pointless trivia

did you know that a light-year is actually a measure of distance and not time? people get confused because of the word “year” in it. a lightyear is actually the DISTANCE traveled by light within a year. so that’s

c x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365

c is the speed of light in meters per second

60 seconds per minute

60 minutes per hour

24 hours per day

365.25 days per year

and it’s also equivalent to 0.3066 parsecs

geeky post.

meeting deadlines

i’ve always hated deadlines. there like a collar on your neck getting tighter and tighter as the days move along. they are reminders of the things that you should be conscious about and impending doom.

but not always.

i’ve got a couple of deadlines, myself, this week. running programs at the office, fixing the module for the side job i’m taking, losing at least an inch off my waist… not getting anything done makes me feel frustrated and achieving nothing despite having a deadline isn’t exactly encouraging in one’s career.

but amusingly, i THRIVE ON DEADLINES! they keep me focused, they are indicators of my progress, and actually are helpful to my job. otherwise, i’d just spend a whole day watching Ugly Betty online. πŸ˜€ procrastination — it’s the law! πŸ˜›

and so, another one comes along. today’s miss toni‘s deadline for her blog-niversary (yeah, i made that up and it’s so corny) contest. rules are found here and posted below:

Here are the rules:
1. Write about your favorite Wifely Steps entry in your blog. (If you don’t have a blog, why not create one now? ;) )
2. Link back to http://wifelysteps.com.
3. Leave a comment in this entry, leading to your post.

I’ll send the prize to wherever you are, but I won’t be responsible if it gets lost in the snail mail blackhole, deal? Let’s cross our fingers and hope that doesn’t happen!

This contest will run for ten days. You can enter the contest till May 30, 11.59pm Manila time. I will draw the winners via ye olde fashioned tombola (a.k.a. a candy jar).

i’ve been reading her blog since i joined Lasang Pinoy. She was hosting the Oh My Gulay theme of LP that time, if i remember right. Her blog was simple, a joy to read, plus her stories i could relate to — and i’m neither woman nor married! and i get to learn some smooth lines from her husby when she posts them. πŸ˜‰ heehee…

i can’t say really that i have a favorite entry in her blog. i like the food, i like the bright and simple ideas, i love the stories, i like the silly finds on the internet and i love the quirky poses in pictures. although i will say i skip the twilight stuff since i’m not interested… yet. but who knows? a little more time on her blog might change my mind. [and more time to for leisure reading, please Lord!]

P.S. and finally, i found batjay’s first book! iska has told me about it but could never find one on NBS. found one on powerbooks when A and i went to megamall some weekday night. couldn’t resist buying it. πŸ™‚

green and yellow

just thinking about them makes my mouth swim in saliva. πŸ˜€ it’s mango season again!!!

since we have a few mango trees in the office grounds (and fortunately this year, we got ahead of the security guards in getting them), we had a supply of mangoes this year… from the room on the second floor, the green mangoes have this clean, attractive look — no blemishes, no dark spots, no insect eggs or droppings — just this soft green color with a thin layer of powder from i don’t know where. so pretty…

and then at home, my brother-in-law brought about 2 dozen ripe mangoes. oh the fragrant sweet smell! i could almost taste em just by sniffing. had a bowl of ’em last week. two pieces, slice the cheeks off, cut into cubes, shave the meat on the seed (haha… just couldn’t get enough of it), add crushed ice and a little milk. no need to add sugar! and i ate everything in a fraction of the time that it took me to make the whole thing. but it was so~ great! i loved every mouthful…

i will satisfy my sweet tooth again this weekend i’m sure. maybe i’ll get whipped cream from the supermarket. but for now, i’ll look forward to lunch… too bad no bagoong this week. salt or patis would do for now. πŸ˜€

yellow mangoes

photo from cookinggoddess.com

“Ang paglaya’y nakukuha sa tulis ng isang sibat”

Republika baga itong busabos ka ng dayuhan?
Ang tingin sa tanikala’y busilak ng kalayaan?

