life stories

a friend of mine had a lot to share today. in the span of 3 hours, my friend poured out a whole lot of things… even bombshells of events in her past. and honestly i didn’t know how to react. i could not imagine being in her shoes. and somehow, i felt that i am still lucky where i am right now, despite all these negative feelings i’ve had.

in a normal life, when you can’t run to your friends, family should be there to catch you. but what do you do when they don’t have your trust and confidence? who do you turn to when they don’t respect you?

i am, perhaps, broken but not as broken as her. we both still put up the happy facade, though, when we see others. until we learn to trust, that’s when the masks come off.

but for now, catch us smile. 🙂

usapang paglipad

an officemate will be leaving soon for the UK. his application was granted for a PhD degree under a grant from the British Council. and although he will obtain temporary freedom from work, his contract requires him to render service back in the country after obtaining his degree — 2 years here for each year in the UK.

but he says it’s a welcome break. at least, in 2 or 3 years, he is freed from everything happening here.

and i can only mutter to myself, “buti pa siya.”

mabuti pa siya, malakas ang loob pasukin iyong mga ganitong bagay. i don’t. mahina loob ko. i have a lot of insecurities and i find it difficult to see myself excelling in one area, or have a comprehensive understanding of one thing. so applying for higher education is a struggle. Magpatuloy magbasa usapang paglipad

purposeless walking

i’ve never heard of it but i do this kind of thing. but i think we have turned it into “malling”. window-shopping is a bit different because you are somehow intent on making a preliminary survey of what you want to buy. malling is just chillin inside a mall. you may eat, you may watch a movie, you may just sit in one of the benches. nothing is planned. you just want to roam the mall just because.

BBC says purposeless walking is dying slowly. and perhaps it is true even here. because we rush through our shopping. we have no time to enjoy the mall. time is a luxury no working class filipino has.

start. pause. play.

laging ganito ang tugtugin kapag new year. may bagong new year’s resolution na laging napapako. sasabihin, “start na ako bukas magbagong-buhay.” uulit-ulitin. hanggang makalimutan na nga. at kadalasan, ito yung mga #balikalindog programs. dahil nga party-galore and lamon-forever ang holiday season, laging kalusugan ang tinitingnan at kaagad napagdi-diskitahan na ayusin sa buhay.

well, i’ve had this problem for over 2 years already and it just can’t seem to break out of it.

mahirap talaga magbawas ng timbang. lalo na kung mahilig ka magluto at kumain.

it’s a dilemma, really. ayaw mo kumain ng madami… pero dahil nagluluto ka, natural na gusto mo sarapan yung luto mo. see the problem?

para hindi ka ganahan kumain, magluluto ka intentionally ng hindi masarap. it’s so counter-intuitive diba?

madaling sabihin na portion-control ang kailangan. madaling sabihin na disiplinahin lang ang sarili. pero ang hirap mag-balanse ng tamang timpla ng pagkain at tamang pag-kain.

Magpatuloy magbasa start. pause. play.


A sort of ‘woke me up’ today.

you see, she’s been sick since friday. and then last monday, she had an operative hysteroscopy done because of bleeding. doctors said she requires just 2 days of rest and that her apparent flu had no bearing whatsoever on her ability to be on the operating table.

when you live with just your wife and an infant, expect more than the usual sleepless nights. and your energy level will be squeezed out of you faster than you can say, “bob’s your uncle.” (did i use that correctly? :P)

as i was about to leave for work after being absent for two days, i’ve been asking her if she would be OK alone. i may have asked one too many times and she told me, “look, don’t let me decide for you. if you want to leave, then leave.”

taken aback, i had a sudden realization. yep, she is right. we’re both adults and we’re fine to make our own decisions. di ko din siya kailangang i-baby. alaga, oo. bine-baby, hindi. might be something about overcompensation in my subconscious but i must determine when and how to override it.

i sometimes forget how much smarter and mature she is than i am. 🙂

bansang tamad

this is the impression i’ve been getting from the selection of 2016 presidentiables.

ang pilipinas, bansa ng mga tamad… o mga nawalan na ng pag-asa.

i’ve been thinking about it and i think we are all sick and tired of the country’s problems. but we don’t want to act on solving them. we want others to fix them for us. kaya tumakbo si duterte at miriam. gawa–hindi salita. kaya tumakbo si binay. he’ll provide everything. magiging malaking makati ang pilipinas. kaya tumakbo si mar. well, kasi OK namang presidente si noynoy diba? kaya tumakbo si grace. kasi may gusto siyang patunayan.

iniisip ko kung may gusto na ba talaga ako sa kanila. kasi sa ngayon, kahit sino manalo, hindi ko inaasahang mababago nila takbo ng buhay ko.

kaya iniisip ko, nasa sarili ko pa din ang sagot. hindi kung sino ang magiging presidente sa Mayo.

john irving watch and jewelry service center experience

ok, so you’ve read how i was raving about my new watch. well, apparently, i’ve been neglecting it by not letting its battery charge under the sun. i was more concerned how to keep my other watch running continuously (and because A gave it to me). so now, even if it’s solar-charged, it won’t hold enough juice to operate normally. 😦

i left it by the window for a weekend to hopefully charge. unfortunately, it still kept blinking its lights and kept shutting down. i finally gave up and thought of bringing it to a service center.

i’m not really that obsessed about the watch but i just didn’t like having it not functioning properly.

