the ‘classical’ cellphones

what was your first cellphone?

na-kuwento ko na yata dati na unang cellphone namin was a ‘home phone’. think of it as a landline pero mobile handset ang gamit namin. our monthly bill was P120.00 for just calls and then it had its special area in the living room kasi doon lang siya may signal! it was an old motorola but i can’t remember the unit name. hehe. then came ‘texting’ and we had that bright green & blue Bosch mobile phone. then came Nokia which soon dominated the market.

one of the nice things about the ‘newer’ mobile phones then was you can choose your ringtone. and there weren’t just 4 or 5 of them. there were about 15 or 20 and you could even compose your own ringtone!

but most people, i think, don’t know that those ringtones you had on your old 5110 or 3210 actually came from classical pieces. they sound boring to you, for sure but have you wondered how they sound once played on an orchestra? or even just a string quartet? then watch this:

amazing diba?! hehe.

keep on clicking the “related videos” on youtube to listen and watch more of the amazing MozART Group. grabe sila… they’re so funny! and i prefer them to the technoclassical performers na sumikat (e.g. Bond and Maksim). i have nothing against them, really. ayoko lang yata talaga ng techno… or at least how they delivered the pieces. heheh.

it’s the final countdown

i think i should be singing this song nowadays. 😛 hahaha! the big day’s just a couple of weeks away and the good news is i’m not getting cold feet. but the butterflies in the stomach are going crazy!!!

we reserved the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church in Poblacion, Makati as the ceremony venue. i had the Nuestra Señora de Gratia initially in mind because it was easy to find and accessible, lots of parking space in front, security, and the beautiful facade that speaks of history and art. i feel like it’s a mini-Manila Cathedral. 🙂 but i think it was a ‘blessing’ that we didn’t get the church because of the demolition problem they are having in the area… i wouldn’t want that to ruin our big day. 🙂

Magpatuloy magbasa it’s the final countdown

that noodle house on divisoria

just because i can’t remember the stall’s name, that’ll be the title of my post. LOL

busy with the wedding preps, saturday becomes ‘divisoria pilgrimage day’ for me. but it isn’t all that “fun, fun, fun”. nevertheless, it’s a necessary thing to do. so “aja!” all the way! 🙂

i love manila. i love the busy streets. i love the noise. i love the crowd. but too much of a good thing can be bad sometimes. 😛

A already went to divisoria the other weekend to choose the design, get her measurements, and her aunt’s (who’s our ninang), her niece’s (our abay), and her mom’s as well. but that day, we just picked the gowns up and tried them on.

took a while to fit and discuss other stuff which i have no concern or idea what it was about. LOL! but it was merienda time and so we went to this little noodle house joint nearby. i’m not sure but i think it was “ming’s noodle house” 🙂

as a first-timer, i really didn’t know what to order. and being merienda time, rice meals would be a bit much for me to handle so i selected the simpler wonton noodle soup and A had the wonton beef noodles. nothing complicated. and a glass of iced tea for each. it cost us about P90.00 each.

looks pretty simple to me: noodles with “pechay Baguio” and roasted garlic in beef broth with some spring onion on top. maybe i got used to the ‘bland’ taste in the other restaurants but i found this recipe salty. tipong gumuguhit sa lalamunan na nakaka-ubo na? so i had to ask for water para di naman maghalo-halo ang lasa if i drank the iced tea. it wasn’t really very salty. maybe i just expected it not to be salty that’s why inubo ako. but i did finish the whole thing! LOL! one good part about this is that the bowls are super huge and you can drown in the iced tea worth P25!

so maybe what i can say about this noodle house is that it’s “good” but not “great” for my tastebuds. will i go back? sure, why not! it’s not the best but comparing to the aristocart-type vendors on the street, this is a couple of notches higher. for the price and you get to sit rather comfortably (though not aircon) it’s pretty reasonable.

my other de-motivation for supporting this RH bill

RH Bill is making its rounds again in the news and now have warranted their own “TV Specials” on the larger networks because of the popularity(?) or notoriety of the topic. this morning, i thought of listening to the morning news program because i don’t have a TV where i stay.

in an interview with Neil Ocampo on Radyo5, Rep. Edcel Lagman, the RH Bill’s principal author, defended the motivation of the bill. one thing that i could not reconcile with my conscience was his first reason: reduction of maternal and infant mortality rates.

yes, from the face of it, you would think that i would be narrow-minded. what’s wrong with reducing maternal and infant mortality rates? shouldn’t that be a goal if we are to be caring and humane? but here’s the clincher in his explanation:

because we have high maternal and infant mortality rates, we should lower this rate. (not a problem with me there.) because pregnancies cause maternal and infant mortality, we should prevent pregnancies. (uh-oh).

is pregnancy to be treated as a disease?

cancer causes people to die. to reduce the rate at which people die of cancer, we prevent cancer.
people die of TB. to lower this rate, we vaccinate against TB. so does this mean because pregnancies cause death we should prevent pregnancies? religious or not, do you really consider pregnancy, that baby in your womb, is a disease?

pro-RH bill say that there should be no ‘baby’ to speak of because condoms prevent the meeting of the sperm and the egg. but the motivation for such thinking — that pregnancy is a ‘disease’ to be prevented — does not sit well with me.

again, i am for reproductive health and responsible parenthood. but this mentality, this motivation for a bill that will require me follow once it’s enacted into law is wrong.

when has ‘good’ become bad?

i really think there’s something wrong with society today. (naku, serious topic na naman! wag na ituloy ang pagbabasa! :P)

pauwi ako from a dinner date with A and i took the bus since the MRT was practically always full at this time. at the same time, mas konti ang pagod sa paglalakad at paglipat ng sasakyan. if i had to go down at MRT Quezon Ave, sasakay pa ako ng jeep pa-Fairview at bababa ng PHILCOA. kung bus sasakyan ko, traffic nga minsan pero at least pagbaba ko, PHILCOA na agad.

anyway, i took the bus na nga. sa bandang likod na ako naupo and dun sa pang-dalawahan lang na upuan. ayoko dun sa tatluhan kasi pag naipit ako sa gitna, mahirap na lumabas. mas malala kung sa dulo pa ako tapos eh didiretso pa ng Fairview yung 2 katabi ko. so doon na lang ako umupo katabi ni lola. well, she’s not really a “lola” in the typical 80+, white hair, false/no teeth, amoy-lupa kind (yeah. i’m evil!!!). she’s the early-stage lola, i think. naka-uniform pa nga yata siya underneath her dark but glittery balabal. alam mo naman mga matatanda, lamigin. she had wrinkles on her face pero not as deep. she looked like she had make-up on that was worn the whole day so it was kind of faded.

she had her arms wrapped around her hand bag, covering both her arms and the bag with her shawl and her head kept bobbing up and down as the bus plied the route on EDSA. i thought to offer my arm or shoulder for her to lean on, until PHILCOA at least, so she could get some decent sleep out of the journey. but i stopped myself and thought about that and all the other things i know… why do people almost always immediately think you’re going to take advantage of them when you’re being nice? and why do people who want to do good, for free, often get ridiculed and judged because of their naïveté? (did i get the use for naïveté right?)

bakit ganun?