Kasarinlan baga itong ang bibig mo’y nakasusi,
Ang mata mong nakadilat ay bulag na di mawari?

Ang buhay mo’y walang patid na hibla ng pagtataksil
Sa sarili, lipi’t angkan, sa bayan mong dumaraing!

Kalayaan! Republika! Ang bayani’y dinudusta.
Kalayaan pala itong mamatay nang abang-aba!

Kasarinlan pala itong ni hindi mo masarili
Ang dangal ng tahanan mong ibo’t pugad ng pagkasi.

Malaya ka, bakit hindi? Sa bitaya’n ikaw’y manhik,
At magbigting mahinahon sa sarili na ring lubid!

Kalayaan – ito pala’y mayron na ring tinutubo
Sa puhunang dila’t laway, at hindi sa luha’t dugo!

Humimbing kang mapayapa, mabuhay kang nangangarap,
Sa ganyan lang mauulol ang sarili sa magdamag.

Lumakad ka, hilain mo ang kadenang may kalansing,
Na sa taynga ng busabos ay musikang naglalambing!

Limutin mo ang nagdaan, ang sarili ay taglayin,
Subalit ang iniisip ay huwag mong bibigkasin!

Magsanay ka sa pagpukpok, sa pagpala at paghukay,
Pagkat ikaw ang gagawa ng kabaong kung mamatay.

Purihin mo ang bayaning may dalisay na adhika,
Ngunit huwag paparisan ang kanilang gawi’t gawa.

Republika na nga itong and sa inyo’y hindi iyo,
Timawa ka at dayuhan sa lupain at bayan mo!

Kalayaan! Malaya ka, oo na nga, bakit hindi?
Sa patak ng iyong luha’y malaya kang mamighati!

Sa simoy ng mga hangin sa parang at mga bundok,
Palipasin mo ang sukal ng loob mong kumikirot.

Kasarinlan! Republika! Kayo baga’y nauulol,
Sa ang inyong kalayaa’y tabla na rin ng kabaong?

Repblika! Kasarinlan! Mandi’y hindi nadarama,
Ang paglaya’y sa matapang at sa kanyon bumubuga!

Bawat hakbang na gawin mo sa Templo ng Kalayaan
Ay hakbang na papalapit sa bunganga ng libingan!

Ang paglaya’y nakukuha sa tulis ng isang sibat,
Ang tabak ay tumatalim sa pingki ng kapwa tabak.

Ang paglaya’y isang tining ng nagsamang dugo’t luha,
Sa saro ng kagitinga’y bayani lang ang tutungga.

Bawat sinag ng paglayang sa karimlan ay habulin,
Isang punyal sa dibdib mo, isang kislap ng patalim!

Tula mula kay Teodoro Agoncillo pinamagatang Republikang Basahan

I will ask you, are we truly free?

surprised but saddened

<playing Theme from Schindler’s LIst>

feeling a lot melancholic today. the day didn’t start too well. felt sick… coming down with the flu? but i still came to work. then went about the regular checks for my boss. printed the results, and went to his office. and surprise! there’s a 12-inch TV in his room! with his reclining chair in front of it. “nothing wrong with it”, you might say… “it’s actually conservative since he didn’t put a 21 inch TV and large surround speakers.”

maybe. but he’s 84 years old.


what person in his right mind would work in an office 7:30AM to 5:00PM everyday, and sometimes on Saturdays at age 84?!

it’s really a vocation. a dedication of your life to something you are passionate about.

but with what i saw this morning in his room, i can feel that he’s already feeling his age. i think he’s getting tired. i guess. or is that just me trying to read too much on something simple like he just wants to watch news sometimes. or is it me who’s getting tired and wanting a break?

just sad… so sad.


when i applied for my current job, i was asked about my motivation for the job considering that it wasn’t in my field of expertise. my answer was somewhat like this:

“In UP, I was taught that we owe our education to the Filipino people. So it is my duty to serve the people in any way I can. And through scientific research, I think I can serve our country and its people.”