once you get off the LRT train station in cubao, a row of stores, including John Irving Watch and Jewelry Service Center would immediately greet you. i asked how much a battery replacement would cost for my watch and quoted me P500, with a 2-year warranty. (FYI: officially, only Time Depot is authorized to service Casio G-Shocks. however, i wasn’t that OC and i didn’t think i have the budget for it). “Jay” said I had to leave it, though for them to “observe” if its battery indeed needed replacing. slightly pressed for time, i semi-reluctantly left it with them and they told me to come get it the next day around lunch time.

today, i came back for it and they were still working at it, making the “auto-light” work. they said that it was the only problem left to troubleshoot. while looking the work area, seeing opened battery packs and scattered screws, i tried to piece together what was happening. and it only affirmed what i was afraid of: they had no clue how to the watch works.

when i told them it was ok if the “auto-light” doesn’t work, they handed me my watch back and since they said they replaced the battery with a 2-year warranty, i asked for my original battery. they gave me a Maxell CR1616 3V battery. at this point, it was clear to me that they were not experienced and knowledgeable in what they were doing.

  1. Solar watches from Casio use CTL1616, NOT CR1616. One is a rechargeable battery, the other one is a disposable/regular battery. also, rechargeable batteries are usually lower in voltage compared to regular batteries. AFAIK, CTL1616s are <3V.
  2. suppose the original seller did have a CR1616 inside the watch, if the shop was knowledgeable enough, they should’ve told me that 1. the battery wasn’t original, and 2. they should’ve replaced it with the correct battery.
  3. “fixing” the “auto-light” was a hilarious thing to watch: the technician was absolutely clueless how it worked on my watch. the requirements according to the manual for it to activate are: 1. angle change of about 40 degrees from horizontal (not just flicking it like a mercury thermometer) and 2. dark environment/low ambient light. the technician was fixing something that didn’t need fixing because he was ignorant how it worked! *deep sigh*

the question now is: will this “repair” last? i’m hopeful that i didn’t spend P500 on ignorant technicians and a P70 battery i can’t use. i hope they cleaned it inside, though. even with a 2-year warranty, seeing how bad they were at handling my watch, i’m not sure i’ll be back for any service or repairs with them. probably next time, Time Depot will need a visit from me.

John Irving Watch & Jewelry Service Center
3/F Gateway Tower Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
Smart: 09217415269; Globe: 09162878990


kahit maputi na ang buhok ko

i hate this part of aging — forgetting stuff. getting tired. struggling to keep up.

i miss the days of having just 3 hours of sleep and getting a 15-minute nap in the afternoon is all it took to recharge. now, it takes 1 hour of napping, 2 cups of coffee, and slap in the face to get you going the rest of the afternoon. by 5pm, you could barely walk to the bathroom to pee, resisting falling asleep on your desk.

and then there’s forgetfulness. you forget your keys. you forget to turn off the lights. you forget to close a window. you couldn’t remember if you locked the door. you’re lucky you haven’t been flagged down yet — you forgot your driver’s license halfway to the office. *sigh*

in your 20s, you were on top of tech trends. everyone came to you for advice which PC parts to buy, if this cellphone is good enough, how much an LED TV should cost. [though i’m thinking there is just an oversupply of stuff and we really are being drowned in tech hardware] now, you don’t even have any idea what SnapChat is. you don’t want to touch it with a ten-foot pole. “ma-effort pag-aralan.”

GHI part 2

kakasimula ko palang sa project na ‘a blog a day’, and i already missed a few! tsk… buhay may-asawa. 😛

so, what happened? the weekend was OK. the little pumpkin didn’t want to sleep early last saturday so we missed the 9am mass that i desperately needed. pero we were able to attend our barkada’s dad’s wake naman. the liturgy during the burial was of that sunday (i guess Sunday trumps other liturgies) so we got to hear mass na din. of course, naglabasan ang mga pamahiin.

bilang Katoliko, di naman ako naniniwala sa karamihan ng pamahiin (unless may underlying logical reason for it). pero i still followed some, not for our peace of mind for my in-laws’ and relatives’. dahil kapag nalaman nilang nag-uwi ka ng galing sa patay or hindi nag-“pagpag” (2nd definition),  kamalasan ang bitbit mo. the funny thing is, these are the relatives who regularly pray the rosary and go to church every sunday. napapa-buntong-hininga ka na lang. 🙂

also, FYI, free parking sa may Newport. first 5 hours, at least. dahil sa Resorts World. kaya di na kami nakipagsiksikan sa parking ng Shrine of St. Therese. konting lakad lang naman siya eh kaya keri lang.

yesterday (monday) was a biking day (did i mention i biked 3x around campus the other day? i can’t remember…) pero didn’t make it because i was GHI-ed again. so i guess i need to make up for it today. plus overtime sa work. 🙂 for a healthy 2016!!! aja!

just give

it’s always been hammered into my young head that giving is better than receiving. and i believed — truly believed — it to be true. but when i started to feel i didn’t have enough money, i began to change. i started to gift myself things. rewards. they weren’t big rewards: a small ice cream cone, a cup of starbucks coffee, a nice new ballpen (even when i had plenty), a new toy/gadget. soon, i just focused on getting myself the stuff i wanted… i was enjoying shopping for myself too much. and soon, i felt nothing was enough. now i realize it, it seems so hard to get out of this rut. but i know i can do it. why? because i felt genuinely happy whenever i bought things for others before i became this selfish hoarder of random stuff. and i have a good feeling that i can get back to it.

this 2016, i’m hoping that i can give more to others — because i want to love others more.

giving is love. charity is love. sacrifice is love.

and as the Good Book says, “only 3 things remain: faith, hope, and love. and the greatest of these is love.”