys mediates, uses Ser Jaime. Cersei happy to see no more Tyrion. Jaime double-cross. Brienne heartbroken still. Meanwhile, rumor spreads about Jon. Varys gauges people on who is better.

6. Varys in throne room with Cersei. Double cross? Maybe. Confirms rumors about Jon. Refuses to concede. Starts wildfire burning of the city, protecting Red Keep from Jon and Dany attac. Wildfire Scorpions. Ser Jaime’s like, “not again!”, slaps her with a trout, takes her away to escape. Confesses she fakes baby. Jaime snaps and kills Cersei. Red Keep crumbles from wildfire. on surface, Jon and Dany seem victorious. in the dungeons, Varys plotting to kill Dany, receives raven about white walkers still in Winterfell. Credits.

I’m pretty sure there’ll be lots of holes in this plot. I don’t care. I still think this is better than the one I’m watching now. *sigh*

4 months unlicensed

as you know, i’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator since 2015 and just like a driver’s license, it expires and requires renewal. unfortunately, i’ve not been as active as i would like to be because of so many reasons. and since my license expires on June 2018, i’ve currently been unlicensed for 4 months now. what am i missing out on?

well, not much really. save for some VHF activities (i.e. net calls, emergency drills), i’m not missing a lot with my expired license. however, if you count on the things i’m not involved in (HF, DXing), i would say a lot! but equipment for these types of communications is expensive. as. in. expensive.

also, time is complicated. weekends are for chores and ‘duty days’ for our son (my in-laws take care of him on weekdays), so EBs, meetups, etc. are considered a luxury, temporally speaking.

renewing a license is done on weekdays. i can’t leave work for that. also, i would need proof that i’ve been an active ham. who would certify that for me when i’ve haven’t been at any activity? 😦

oh well, much as i would like, ham radio might not have been the hobby i need right now.