big words. noble words. but hollow and empty at times.

china experienced its largest earthquake in about three decades last monday. and after seeing all the pictures of people, young and old, buried in buildings and rubble, i can’t resist the feeling that what my job does is simply look, wait, and see what happens after an event — an earthquake. how is that serving the Filipino? how is that serving humankind?

it’s a weird trait we, in the disaster research field, have — we get excited whenever something ‘bad’ happens. when there’s an earthquake, my colleagues and i get excited… we look forward to ‘seeing’ the trace of the earthquake. we’re happy we’re getting information! if there’s a storm approaching, people here turn into vampires willing to work overnight to see how the weather changes. but i sometimes forget that in an event-dependent research, people are affected. people die because of what we study.

thousands have died in burma because of the storm and in china after the earthquake. a lot more are still stuck and trying to survive. and as for me, i’ll sit here, look at the data i have and stare at it all day. so much for serving the people.

my happy mother’s day

and mukhang masayang masaya naman nanay ko. πŸ™‚

double whammy ang celebration dahil May 10 birthday niya, at May 11 naman ang mother’s day diba? i wasn’t able to go home nung 10 kasi i was in Camp Capinpin with my officemates for the Red Cross Youth Supercamp. we were supposed to have a star-gazing activity. unfortunately, umulan and the sky didn’t clear up that night. so anyway, Sunday nako nakauwi ng hapon. bumili ng LotsA Pizza at C2 para sa kainan and guess ano’ng naabutan ko… HORROR OF HORRORS!!!

hay nanay… πŸ˜€ LOL


salamat naman at game ang nanay ko sa photo ops. di lang niya alam eh i-a-upload ko to sa blog ko. πŸ˜€ nyahahaha… Happy Mother’s Day Ma! I love you!!!

i miss ortigas

alala ko nung college, nung uso pa talaga ang chat, nakilala ko yung ilang tao na di ko makakalimutan. since bago ako sa malaking siyudad gaya ng maynila, di ako nakakatikim ng ‘night life’.

probinsyanong probinsyano ako… hindi pa nakatikim ng ‘barkada’ sa gabi. ang pinaka-ideya ko ng ‘barkada’ noon eh yung mga kalaro ko simula bata and then mga naging kainuman sa tapat ng tindahan nila aling pinang. ang tugtog galing lang sa radiyo sa bahay. kahit ano’ng ipagtugtog ng FM station, OK na. besides, di mo na papansinin yun pag lasing ka na eh. may tugtog, sasayaw ka na…

meron din sigurong konting konting night life. high school naman, nakapunta ako sa Angeles. pero nakabantay pa din ang guardians ko. i stayed at an apartment with my ninang’s brother during HS. siyempre, ayaw ko sila bigyan ng sakit ng ulo dahil una, nakikitira lang ako and pangalawa, pag may nangyari saken, malamang eh masisi din sila ng nanay at tatay ko. being the good boy that i was, ayun… uuwi ng nasa oras, hindi lumalabas ng walang okasyon, at kung lalabas man, hindi nagpapagabi.

third or fourth year college ata yun nung napa-mIRC ako noon. allotted 3 or 4 hours tuwing tues or wed night. babalik ako ng dorm 12mn. wala namang curfew at tatawid lang naman ako’t maglalakad ng konti, yung internet cafe na. after a few months, nagkalakas loob at pera na din ako para makipag-EB. first chatmate(s) EB ko yun. starbucks 6750 ang meetup. manghang-mangha ako sa ayala, sa starbucks, sa mga personalidad sa coffee shop, at sa presyo ng isang basong kape. pagka-meet sa mga tao sa likod ng mga nicknames, punta na yan sa SideBar sa El Pueblo. may mga sasakyan yung iba kaya libre na ang pagpunta dun. inom, magpakasaya, inom, tatawa, inom… at nagpapakalunod sa tugtog. life was good… it was REALLY good.

thanks to tipsy’s playlist for making me recall and miss those times.