not my weekend

i get fewer and fewer blog posts every month, i think. maybe because i’m happier and i can talk to someone every night now. 😉 it used to be that most of the time, conversations in my head (or monologues) come out when i write them here because they aren’t released anywhere else.

i digress.

my bad weekend started friday when i noticed that my tillandsia’s leaves were falling off. pinching the root-end of the plant, i felt that it was soft and mushy, which turned my curiosity to fear.

i pinched throughout the body of the plant and confirmed what i was dreading: my plant succumbed to root rot. i couldn’t say what lead to its demise. it could be one of the whole bunch of things that i did to it: tying the end leaves, its shaded spot, the soaking. i really felt bad about it, not only because it was a rather expensive plant but because i had grown fond of it and thought that i could collect more. now, i’m afraid i would be a bad ‘parent’ for such a plant.

saturday came and it was a productive day. i had cleaned a portion of the house and discarded a lot of stuff that were just sitting there gathering dust. i find it empowering to be able to let go of stuff and it feels nice to see your house gain a little more space. you feel less constricted and more relaxed — how a home should feel.

then came the nightmare.

sunday afternoons are really meant for resting in anticipation of (drum roll please) MONDAY! little did i know monday stress would come earlier than expected. about 10 hours early.

around 3pm, clouds started to hover around as they did yesterday and sent us refreshing showers. a thunderstorm was quite welcome because the summer heat was beginning to piss-off a lot of people. it rained hard and i thought it was perfect way to relax on sunday to cool us down. i was out in front of the house playing with the rainwater flowing down our roof to the ground when i heard A’s panicked voice calling me, shouting “yung kama!” Magpatuloy magbasa not my weekend

Moshi Koshi

again, i’m blaming “microblogs” for my absence! 😛

because of the (premature) opening of SM Aura, droves have been coming to Taguig only to be disappointed because the new SM mall isn’t quite finished yet, honestly. i don’t know why they decided to open it with all the construction still happening. the people who come to see the mall end up crossing the street to Market! Market! and/or Serendra and/or High Street.

last sunday, A and I had to do the grocery at Market! Market! but we were quite hungry since we heard mass at 4:30 PM. meryenda time na eh! so we arrived around 630 already and decided to have early dinner. the problem was because of the large volume of people, our usual tipid-dates (i.e. in fast food joints) were full!

we decided to go back to the more ‘unvisited’ spaces in the mall, the ramen place Moshi Koshi.

we’ve been here before because after watching the Japan episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, we had a hankering for ramen and soba. my personal evaluation of the restaurant was great but A merely gave it a passing mark. it’s a little pricey but food is good. Magpatuloy magbasa Moshi Koshi