power interruption from 11PM to 5AM. can i charge meralco for lost productivity?

it’s a tough day at work. mostly because i can’t seem to concentrate or think straight about tasks that i have to do and finish today. it’s not just because i’m not motivated… mostly because i lack sleep and sleep is one of the non-negotiable things for me to be a happy person. or be a sensible person, at the least.

we had a ‘scheduled 5-hour power interruption’ according to Meralco. never was informed of that until it happened though. mea culpa. but my problem with that was… really!? in the evening when people are sleeping in their beds and during the workweek?

so i ended up sleeping on the floor. with the door open to let some air in. it wasn’t windy but there was a slight breeze that entered the house every now and then and helped me sleep a little. i already warned A about this so she stayed in the office until around 4am. she arrived at the house 30 mins later and we were still in the dark.

thankfully just about 10 mins past 5 in the morning, we had electricity flowing again but i couldn’t really sleep anymore since my body was used to waking up around this time. i napped a little and got a couple of minutes of shut eye but eventually got up and went off to work.

so now, i’m here, blogging, not being able to think critically about work. i wanted to unload my brain of this just to keep me sane and think that i’m still able to do something at least today.

well, one ‘good’ thing that happened yesterday was i was able to shoot the stars. a rare occasion in my part of the metro.